Ganging aft agley


Written by Robert Burns, immortalized by John Steinbeck, and now badly conjugated by… me, the post title is a reference to things not working out the way they’re supposed to.

Once in a while, this is a GOOD thing. Take my intentionally-gimped bank bard, Getting. She was never supposed to be viable; her only mission in life was to provide storage space.

Completely by accident, she’s somehow managed to become a reasonably solid toon. Not a star by any means, but she’s surprisingly capable for a first-life Drow bard who dump-statted pretty much anything that wasn’t charisma.

I didn’t fully realize that until I logged in Sunday night to turn in sagas while the renown bonus was still active. Little gimpy Getting, the toon I never intended to play, had not one but TWO epic sagas completed… and on elite, no less. And she’s still only 23!

I’d planned to turn in all 11 sagas on true elite on Even, but that was another plan that went a bit agley. She simply ran out of time; with the quests she already had done, I managed to scrape together eight sagas, but never got a chance to get to the two heroic Eveningstar sagas nor heroic 3BC/Deneith.

And that was because real life has gone very, very agley for me of late. Had been dealing with a family health crisis for a bit now; that was finally starting to get resolved when another one reared its ugly head.

So I’m more than slightly frazzled, and that’s probably not going to change any time soon. That whole “agley” thing really seems to have it in for me lately; my life is definitely going to be undergoing some major changes in the near future as a result of all this.

That’s why you get this lame-ish entry instead of my usual livestream post for this week’s blog. I didn’t even stream this week; did my saga turn-ins but wasn’t feeling up to sounding witty over live video. (Not that I ever do…)

I’m hoping the image won’t go too agley as well; it’s rather larger than I usually use. Wasn’t going to post at all tonight, but woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Too tired/lazeh to get up and boot the computer, so posting with the crappy tablet and had to make do with what I already had on here.


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