On the eve of destruction


Something really unusual happened last night. I was on Jall, typed in “/quest timer” and the result scrolled my chat window.

See, poor gimpy Drow cleric Jall doesn’t run a lot of raids, so she’s usually lucky if her timer says anything other than “none.” But I’ve had this “master plan” for a while that involves having toons approximately four levels apart from 4-16 and three at 20 so if a friend or guildie is looking for partymates, I’ll usually have SOMEBODY available while still keeping my raid/epic options open.

So now Winnie’s at lvl 4, Chalei (pronounced, per Slvr’s suggestion, “shall-EYE” – as in, “Shall I nuke all these trolls so we can get to the loot faster?) is lvl 8, Char’s at 12 and Dissy’s at 16 (with Meren just kind of floating around in there at lvl 6) while Acanthia, Even and Vic are capped… as was Jall. I had far more than enough epic tokens for a couple of true druidic hearts, and it made the most sense to me for Jall to be the first one to start her life over, as the other three all fare better in endgame content.

I decided to send her out with a bang. getting her 20th Shroud a bit earlier in the week and then doing the closest thing I’ve ever come to a raid-a-thon last night – Against the Demon Queen, Vault of Night/Plane of Night, Tower of Despair, Hound of Xoriat and… something else I can’t remember.  LOL

There were a couple of pitfalls; her ADQ pug was great, cruised through both 1 and 2, looted the “little” chest at the end of 2, turned to loot the big one and – my power went out. And STAYED out for about 10-ish minutes, so that by the time it was back on, the computer was rebooted and I got DDO up and running again, Jall was standing in Zawabi’s Refuge instead of in front of the unopened chest that with my luck probably would’ve contained a Torc. And I didn’t manage to get her into one last VoD (there was a hard LFM up run by the very excellent folk of Inferus Sus, but it was a speed run and I didn’t think she could handle it), but it was a great night nonetheless. After seeing almost NO rings drop for ANYBODY in probably my last 10 ToDs on all my toons combined, Jall opened Sully’s chest to find a Radiant Ring with her name on it. And then she pulled my first ever flawless red dragon scale in epic VoN.


A few minutes of Kruz’s time and I had a whole new Jall, who looks suspiciously like the old Jall but will hopefully be more awesome. Many, MANY thanks to Purple for the build help putting together her build from TR to cap, to Dona for the moral support and shards of winsomeness to put on her new lowbie gear, to Volt and Free for joining my Korthos Village zergfest, and to Levin for surprising me with a pair of crafted feather fall boots after he heard I was trying to figure out which toon was in current possession of my no-min-level ones.

(Totally unrelated: I love how her armor and her hat and Toby all match!)