Curse you, Jack Jibbers and your non-existent blade

Damn you to hell, Jack Jibbers.


Did you ever farm for a certain item so much that, even when you got to the point when you knew you probably wouldn’t use it much anyway, you still wanted it desperately just as a matter of principle?

I’ve done that a few times. I remember waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more as I ran Tower of Despair until I could recite the dialogue from memory, and still not getting a Band of Siberys. Even on multiple-of-20 completions runs, I’d eagerly check my end reward list only to be disappointed – seemed I had my pick of EVERY damned ring EXCEPT the one I wanted. Finally got it in Horoth’s chest on Even’s 80-something completion.

Then there was my seemingly endless quest for a Shard of the Silver Slinger. I thought I’d never get it. I wondered if it existed at all. So I blogged about it, and within a week, I finally pulled it.



For months now I’ve been running EE Legend of Two-Toed Tobias, mostly solo, sometimes with a guildie or friend or piker or two, looking for the Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers. I’ve heard other people say they have it. (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Tholgrin…) Some guy in Even’s EE FoT group tonight claimed to have one – or at least that’s what he said about the third time Even tossed him a rez.


Because I’m convinced that the Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers DOES NOT EXIST. If it did, I would have seen one by now. But the closest I’ve come, as you can see in the screenshot above, is immediately after killing* Jack, when his blade dangles tantalizingly over your head, making you feel like Damocles (“That ain’t no crime…” – cookie if you get the reference) and remaining juuuuuuust out of reach.

* – Since Jack Jibbers is undead, is “kill” the proper verb here? “Unkill,” maybe?

Anyway. In hopes that, as with the Silver Slinger shard, the loot gods will see this blog and respond accordingly, I’m hoping that posting this will result in a Jibbers blade for Even within a week.

Or two… or…

(Also, the post title is a paraphrased version of what I typed in guild chat a few nights ago when I once again emerged from the Wheeping Cove empty-handed. The original version contained language not suitable for decent company, hence the paraphrasing.)

14 thoughts on “Curse you, Jack Jibbers and your non-existent blade

  1. lrdslvrhnd

    To be fair, what you DID say *was* a curse… one of the 7 you can’t say on TV, IIRC.

    Also, the loot gods shall taunt you now that you INVOKED the same response as the Band of Siberys, rather than simply mentioning what happened last time and sacrificing a minotaur or three.


  2. My Gamer Girl has never gotten it either. Over a hundred runs. She has a couple of them, but that’s because I got one and swapped it to her in the chest.

    She is 0-fer-100+


    1. lrdslvrhnd

      Pulled one on my bard my very first time in there. I would’ve passed it, but the only other one in there was Even’s Acanthia who needs it even less… and also pulled one.


  3. “The original version contained language not suitable for decent company, hence the paraphrasing.)” Since when are any of us decent company?

    I understand how you feel. There are a few items that I have never pulled myself, such as the Staff of the Necromancer or The Blood Stone. I have received one or two from you of the former, and I saw one of the latter in a chest with a group of us once, but never in my name. I have never seen a Torc either.

    At the same time, unlike Urlock I have had a relatively easy time aquiring the Mysterious Bauble, and you witnessed my luck with the Ring of Spell Storing recently.

    I really have no place that I am going with this comment, so I’ll stop now.


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