Life’s a glitch


I’ve read a lot of posts and blogs lately about everything that’s wrong with Update 11, but there’s one glitch I really hope Turbine DOESN’T fix – Even can now use her Shard of Xoriat to summon a pet in public areas. Seriously, how much cooler can you get than running around Harbor with your very own Chaos Beholder – even if it tries to eat you?


Seems a LOT of people who have a Shard of Xoriat for a trinket had the same idea, because the Wayward Lobster was full of reavers, beholders, Taken, Mindflayers and those floaty eye things. Unfortunately (or not?), they won’t follow you into the brawling area, nor can you summon them when you’re there. This led to a bit of a summoned traffic jam as they all congregated in the doorway and sadly watched their owners duel below.


Apparently the “Summon Monster” spell does NOT work in public areas, because Jall can’t bring up her Efreeti. Maybe it’s just as well – I’ve already seen complaints about the increased lag from all the metal puppies running around; noticed it a bit myself, and I’m sure having an increase in the number of other summoned creatures won’t help.


Lag or no lag, my friend Baz and I still had a lot of fun hanging out with the various critters my Shard of Xoriat could scare up.


Even the really, REALLY gross ones. Taken may be THE grossest creature in the game IMHO. Not only are they utterly disgusting to look at, that squelching sound they make is just – EW.


The puppies, though – they’re just TOO darn cute. I want one! I want it to stay a puppy and not grow up. If/when I unlock Artificer, Imma gonna roll up a toon and then never level it just so I can have a cute li’l metal puppy. I’m not the only one who got all girly and mushy when I came across this group in Cannith  – so did TygerKatt, who also made a blog post about them.


Among other changes in U11 is the option to show goggles – meh, definitely not a good look for Even. The option to show both your helmet AND goggles is glitched – your helmet won’t show. And there’s no option to show just your helmet.


Jall isn’t as thrilled as Even is with the new update. That GUI – well, unless you never read the forums or any MyDDO blogs, you’ve probably heard ALL about the problems with that. The one thing I DO like is knowing how many HP everybody has, which is good stuff for a healer to know; on the other hand, I’m  hearing about people getting kicked out of parties because of low HP, which is sucky to the extreme. Give me a good team player with low HP over an idiot with 900 hit points ANY time. Other than Jall knowing everyone’s HP, which makes it a little easier to prioritize who needs healing the most, I HATE HATE HATE the new GUI. It’s just too hard to see. I also hate that bows have been changed to the off hand – found this out the hard way during an intense battle. Jall was getting her butt kicked trying to melee (before you say, “HEY! She’s a cleric! Why was she melee to begin with?” – she was questing with her friend Baz and a few hires; Baz and I work well together and Jall is not half bad at melee in a party without a typical tank) so she moved back a bit and tried to switch to her crossbow – whaddaya mean, invalid weapon slot? She’d already almost let Baz die once because she hadn’t figured out how to put her own bar up with the rest of the party, so she thought it was her own HP going down and kept healing herself instead of him. (And of course Baz’s hireling Heystack stood there and said, “Hey, your HP’s going down. So’s mine. We could die. It would be prudent to heal me now because even though I am a cleric, I am abysmally stupid and healing anyone, including myself, will not cross my mind until after the party wipes.”)


But anyway, the new House Cannith enclave looks AMAZING! I LOVE the elevators, haven’t run any of the quests yet but plan to do so over the weekend before tossing everything else aside for Crystal Cove next week. I REALLY hope the glitch that lets Even use her Shard of Xoriat in public areas doesn’t get fixed by then, because I can’t wait to see a Chaos Beholder tossing minotaurs around.


5 thoughts on “Life’s a glitch

  1. ComicRelief

    Probably an unintended consequence of Arties, Since they have “pets” they can summon in public areas.

    And all you need to do to fix the bow thing is remove it from the slot and then put it back. And that glitch IS due to Arti. I think he (they?) just like to cause problems…


  2. Mizzaroo

    Finally! Someone else who likes seeing how much hp others have as well! Although the size thing isnt a problem for me. And yeah. All those metal pets running around really is causing alot of lag. I got hit with more of it since artificers were released than I ever have since playing. Thankfully none of that lag was in a quest area while under attack. Squishy Rogue+Horde of Kobolds on Elite Difficulty+Lag=BAD!

    And as for people getting kicked from groups because of low HP, sadly by what Ive read, thats been happening for a long time. Its just likley to happen more now than before. Which sucks. Unless my character is a fighter class character I dont really put CON high up on my list of things to put up on creation. So my HP on my Rogues and Wizzies is pretty low.

    And by the screenshots Ive seen, House Cannith looks awesome. =] But Im not gonna visit it cause theres no point in that 😉


  3. ComicRelief

    @Mizzaroo: Yes there is (a point in visiting House C)! You can find all sorts of puppies in there, and clicking on them makes them make all kinds of noise. Very annoying, unless, of course, YOU’RE the one making them bark and growl and stuff…


  4. LrdSlvrhnd

    They need to come out with ranger companions, stat. Clearly, the tech works for arties! I haven’t really noticed all that much lag, but I play at odd times, haven’t really played much this week (I’ve been all sickly), and my wireless router sucks and gives me lag anyway, and I can’t get the GOOD router to acknowledge the existence of the Internet…

    Somebody was talking about getting his summoned critter into the brawling pit while I was on checking auctions and stuff, but it wasn’t fighting anybody.

    Side note: I really really want a Shard of Xoriat…


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