Strange days


Poor, neglected Victaurya! My first-ever toon hadn’t seen any playing time in a while and, being the very squishy not-very-solo-able rogue that she is, it looked like she was going to be taking a back seat to Even and Jall and Acanthia for a while.

But I’d been working on getting Jall and Acanthia flagged for VoN (Even flagged a few weeks ago, still hasn’t run it yet though). With great help from a couple of Montys, one Emerald Dragon and a few assorted folks, Acanthia and Jall are now set to face Velah… and then someone in the party mentioned that VoN5 requires a full rogue.

“Hmmm,” I said, “I have a full rogue, but she hasn’t even started flagging yet.”

No problem! We had an awesome little group who happily trotted Vic through the flagging quests, and then it was off to the top of House K to enter the Vault of Night itself. VoN5 went mostly very well despite one griper and one general pain in our expanded raid group. Vic got to pick locks and disable traps, which she always enjoys, and her heavy repeating crossbow kept her surprisingly well-ranked in the kill count (I’m happy if she just has more kills than “misadventure”).

VoN6, aka Plane of Night – well, that was another story. We had a number of first-timers, which wasn’t a huge deal in 5 but really showed in 6. Not that anyone screwed up, just a matter of not knowing where to go, what to do, that kind of thing. Vic was with the ice pillar group, and those reavers hit HARD. She lasted pretty long by staying out of the main fray with her trusty repeater, but after a while there was no one left for them to beat on but her. Poor Vic couldn’t gulp Cure Serious pots fast enough to keep herself alive, but it was still a fun run.


With Vic’s head still reeling a bit from the 20K XP she collected in VoN5, she and her Monty’s buddies and a great player from the original PUG (who has since become a Monty) headed to Gianthold. Vic had never been there before, and she’s definitely not about to try the area alone, but as a group we had a good time and added some nice XP to the night’s totals… even though we did wipe a few times.  😀

Meanwhile the glitches are still glitching. There’s little annoyances, like the way some of the windows flicker on and off. There’s just weird stuff, like the entrance to Siegebreaker – Jall ran it with her friend Baz several times the other night. When we got there the first time, I remarked that they’d changed the entrance from a hole in the ground to a caravan. Baz was like, “Uh, caravan? I see a hole.” So we both took screenshots:

Photobucket Photobucket

Same bat time, same bat place, different bat quest entrances. We ran it several more times over two nights. Jall ALWAYS saw a caravan, and Baz ALWAYS saw a hole.

Then there are the, “OK, someone needs to fix this, lyk, NAO” glitches, such as my MyDDO mailbox being gimped. I have messages, but when I click the link to read them, I get a “page not found” error. So if you’ve sent me mail on here and I haven’t responded, that’s why. I know the same thing happened to Shin, who made another account for mail purposes… I don’t really want to do that, so if you really want to send me messages, post something in the comments or on my wall and I’ll send you my E-mail address.

Worse than that, my friend El had a serious XP glitch the other night. He was about 14K shy of capping when he logged in (confirmed via his stats on MyDDO). After spending a few hours in Gianthold, he’d amassed around 19K XP (confirmed via screenshot)… but for some reason that did NOT put him over the leveling mark. It left him JUST short of what he needed according to his character sheet, so Baz and Jall ran Blockade Buster with him to see if the XP from that would do the trick. It didn’t – and now his MyDDO stats show him at around 10K short of capping, which is LOWER than the XP that was showing for him before. Weird, huh?

And one more thing – where’s the kobold you used to be able to beat up in Lordsmarch Palace? I WANT HIM BACK!


2 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Biggest glitch I’ve noticed is the one where other players can see your HP total… oh, wait.

    My barb Rorshgur was PUGging Gwylan’s this evening, and the healer kept commenting on the (halfling in wind stance) monk’s HP… even though he wasn’t getting hit very much (I know for a FACT he spent more SP healing my sorry butt…). The odd thing though, he was commenting about the HP in relation to carrying the supply cylinders. Like that made any kind of factor in anything. Do they go *poof* and make the quest unfinishable if you die or something? Dunno.

    I saw Vic going into Delera’s the other night, but she was “in party” and I didn’t see an LFM up, so I figured I’d leave you alone, even though I kinda wanted to go through myself lol

    Anytime you want to run Vic, though, just give me a yell… or either of your bards.


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