Bite me, Spinner



Y’know how when you click on the Silver Flame Guardian in “Spinner of Shadows,” you get a dialogue box with the Guardian telling you crap about granting you its essence and how it can help you defeat the Spinner and all that?


I don’t get that any more. When I click the Guardian, there’s a little exasperated pause, and then it gives me a box that says, “Seriously? You AGAIN? Stop bothering me! If I wanted you to have that shard, I’d’ve given it to you by now.”


No, it doesn’t really say that. But it might as well. Vic has a Silver Slinger, a Scroll of the Silver Slinger, and a Seal of the Silver Slinger. She’s had them for quite a while. But sadly, the shard eludes me, despite running Spinner so many times, I find myself looking for ward crystals every time I squash a spider on the bathroom wall.


I’ve run it solo. I’ve run it in groups. I’ve run it on eNorm because I didn’t know if they’d fixed the bug that was preventing epic scrolls/seals/shards from dropping on higher difficulties, and then started running it on eHard after I found out that – as they should – epic upgrade items seem to drop more frequently there.


Last night I got the bright idea, after soloing EH Spinner on Acanthia, to put up an LFM for free loot and ask for the shard to be passed, should it drop. The party filled in record time, but no shard for anyone, at least not the Silver Slinger one. Too bad I’m not trying to epic a Luminous Truth or pretty much any item that starts with Templar, because those show up more often than chicken butt jokes on Miley Cyrus’ YouTube channel.


Every night, after I get to the point where I’ve Spinnered till I just can’t Spinner no more, I say, “I give up. I am never, ever, EVER running that #$%& quest again.” And then the next night rolls around, and despite my best intentions, I find myself trotting down to Harbor to talk to Orrex once again. Last night, though, I actually meant it… but only because I’d hit ransack. And then I remembered that I don’t have to run it on Acanthia, not when I have Even, Jall, Vic, Dissy, Char and Meren all eager for loot and epic XP – and NOT at the ransack point.


It’s not like Vic doesn’t love her Needle – oh, she does, very much. And she’s quite fond of her Slaver’s Hand, too. But being just one piece away from an epic Slinger for so long – well, it’s a matter of pride now. No way am I giving up.


I did pick up some other scrolls and seals – alas, no shards, although I think a few of the people I ran with pulled various ones. And it occurred to me that maybe, while I wait to pull the Slinger shard, I could think about epickifying (YES, dammit, that is a word) her Doublecross Bow even though she rarely never uses it. So I dug out my scroll/seal/shard green bag and checked to see if she was missing any pieces for the Doublecross…


FML. I have the seal. I have THREE scrolls. But once again, no shard.


See you again tomorrow night, Spinner.

22 thoughts on “Bite me, Spinner

    1. Bite me, Grim… just kidding. 😀

      I’m going to keep trying, but thinking maybe I’ll take a little break or at least cut back a bit. My cat just jumped up on my lap and I nearly tried to Kukan-Do her, thinking she was a Jarilith…


      1. 😀

        Yeah it’s weird how the templar stuff drops so much and not the crossbows. I still need the Doublecross Bow shard too. And one of my guildies ran The Tide Turns something like 100 times to get his Elyd Edge shard.. so it’s not limited to just the crossbows…

        Cookie Dough!! 😛


  1. ddolegend


    Yes its a pain to complete an item, i recently got a seal of antique great axe just by doing a quick EN snitch when my first lifer hit 20, when i actually wanted to craft the axe the seal wouldnt drop

    Im now trying to get a seal from sentinels chain so it BoB twice a day, only have 2 epic chars atm and i dont wanna farm it too much

    I got a shard from spinner other day not the slinger but it was in a regualr chest and not the epic, idk if it meant to be like that

    anyways, keep at it! hope to hear of success soon 😀


  2. 🙂 I’m way too lazy and undedicated to farm for epic crafting stuff. I’ve never done any epic crafting. The only thing I would really really want is the epic spell storing ring, but shard and seal for it is so so so rare. I on occasion farm the side chests in ADQ on ee for potential seals, and the most I’ve pulled is 3 seals in one ransack (3 seals total for 3 chests). So kudos to you for keeping it up and good luck.


  3. Puppeteer

    Good luck with the silver slinger shard. I have the seal, item, and scroll as well and have never seen the shard drop in Spinners.

    The funny thing is that I got the epic double crossbow by farming ONLY lords of dust and servants of the overlord. My doublecross bow shard was an odd drop from the Rakshasa chest. This was before the official change for shard drops.


