Rockin’ out

Pet rock!

I got 98 pets and a lich ain’t one.

But a pet rock IS!

No, I haven’t turned into Jay-Z. And I could’ve waited for one more pet so it would’ve been 99 pets to match those lyrics better. But unless DDO releases another pet in the reasonably near future, my next acquisitions will be the reapers, and I intend to get all four of those the minute I have enough reaper XP. (So, y’know, around the year 2031…)

I debated a couple of names and nearly went with TakenForGranite, but that just seemed sad – who wants to take their pet for granite, even if it’s a rock? And then AgateYouBabe popped into my head. If you don’t get it, clearly you need to brush up on your bad 70’s music.

Agate likes to do – well, mostly nothing. His favorite activities are the first three tricks in his repertoire: Sit, Stay, and Play Dead. He performs these with stunning skill on a regular basis. He can also Dance and do a Flip, but he finds those incredibly tiring and usually needs a good long stint of Sitting, Staying, or Playing Dead afterwards.

His favorite quests are Eyes of Stone and Palace of Stone… and that one part in Undermine. He used to like Dreaming Dark, but then he found out that it’s quori, not quarry.

Pet rock!

Agate and his rock-solid brethren have been added to Even’s Guide to Cosmetic Pets, so that should be completely up to date. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rockin’ out

  1. lrdslvrhnd

    OK, the “quarry” thing made me laugh out loud this afternoon. Also, I bet Agate is gonna love ‘roids.

    I still think they needed a “roll” trick for the rock.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cordovan was giving them out during the anniversary event. Not sure if he’s still doing that, but it probably won’t be long until the people who grabbed multiples start putting them on the ASAH for gazillions of shards – that happened with the invisible stalkers.

      In the meantime, you’re welcome to pet Agate! Just don’t be surprised if he’s a little stony-faced… 😀


      1. LocalMan

        There was a schedule posted on the forums for Cordovan’s visits to all of the servers last year. And no forum posts even hinting that this was going to happen this year.

        No communications, and communications is just one way that Turbine failed miserably and SSG is proving that nothing has changed except the name.


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