Rogues are red, violence is blue…

… that makes no sense, and the rhyming sucks too.

So yeah. Snappy titles are not my thing tonight. LOL. But you’ll get to read about the story of my sucky rogue, and how I lost a bet for 100K plat.

With Even growing frustrated over her continued lack of a Jibbers blade, and with Meren growing frustrated over being a sucky, sucky, SUCKY rogue, I decided to give Even a bit of a rest and start pushing Meren to 30 so she can do an eTR/TR combo and go back to being an only somewhat sucky Favored Soul.

I’ve never been an XP-per-minute type of player – I mean, c’mon, my guild is called the Flower Sniffers. Most of the time this suits me just fine. But when your level 25 rogue is at the end of her roguish rope and threatening to blow a gasket if you don’t TR her back to Favored Soul, like, yesterday, you start thinking a lot more about getting lots of XPs in littles of times.

The Sniffers stepped up to the plate in grand style. Devil Assault, Wiz King, VoN 3, Offering of Blood, plus some surprisingly fun runs through Spies in the House, and suddenly Meren had gone from 25 to well into 29 in far less time than I’d have thought possible. You can see Citi, Vey, and I doing some XP runs in the above video.

She was still close to a million XP away when I logged her in tonight. I found a couple of major slayer pots languishing in her TR cache, chugged a superior XP elixir as well, and took her on a spin through Storm Horns S/R/E because 1) good XP, and 2) it’s my favorite area in the game. She had just quaffed her second slayer pot when Vey logged in and asked me if I wanted to do VoN 3.

Me: “I just drank a major slayer pot and I don’t want to lose it.”

Vey: “They pause when you’re in a quest.”

Me: “No, they keep ticking down when you’re in any dungeon area.”

Vey: “No they don’t.”

Me: “Yes they do.”

This continued for a bit. And when I say “a bit,” I mean probably at least five minutes. Until finally…

Me: “I’ll bet you 10K plat they keep ticking in any dungeon.”

Vey: “Make it 100K plat and you’re on.”

I wasn’t close enough to any of the quests to check it out myself, so Vey drank a slayer pot and stepped into… some Gianthold quest, I think. And told me that his pot did indeed go on pause.

I didn’t believe him. But by that time I wasn’t TOO awfully far from Breaking the Ranks, so I headed there and stepped in… and sure enough, my slayer pot paused.

Not sure when that got changed. I’m pretty darn sure it didn’t USED to be that way. But I like the change! So I didn’t really mind coughing up 100K plat (yes, I paid up).


But back to getting those XPs… her jaunt through Storm Horns made some serious headway in Meren’s quest to 30. Didn’t hurt that she hit a number of Monster Manual marks, too. Vey and I followed that with VoN 3, a couple runs through Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener, Tobias (no, she didn’t get a Jibbers blade either, dammit), OoB, Wiz King… think there was something else in there as well. That left her with just over 8K to go, which evaporated after a quick zerg through BoB.

Finally! She’s 30, she’s got her divine sphere maxed so she can get the EPL feat she wants, I got a close-up screenie of her face so I can recreate her as closely as possible to how she looks now… just need to sort out her inventory and empty her TR cache. She might be back to Favored Soul as soon as tomorrow – wish her luck!

And you might have noticed the blog looks a bit different. Decided to spruce things up a bit – it felt a little left out after the makeover OurDDO got recently!

Streamin’ with Even is live every Sunday night at 11 pm  MIDNIGHT Eastern time. (NOTE: Start time may end up being 11 pm or midnight. Stream may or may not be on my own Twitch channel; it was supposed to move to the official DDO stream, but – well, long story. We’ll see…) I’m usually on Thelanis, usually on Evennote, and usually have room, so feel free to send me a tell if you’d like to join! I’m also definitely open to suggestions on what to run next. You can send ingame mail to Evennote on Thelanis, or email me at evennote (at) gmail dot com. Thanks for reading and/or watching!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Rogues are red, violence is blue…

  1. I did notice the change of scenery. And yes, you are correct – slayer pots used to only pause in public areas, but that was changed quite awhile ago now (I’d have to do some digging to figure out exactly when, but that would be work and I do too much of that as it is – hehehe). Of course, it also used to be that timers on slayer pots, jewels of fortune, hireling, etc. NEVER paused at all. {To paraphrase…someone, the only consistency (in MMOs) is change.}

    Wrt (that’s “with respect to”, for those in Rio Linda, CA) reincarnation, I wish they would use the current appearance as the default, instead of reverting to a randomized look. But that’s one reason why I’ve been writing down all the appearance choices on my new* toons, so I can re-create them “later” if need be. But yeah, I’ve had to go the ol’ “close-up pic” routine a few times, myself.

    “New” as in all toons created after my first LR, when I realized they don’t start with the current appearance, which are now mostly ‘old’ toons, since I’m not the alt-oholic that some people are (hehehe).

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  2. Opens Even’s Blog looks at screen hisses and looks away MY EYES! 😉
    Honestly, the green is nice (as green is wont to be), but I liked the brown, too. I also thought that Meren wasn’t that gimped. Just as I’ve begun to see that (with some nice gear donations) Aariah also isn’t bad. I just had to learn how to play the build. Nice post overall. I specifically liked the bet, as I didn’t know about the change in slayer pots, either. Look forward to your next post!

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  3. @Keava: Meren actually could have been a lot worse (except for the way she tended to run screaming in terror from undeadly-type things…). I was in a group with her a few days ago with two or three other full rogues; everyone else in the party had at least a rogue splash. I was shocked to find that she had the highest search and disable – her rogue skills can’t hold a candle to Vic’s.

    @Comic: Alt-itis? Huh? What’s that? studiously looks away I know people have suggested having appearance default to the toon’s original look when reincarnating. I really wish this would be implemented, because I never remember to keep a record of which options I select re: hair style, eyes, skin tone, etc.

    @Citi: DON’T DISS THE GREEN. EVAR! As for Aariah, remember that first Shroud run, when she was the only thing standing between Slvr’s and my toons and certain death. Even likes having her Undeath to Death around to make those nightly EE Jibbers runs go faster, too!


    1. lrdslvrhnd

      Back when Grynd was a 15/5 ranger/rogue, he frequently got into groups where he out-skilled full rogues. They’d be all “I’m an assassin, I’m not specced for traps” and I’d be all “…WTF? FINE, MY RANGER WILL DISABLE THEM, YOU LAZY DUMBASS.”


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