Second chances


Poor, lame Dissy. You remember Dissy, right? My totally gimped bard, aka Discordette, aka, “Oh, that’s right, my other Thelanis toon?” Of course you don’t remember her. Until last night, I barely remembered her. She hadn’t completed a quest successfully since June 23, and that was Garrison’s Missing Pack – WAY under her level.

I was going to run Even and maybe Victaurya through Crystal Cove last night, only to sign on and find out it was down. Some of my Monty’s guildies were talking about doing a level 8-ish VoN flagging run. For some reason, my mind skipped right over lvl 9 Acanthia and went straight to lvl 7 Dissy.

“She’s pretty lame, though,” I warned my partymates. “Maybe it would be better if I brought Acanthia. She’s already flagged, but I love those quests and she won’t be a liability.”

No worries, they said, and told me to bring whoever I wanted to bring. So I got Dissy, figuring that if she really screwed things up, I could always log her off and get Acanthia instead.

It wasn’t always smooth and I’m sure she had the most deaths in the group (I thought it would be better if I didn’t count them), but Dissy surprised me by hanging in there. Once I remembered that she has a Cacophonic Verge and switched to that instead of her quarterstaff, she even got in a few kills in between passing out buffs, healing and trying to look inconspicuous when beholders were about.


An hour and a half later, with Dissy newly levelled up to 8, flagged for VoN, and with my Monty’s guildies (who are very cool about running with the toons I left in Emerald Dragons) starting to head off to bed, I started seriously thinking about the terrible gimp job I’ve done on Dissy.

I tried to make her a warchanter but it just doesn’t seem to be in her nature (and oh yes, my toons DO have their own personalities). I’ve never rerolled a character and I hope I never do, but the things I wanted to fix on her – mainly to go from warchanter to spellsinger – were more than what could be accomplished by resetting her enhancements. And as I pondered, I realized Dissy was standing next to the bank in House K… the very same bank wherein reside no less than THREE hearts of wood in Even’s account, courtesy of the MyDDO lottery. (NEENER, ComicRelief!  :P)

Dissy was pretty darn broke, having spent nearly all of her plat on Cure Serious pots and wands for the flagging, so I had to sign Even on anyway to send Dissy some cash. And as long as Even was on, it was a short trip from the House K mailbox to the bank to move a lesser heart of wood into the shared bank (Even was so proud of her little sister, she stopped at the AH and got her a new bow, too).


After double-checking to make sure her +2 Charisma tome would carry over – well, let’s back up a bit and give that the attention it deserves. When Vic was getting flagged for VoN the other night, she was running through Marketplace when someone asked in general chat if anyone wanted a +2 Cha tome. “Sure,” I said, “but how much?” The guy (or girl) sent me a tell – “Free, it’s in your mailbox.” And so it was! Even’s already eaten one, and neither Jall nor Vic has a pressing need for a higher Cha stat, so I sent it to Dissy and she had it for supper last night before starting VoN flagging. I doubt her benefactor will read this, but still… THANK YOU!  🙂

So I grabbed the heart of wood from the bank and trotted Dissy’s charismatic self off to see Kruz in House J. With some assistance from friend and Monty’s guildie Il, plus a pretty decent Drow elf spellsinger build I found, Dissy was reborn! Lost a few HP, gained about 150 mana, and looks pretty much the same as she did before.

I should have gone to bed then, since DDO tends to seriously cut into my already messed-up sleep schedule. But I had this little idea scampering around in my head, and the more I tried to ignore it, the louder it scampered… which led to Dissy scampering to House D to take on the Pit. Solo.  *gulp*

The whole time she was on the airship buffing, the whole time she was running through House D on her way to Vargus d’Deneith, the whole time she was inside, I kept thinking, “Well, she’s going to get her butt kicked but it’ll be fun to see how far she gets.”

Wanna know how far she got? Ask the Avatar of Juiblex, that’s how far she got – oh wait, you CAN’T ask him (her? it?) because he’s DEAD! She killed him after SHE SOLOED THE PIT! My little lame gimped bard soloed the Pit!


*sniffles and wipes away a tear*  I’m such a proud mama! (But STILL no Muck’s Doom!)

3 thoughts on “Second chances

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yay Dissy! Isn’t it nice when characters surprise you?

    Lo so many levels ago, I decided to run my gimpy hagglebard through Shan-To-Kor simply so she could get the discount at the Marketplace vendors. She was… L6, I believe. And I wasn’t even thinking about “wasting” AP going for a prestige enhancement, so pretty much all her AP was going into CHA, Haggle, and the attack/damage bonuses for Inspire Courage, with maybe a few dropped on spell points and heal bonuses.

    I figured Maraga wouldn’t have too much problem in part 1 (I mean, c’mon. A buncha kobolds? No problem! Especially soundburst stunning ’em to take out the casters first…) I was kinda worried about part 2, but I figured if I stayed away from the eles and maybe other optionals it should be doable (bear in mind, I solo WITHOUT a hireling. There’s nothing wrong with using ’em, but I don’t have a pocket cleric to help keep me out of trouble). Part 3, however, I was fully planning on running through on Grynd, to disable all the traps and kill all the big mean nasty monsters and suchnot… and then start up DDO on another computer, hop in on a character from another account just to hold the quest, and switch to Maraga to actually pull the Seal and finish the quest.

    Part 1, I go through… no problem. Part 2, she’s doing well enough that I go ahead and do the optionals, including the witch doctors and the eles. And I’m feeling confident enough that what the heck, I’ve got resist acid/cold/fire 20 items and protection from acid/cold/fire 60 items in the bank, maybe I can find a haste clicky to help minimize her time going through the traps… I’ll go ahead and try STK3 with her! Worst case, she dies and I go with Plan A. (Semi-random thought… is it me, or is it just plain MEAN that the first shrine is on the wrong side of those acid traps?)

    She did freakin’ awesome, even going through the frost traps at the end multiple times (so I could clear out that final corner and THEN hit the shrine before dropping down). Only time she really got into trouble is in the OMG room (Y’know, the one just before the second shrine with about a hundred fire traps and a few dozen spikes just to liven things up?) and even there she only got down to about a third of her HP. And the Guardian was a breeze (fortunately, she kept making her saves to resist Earthgrab, and the eles were too dumb to just smash her head in).

    I was so proud of her, I went and bought a +2 CHA tome for her to eat upon level up. Nomnomnomnom. (Of course, then I forgot I did that, so when Turbine had ’em on sale in the store for half price, I went and bought one for her… and ended up giving it to my CHA 6 monk…)

    As much as I talk about her being my “gimped hagglebard,” I don’t think Maraga is really all THAT gimped. Of course, exchanging Toughness for the Mark of Making for the Crafting bonus hurt her, a lot… but she can self-heal nicely. Then again, I haven’t actually quested with her since… Mind, if she wasn’t so totally specced for haggling (She hit 61 thanks to a guild ship a few nights ago! And when she levels up and the Cove opens and gets her hat upgraded, she’ll hit 65 minimum. Might even be able to get 66 on her own, and 68 with ship buffs…) and now crafting she’d probably be better at everything ELSE, but… that’s fine by me. She may be gimp at everything else, but she ROCKS at vendoring (and now crafting) so I’m happy.

    Oh, and I have TWO Muck’s Dooms (… OK, so I bought ’em. Big deal. I got ’em for CHEAP, dangit!)


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