Freshly perq’ed


per·qui·site noun ˈpər-kwə-zət

1 : a privilege, gain, or profit incidental to regular salary or wages; especially : one expected or promised   (from

Going VIP turned out to be such a great decision that I really wish I’d done it MUCH sooner. Access to all adventures, free Turbine points, it’s all well worth $10 a month (I went for the three-month plan). Not quite two months into my subscription, I just found out there’s another perq that I didn’t even know about when someone in general chat mentioned that VIPs get a free guild.

This means nothing to me on Thelanis or Cannith, where my toons are already in awesome guilds, but for my favor-farming toons on the other servers, WOW! So earlier I dusted off Ironica and headed to Sarlona to see if it was really true. And there it was, right on the Guild tab of her social page: just typed in the guild name I wanted and presto! I can haz guild!


Naturally I named my new guild “Flower Sniffers” (picked out that name AGES ago). So far I can’t figure out how to invite my other Sarlona toon, Vicriia; Ironica doesn’t get a “Guild Invite” option at the mailbox, and obviously I can’t log them on at the same time. That didn’t stop me from running Ironica through a few quests to accomplish two goals: 1, level her to 4, and 2, level Flower Sniffers (Sarlona edition) to 2. And it didn’t stop me from logging in Vicynrae and making an Orien edition of Flower Sniffers as well.


I’ll probably get around to making guilds for my other favor-farming toons as well so they’ll be able to use gear with augment slots… and to help cut down on random guild invites from the kind of people I think of as “poachers” – you know, the ones who hang out in the Leaky Dinghy or even the Wavecrest Tavern and spam guild invites to everyone they see without a guild tag.


7 thoughts on “Freshly perq’ed

  1. PrdPolack

    Your guild will have to gain reknown before you are able to send out mail guild invites (the same problem I have with creating guild on the cleaned beta server, not high enough level to send out mail invites to my other toons).


  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    The guild needs to be L4-5, as I recall – it’s a hidden benefit that doesn’t show up on the “Guild Rewards” list.

    As soon as I decided to go back to VIP, one of my first thoughts was “Well, now I kind of wish I’d waited…” – shortly after I moved to Thelanis, somebody was advertising free guild creation in Korthos; she’d create a guild with your chosen name, invite you, promote you, and then quit. It being late at night (Well, early in the morning. Well, actually, probably not that early in the morning, really LOL), I just went with the first thing that came to mind… my character’s name, Grynd, thinking I could change it later (I was, however, wrong).

    … And then she went and made it uncapitalized, which I didn’t notice ’til I was L4-5 and mailing out invites to my other characters LOL


  3. Evennote

    Guess I’m gonna have to play Ironica more if I want to get Vicriia into the guild… or find someone I know on Sarlona with an unguilded toon and make them an officer so I can sign Vicriia on and have them invite her – OMG, how complicated. LOL

    This probably sounds dumb, but it’s kinda cool just running around with a tag from my very own guild over my head. 😀


  4. Shindurza

    I can’t imagine anyone you could possibly know who has a toon on Sarlona, or on every server, that can help you. Nope, nobody at all has toons named Shinsizzle on every server, as well as other toons, mostly four on each server, many unguilded, that can give you ANY assistance at all. If you happen to find such a person, feel free to ask him to be on Sarlona at a certain time to give you a hand. Good luck with that.


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