Even’s Guide to Cosmetic Pets


I’ve had this idea kindasorta kicking around in my head for a while, but it needed some motivation to make its way from whatever fluff might be between my ears to an actual blog post. That motivation came in the form of a comment from DDOCentral on one of my recent posts: “You really should make a list of all of the cosmetic pets in DDO.”

Well, alrighty then! It’s pretty darn long, but then there are a LOT of pets! Ninety-seven in all, and 199 tricks, as well… so many of each, in fact, that I gave up on the idea of putting tables for each directly into this post, and embedded the spreadsheets instead.

If you want to just pull up the master spreadsheet in Google docs (probably a good bit easier to view than the embedded version), here you go! Be patient; the images may take a few secs to load.

Updated March 7, 2017.

Pet database

Tricks database


15 thoughts on “Even’s Guide to Cosmetic Pets

  1. Thank you for making and maintaining this list, Even. The idea for my suggestion came from Henryx’s Age of Conan blog. AOC has literally hundreds of cosmetic pets and even some fighting pets that are more or less hirelings.

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      1. Yep. If you scroll to the right in the pet database, there’s a column that lists where each pet is acquired. Planning to update that with a little more detail “soon*”™!


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  3. moss

    I am a little confused, possibly just plain stupid, been up playing DDO for over 20 hours so that may be it to.
    However the “Air Elemental” that is 1st listed with the tricks, the 1st trick is attack. So here comes the stupidity: Does it actually attack? Or just mock attack the air?

    Also I read from someone else who posted on another site, that you could get the artificer pet and equip a regular stated collar on it, and it would attack… Can anyone confirm this? Does not seem to match all the other stuff I found regarding the companion pets, unless the air elemental actually attacks even if only with that one “attack” trick. Or perhaps it’s like doublestrike and cleave/whirlwind, only double strike with barehands.


    1. The pets I have listed here are cosmetic pets only, so they do nothing except look cute. The tricks are also just cosmetic – they’re adorable, but they don’t actually “do” anything. So the air ele pet does just mock attack the air.

      It’s pretty long, but you can see a video of MOST of the pets (I had “only” 92 at the time) and all of their associated tricks here.

      You can equip arti dogs – which are NOT cosmetic pets – with collars, and they will attack (and pull levers and such). You don’t need a collar for them to do this; basically their collars are sort of their weapons. But equipping a collar on an arti dog and having it attack are completely separate from each other; putting a collar on it won’t make it attack (although it may increase the damage it does), and it can attack whether it has a collar or not.


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