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If you’ve found this page, chances are good that, like me, you’re a refugee from MyDDO.

Some of us are continuing our DDO blogs across a variety of platforms – WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. But what’s lacking is the sense of community we got from having ALL of our blogs easily accessible from one place, the way they were with MyDDO.

OurDDO aims to give that back to us. If you have a DDO-related blog, regardless of what blogging platform you’re using, and you’d like it to be included, please E-mail evennote@gmail.com with your blog’s URL to be added. Then you just go on about your blogging business as usual. Every time you – or anyone else who’s been added – makes a new post, whatever you post will also be posted on the OurDDO “master” blog. So anyone who wants to keep up with MyDDO bloggers can use one site to do it again.

OurDDO has two options: the main site and an RSS feed. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Both sites list the most recent posts by date, with the most recent first.

The RSS feed should be viewable by anyone, although it may look vastly different in different browsers and may require a feed reader in some. It does NOT list the name of the originating blog and occasionally drops blogs from the feed at random, although it always picks them back up. Since the RSS feed uses an outside site, there is little to nothing I can do about those issues.

Here are some guidelines for inclusion:

  • Your blog should be at least partly about DDO. Posts on other subjects are fine, but the feed is designed as a replacement for the blog section of MyDDO.
  • We don’t want to censor anyone, but please do keep in mind that I have no control over who may read these blogs. I’m not going to be the Blog Police, but you WILL be dropped from the feed immediately for “hate” posts (including but not limited to racial, religious, sexual preference and ethnic slurs). Naming and shaming is strongly discouraged; vent about someone if you must, but we’d rather you didn’t name them publicly. This is supposed to be a way for us to SUPPORT each other.
  • Believe it or not, I sometimes have a real life. I’ll get your blog added to the feed, answer questions, etc., as soon as possible, but please be understanding if this doesn’t happen right away.
  • Please DO feel free to make comments, suggestions and constructive criticism on how I can make this better for all of us!

Thanks for reading!  🙂


38 thoughts on “About OurDDO

    1. So far we have Geoff, Syn, Mizz, Grim, and me. I added a feed from the official DDO Twitter as well. Gonna NOT add individual Twitters for now because that’s way too much info too often for some of us (me included :D), although if people really want it, it’d be easy enough to set up a second group just for that.

      @Legend: Send me your damn blog link already! Of course we want you!

      This woulda been done last night except I thought it wasn’t working. Turns out it doesn’t work in Chrome, because Chrome and feeds do not like each other; when I tried Firefox and Safari it was just fine.


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  4. If you’ll let me I can syndicate this rss feed on ddocast.com 🙂 Please let me know if anyone specifically doesn’t want me to…i’ll make sure that all feed links lead to their original sites


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  7. ComicRelief

    Well, I don’t really know anything about feeds, other than you can subscribe to them, but the only real “negative” I see is that the feed doesn’t tell you who the article is from – at least, not that I can see. It gives the title of the post, but no author? Not sure if there is anything that can be done about that. I also noticed that some articles did not have a “link” to go to the original blog page.

    BUT – it is a very nice way of keeping up-to-date with all the DDO related blogging sites (that have joined), so in that regard, it’s full of win! Good job. Nice that I didn’t have to do it.


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  13. Hey! Have missed your posts. Hopefully you’re not drinking too much of the NWO kool-aid.
    Hopefully you’ll fix up the little problem of OurDDO’s page getting blocked as that page is now TOO successful in viewership as of this note. See ya soon.


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  15. I’ve just recently picked up the game. In October, I have been blogging something since I started. Just wondering if your still accepting people into the OurDDO page. I’d really like some feed back and help with certain aspects of the game. I have been reading alot of your blogs and follow them regularly. Thanks in advance.


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