Hanging up the plow



I’d been SO good.


After my last post, I resolved to stay away from Spinner of Shadows for a while. I was just Spinnered out. And until last night, I’d kept that resolution. Not ONCE since I made that post had I set foot in that webby, columned room.


I’m not sure why I decided to give it another try. Maybe it was because Acanthia looked so bored, just hanging out on the ship sorting through bank stuff. Her Neverwinter alter ego had already gotten a fun couple of hours playing with Shin, Comic and Bonnie; Even’d run elite ToD before that. It just didn’t seem fair to stick poor DDO Acanthia at the bank.


“Just ONE more try,” I told myself sternly. “I don’t care what drops or doesn’t drop. You’re not running this damn quest more than once tonight.”


But once was all it took, because gleaming at me from that beautiful pink epic chest was my long-sought-after Shard of the Silver Slinger, the last piece Vic needed to epickify one of her favorite crossbows.


I think Garret the Fainted, I mean Tainted, er, no, Sainted jinxed me. Usually when Acanthia solos EH quests, she brings him along for deathward and as a failsafe in case of lag spikes and such. But the last few times, I noticed she was using her healing ki to keep HIM up far more than he was healing HER. So Garret stayed in the hireling folder, playing poker with the owlbears, panther and the level 24 rogue hire. (It may have been strip poker. They didn’t say, and I didn’t ask ’cause I didn’t really want to know.)


With no Garret around to worry about, the quest itself didn’t take long. Once the fighting was done, Baz and Slvr jumped in to give me a few extra chances at the shard, and then I put up a “free loot” LFM.


I’m not sure who passed me the shard – I’m almost positive it didn’t drop in my name, because I didn’t see it when I first opened the chest. Or maybe I’d just gotten so used to NOT seeing it that I didn’t realize what it was. Then someone said, “The shard dropped!” And I looked again… and there it was.




And now I’m really, REALLY never going into Spinner again… until it’s time to epickify Char’s Bow of the Silver Flame.

9 thoughts on “Hanging up the plow

  1. ddolegend

    Even!!! yay!

    I bet you was so excited, i was last week when i pulled a seal and you been at it longer than me 😛

    Hope you have fun with it and like me you need to find another shard/seal to look for 🙂


  2. Timb

    Congratulations. I’m sure it feels great to finally be able to say you’re done with it.

    I’m pretty sure the shard dropped in your name. In my experience when someone else passes loot the display name in the chest will change to only show your character’s first name. You can see from your screenshot it’s showing your character’s full name in the chest.

    Of course, I could be wrong about this, but that’s been my understanding anyway. Either way, congrats on finally getting it.


    1. Thanks guys! 😀

      And oh yes, I was excited! Vic is all happy (even though she still likes her Needle better as an all-purpose bow). And next up… gotta get a seal and shard of the Elyd Edge for Dissy.

      @Tim: Are you by any chance the same Tim who once may or may not have been drunk whilst healing an EE Reclaiming the Rift run? *g*


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