Fresh starts

Tiefling Even

For the last few years, DDO friends have been asking me when I was going to TR Even. And my answer was usually along the lines of, “The past lives would be nice, but meh.”

It’s hard to jump on a TR train when you have a serious case of alt-itis (my main account has 24 toons on Thelanis alone). And I don’t play as much as I used to. And I didn’t want to screw her up. And I wanted to keep her at 30 because none of my other toons can handle reaper and legendary elite like she could.

And then we got tieflings. So when Mock said, “I’m going to TR. Who’s with me?” … yup. The temptation was too strong.  LOL

This is her fourth life, and she’s not done terribly. It is very strange not to have intim on her hotbar, and being a caster-y build, it’ll be a few more levels before I start finding out what she’s really capable of. But I’m liking the latest incarnation of Even so far. It doesn’t hurt that we’re running everything on reaper, which should help get me to REAPERLING PETS! It’s also cool that I managed to make her look like – well, like Even but with horns and tail and green lipstick.

I also rolled up a tiefling scoundrel named Zzula after an NPC in Kobold Kindergarten, but haven’t had a chance to play her much yet.

Speaking of Kobold Kindergarten, we stream live on the second and fourth Wednesday each month, at 10:30 pm Eastern. I’m definitely open to guest stars either as players or NPCs, so if you’re interested, send me an email – EvenNote (at) gmail (dot) com!

Aside from Kobold Kindergarten, my weekly Sunday night show on DDOStream, and The Sunless Citadel for D&D Night on DDOStream, I’m probably not going to be doing any streaming for a few weeks while I make a fresh start in real life as well. I’m moving to the greater Boston area next month! There has been much squeeing!  😄

I’m in the process of getting my stuff sorted and packed, and being a bit ruthless in choosing what to keep and what to give away/donate/toss. And I’m making plans to get together with my friends, and spending as much time as possible with Fern and Charlotte, who will be staying with my mother after I move. It’s going to be *really* hard to leave them behind – really SUPER hard. But I’m going to be settling in and making adjustments, which would be hard on them. And who knows, maybe at some point down the road I’ll be able to bring them up with me… and in the meantime, there is a totally awesome kitty where I’m going, and I intend to spoil the heck out of her.  😻

Once I’m all moved and settled in, I’ll go over my streaming schedule and see what’s what. I think I’ll probably be able to resume it for the most part, but time will tell!