A Tale of One Citi

Flower Sniffin' Shroud


Shroud is one of those quests that pretty much everybody in our little guild will run any time, any toon, for any reason or no reason at all. We don’t care about loot or XP or making greensteel. It’s Shroud. It’s fun.

So imagine our horror when we discovered that newest Flower Sniffer Citi had NEVER RUN SHROUD. NOT ONCE. NEVAR, to use his catchphrase!

Well, we couldn’t let that continue. So we got him flagged, and tonight he, Slvr, Keava, Rayne, and I trotted him out to Meridia. And boy, were we excited. Because while it’s really not about the loot, we had a genuine first-timer, and you know what that means – EXTRA CHEST.

We did have one semi-failed attempt first – there were just four of us because Rayne had to step out. I was on Super Gimpy Meren, the rogue who can’t decide if she wants to be an assassin or a mechanic and isn’t great at either one (and who somehow made it to level 25 without ever running a Shroud this life). Slvr was on his 18 barb, who had great DPS but no curse pots. Keava was probably the most “together” of us on his talented ranger, and Citi, despite his protests to the contrary, kept us in it long after we probably would have otherwise perished.

But trying to pull the rednames apart in Phase 2 was too much for the four of us. By that time Rayne was back, so we recalled and started anew.

And this time it went SOOOOO much better! I switched to Vic (way better DPS than Meren), Slvr switched to his warlock (ditto), and we quickly annihilated Phases 1-4.

But then… but then…

We did our damnedest to give Citi the best possible shot at netting us that extra chest. We explained it to him, step by step. We buffed him – oh, how we buffed him. Jump, of course. And Deathward, blur, resists, FoM… sadly, no one had Water Breathing as a spell. Slvr demonstrated proper jumping technique.

We waited with bated breath. Citi jumped…

… WTF. How the hell did we all end up dead in Harry’s big stone chamber?

Thanks a bunch, Citi. See if we ever run Shroud with YOU again.

In other words, you were a great sport! And we’ll probably run Shroud again for guild night Friday ’cause we’ll all be off timer by then.  LOL

Last but not least, once Harry was banished, the altar was clicked, and the chests were looted, we all stripped (well, Rayne was already running around nekkid anyway), jumped up on the Altar of Devastation, and had ourselves a Flower Sniffin’ nekkid Shroud dance party. WIN!


8 thoughts on “A Tale of One Citi

  1. lrdslvrhnd

    I’m pretty sure I’ve repeatedly referred to Rorsh as being undergeared. Now you know just HOW undergeared he is! lol Unfortunately, our best DPS for killing/separating the mobs, was also the only one suitable for crystal duty… and that damned troll healing himself… ugh.

    Oh, and it wasn’t Death Pact I was thinking of. There’s something *similar* to Death Pact, but you can cast it on *others*, and that’s what it was I was thinking of. *checks Wiki* Divine Intervention, maybe. I just remember people casting it on others and locking them out of Part 5 for a few minutes.


  2. Well, to get a full set of stones, I’ll need to run “Ritual” first on Friday – but, sure Shrouding would be fine. One of these days, I may even figure out what green steel item(s) I’d like too have for Gustar. On Z, I have a belt with blindness immunity; fear immunity; disease imm – er, resistance, and poison imm – er, resistance. They need to bump the poison/disease resistances to at least +10; or maybe even make it “insightful”, ‘cuz +6 is so blah and so, so, so way under ‘powered’ for what can now be gotten with random loot.


  3. Keavaa

    That was such a fun shroud. Calling Niky “together” is probably a bit of a reach though. C’mon at one point i stood still and did nothing and they all agro’d on me. Cuteness has its down side.


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