    1. @Grim: Oooh, cookie dough! Peanut butter, choco chip or something else?

      @Legend: LEGEND!!! 😀 There actually aren’t a lot of items I want to epic, and I’m not much into farming normally. Even has an epic Hellstroke. Was gonna try to epic her Antique Greataxe, but with the changes to paladins, I almost never go two-handed with her any more; she loses almost WAY too much HP when she unequips her shield now. Still leaves her with close to 1K unbuffed, but it’s not like she’s gonna do great DPS no matter what weapon she’s using. I figure she can use the HP more than she needs a few extra points of DPS most of the time.

      @Puppeteer: If you get that shard before I do… bite me. 😉 No, just kidding. Good luck! How do you like the epic Doublecross? Vic has a non-epic one but doesn’t use it, was wondering how the epic worked for you.


      1. Puppeteer

        Epic doublecross bow is hardly better than the slavers bow. The main Difference in function is the enervate. But the epic silver slinger is worth it. Especially on a FOT raid.


  4. Hey Even, yeah I have to admit that I’m so lack luster on “grinding” out those shards and other necessary ingredients for higher level and epic tier gear. I’ve decided to turn more to reincarnation and to hope that through my multiple “lives” that I will acquire those ingredients. LOL, but of course by the time that happens there will be new and other shiny gear out to grind for..


    1. Erdrique! Welcome to OurDDO! 🙂

      I’ve actually skipped running Spinner for the past two nights, and – surprise! – haven’t missed it AT ALL, LOL. Mostly I don’t grind. I have a big green bag for nothing but scrolls, seals and shards, and every so often I rummage through it to see if I have a full set of anything. I’m not giving up on the Spinner shard, but I REALLY need a break from farming.

      I admire anyone who has the patience to TR a lot. I’ve still only ever TRed two toons, very happy with both of them, but no one’s TRing again until Chalei reaches 20 on her second life.


    1. @Grim: One of these days I’m going to get around to making a spreadsheet… just as soon as I get around to not procrastinating. *g*

      @Geoff: If you find that shard before I do, I DON’T wanna know, LOL. And the Envenomed Blade items are pretty high on my list, need two sets of ’em though because Char dual-wields, and THAT ain’t gonna happen any time soon. Damn stingy end chests anyway. :/


  5. The whole poor shard/seal/scroll deal has left a bad taste in my mouth. That’s mostly because there’s very, very little gear that appeals to my monastic characters, save one: the Epic Jidz-Tet’ka. Well, at least until Epic gear showed up. The Way of the Sun Soul set changes power with stances as does the Jidz and has far greater stats. So, aside from the occasional run into Epic “The Tide Turns” (’cause it’s fun), I’ve all but given up on the old Epic gear. I feel for ya. 🙂


    1. Yeah, mostly I just can’t be arsed to farm scrolls/seals/shards, although one of these days I s’pose I should break down and epic Dissy’s Elyd Edge (well, first I have to dig around and see who’s got sigils, because it’s still a Corroded Rapier – I can’t be arsed to farm that stuff either). Even’s got an epic Hellstroke, Vic’s got… a Fens ring, forget which one, and Dissy has an epic Top Hat. Didn’t farm for any of it, just went through the bag one day and realized I had all the needed parts… well, except the Top Hat, was looking through the bag and had TWO seals and TWO shards, and Vey had a spare scroll he gave me.

      I actually have not run Spinner at all since I posted this blog. I think I’m Spinnered out for a while. LOL


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  7. Blakjack

    … Stumbled across this, and felt your pain on Silver Slinger shard hunting. Ground for MONTHS, potentially a year, and finally with an LFG up for free loots (I was starting to get well known for putting it up there) it finally dropped in someone else’s loot. He jokingly says ‘Shard of the Silver Slinger 2mil plat’ and I thought he was just being funny, not realizing he’d linked the shard in his message. At first I laughed it off, then reread it, and nearly fell over.

    Now though, damn things drop all over the place! Ran it twice tonight to help a friend get Templar’s Justice, and each time the shard dropped! Dammit!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if after several months of this post being inactive, you’re not looking for it anymore. But it does exist!


    1. Haha, about a week after I posted this, I decided to run one more Spinner (after swearing off for the bazillionth time) and ended up pulling it. My mechanic was thrilled!

      Hmmm… maybe I should post a blog about wanting to get an epic Sword of Shadow next and see if I end up with one of those a week later.


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