Three hundred and seventy-seven days later…

Even checks out her favorite spot in Keep on the Borderlands.

GAH, has it really been more than A YEAR since the last time I blogged?!

*checks date of last post* It has. Oh my.

Like hopefully most of you, I’ve been sheltering in place for the last… month or so? After a week of staying home, the days all start to run together. I’m very lucky that The Guy can 100% work from home and that we’re fine on his salary while I temporarily have no income; it just wasn’t worth the risk and stress of me continuing to go out to work. So I feel extremely fortunate that we have everything we need, and this is giving us more time to spend together and do things we like to do but don’t always have time for… like play DDO!  😀

I’ve been focusing mainly on hardcore server, though we’re still on Thelanis for our Friday guild night. My dragonborn fighter is banking 17, a little more than two ranks away from 18 – hopefully by the end of today she’ll hit that 18 mark.

On hardcore, I’m trying to play it safe… to a point. After all, it’s called hardcore. I’m not going to judge the people from last season who ran their toons to 5 and stopped just to get their names in the Chronicle; we all have different priorities. But that wouldn’t have felt right to me. I don’t care about my name being in the Chronicle. I don’t even really care all that much about most* of the rewards. I love hardcore for giving me a new way to challenge myself.

Last season, in the first iteration of this “build” (I use that term loosely; I’m totally making it up as I go along), I got to almost level 16 (14 banking 15 with only about a rank to go) when I decided to run Into the Mists. I can’t remember if I ran it on elite or reaper, but for some reason I wandered from the main path and accidentally ventured into the graveyard. Ironically, just before entering the quest I was thinking that maybe I should have splashed a few paladin levels for fear immunity… ironically because of course when I reached the graveyard, I stirred up a bunch of very angry wisps, including at least four champions, who killed my healer hire almost immediately and then Feared me literally to death.

It was sobering to see how fast a couple of crown-wearing light blobs could take down a toon who hadn’t had a close call in anything else she’d run, and she’d run a lot, and on reaper. She’d been pretty much soloing since level… 8, I think? when the last remaining Flower Sniffer in the original static group took a trip to the Land of Lost Souls, and in futile hope of managing to get the dretch pet, she ran almost exclusively on reaper.

Major kudos to Comic Relief and Tholgrin, who both hit 20 the first season! *applauds*

*I don’t care about “most” of the rewards, but CLEARLY I care about the cosmetic pets. Sadly, I am never going to rack up 400K reaper XP in three months. This makes me extremely sad. You can cheer me up by sending me pictures of your hardcore reaperlings and dretches.

This time around, my hardcore strategy is to run quests at four levels under my current level (which is the most overlevel you can be on hardcore and still be able to enter). So at 16, I’m running level 12 quests. I’m doing them all on elite, and mostly soloing because most of the other Flower Sniffers have fallen by the wayside. (Tholgrin’s already hit 20 again, although he’s in his own guild of one, and last I checked had another toon well into the teens – VERY nice going!)

I’m skipping quests that have too high of a potential for instadeath, and I’m doing a lot – I mean A LOT – of wilderness S/R/E. XP pot + slayer pot + Sands wildy = major XPs. I’m also usually using a rogue hire for quests with traps. I kinda regret skipping Into the Mists – which I stayed away from since it’s the one that got me killed last time – because now I can’t do any of the Barovia quests, but better that than sitting in the Land of Lost Souls complaining to Harry about the damn wisps, right?

On a personal note, the main reason I haven’t posted in more than a year is that I moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts not quite a year ago (my one-year moving anniversary date is one week from today!). This has absolutely been the right move for me, and the people who know me best have told me repeatedly that they’ve never seen me so happy. I’m a lot busier with things in real life now, and I’m not playing DDO (or LotRO, or Minecraft, or anything else) nearly as much as I used to. I gave up my Sunday night show on DDOStream, and my personal streaming has been pretty much limited to Kobold Kindergarten, which is only twice a month. And unfortunately I dropped OurDDO; I just don’t have the time to maintain it.

So, just thought I’d ramble a bit here before I head back over to hardcore and see if I can hit 18 today. Thanks for reading!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Three hundred and seventy-seven days later…

  1. lrdslvrhnd

    Was that 377 taking leap year into account, or the 482-day (so far) April? g

    My current incarnation just ran Into the Mists (and Death House), equipped his Barovian crossbow, took 12, picked up Improved Critical, took the 4th Inquisitive core and T5s, and then ran Thrall of the Necromancer. Where I was basically just deleting stuff. And the stuff that doesn’t get deleted frequently gets encouraged to go hit something else please. +15% crit chance, +1 crit multiplier, +3d6 firey & 1d6 good, +3d10 undead (on everybody in there but the boss), +1 Enhancement, +2 law dice (and all of them being d8s now which I have no idea what the alignment of wights & skellies are), +15 ranged power, +10% doubleshot, +30% alacrity… pull the trigger and delete the mob LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At least it’s not just me who’s slipped on the blogging!

    I haven’t bothered with this season of Hardcore. Season 1 was too intense, I kept dying and the time we do spend on DDO we just want to keep focus on our mains 😀 Much kudos to everyone running it though

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  3. Slvr, that did indeed take the extra leap year day into account. LOL

    Also, NICE on the crossbow! Aside from not being able to run the rest of the Ravenloft quests, my biggest regret over not running Into the Mists was missing out on a Barovian weapon.

    Grim, the Flower Sniffers have sent our fair share of toons over to hang out with Harry in the Land of Lost Souls. sadface But I’m 17-banking-18 with three more ranks to go for 19 on my current toon, and – I hate to say this because I don’t want to jinx myself – no close calls since trying to get the key in Taming the Flames.


    1. lrdslvrhnd

      Oh gods, Taming the Flames was awful this time. Last time I kind of breezed through it, but I actually had to log off and decompress for a while this life. That first fight with the air mephits and earth eles when you pull the lever on the way to the key, I was at -14 HP, earthgrabbed, and blinded. And it kind of went downhill from there. Fought my way to the guy… then forgot to talk to him because I was so busy recuperating so I had to run back from the end guy.


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