The unfolding drama…


Oh, Harry, what have you gone and gotten yourself into now?

When last we’d seen Harry, aka Arraetrikos, we’d beaten him almost to death in Phase 5 of Shroud. But we didn’t kill him – no, we just banished him back to Shavarath.

We get to find out what happened to him once we reach Shavarath ourselves and step into the Tower of Despair. Our Harry, it seems, has taken up with a succubus consort by the name of Lyrilith, and he’s told her… a few things he shouldn’t. Lyrilith, when not exhorting adventures to save her harder, went straight to First General Horoth with the info. And the General was not amused.

ToD is one of those raids I’ve run so many times I’ve lost count. It and Shroud are still among my favorite quests in the game. They’re quintessential DDO to me, and I love how the storyline carries over from one to the next.

Most of the ToDs I’ve ever run start with one or two people running in and killing the couple of mobs in the first part. Then one person goes down and pulls the lever while everyone else stands around buffing, chatting, dancing, or doing nothing.

Every once in a while, I like to be the one on lever duty so that I can watch “the unfolding drama” as Horoth shrinks Harry down to itty-bitty baby size and turns him over to the Judge and Jailer. It’s a few minutes of questing time with nothing to do, to be sure. But it’s entertaining and immersive.

From there, you rescue a kindasortabutnotreally grateful Harry from the clutches of the Judge and Jailer, defeat Nythirios and his shadowy minions, and finally face Horoth, who calls upon our old buddy Suulomades when his hit points start dwindling.

Before he summons Sully, Horoth has probably my favorite typos in the game: “Soliders of Shavarth.” What is a “solider?” What is it solider than? Is it the solidest? If not, what is solider than a solider? And what happened to the other “a” in “Shavarath,” or is “Shavarth” a plane that’s solider than “Shavarath?”

I’m not a typo snob, but editing is what I do for a living. So I notice this stuff. And while there are a number of typos I REALLY wish would get fixed (why do the Milders live in Midler Farmhouse? Why is it “AN planar shard?”), I’ve come to enjoy Horoth’s call for support, in all its typoed glory.

Anyway. Slvr and I duo’d ToD last night, just for the heck of it. We took an incredibly long time, mostly because after the Judge and Jailer, we had to rely mostly on Even’s DPS alone – Slvr didn’t have cold absorb for Nyth, and realized once we were well into the quest that he also had never made Boots of Anchoring for his druid. And Even’s DPS is acceptable at best. She went through a couple of pots so that she could keep spamming Consecration and Energy Burst for more damage, but hey, it was ToD, so it was totally worth it.


5 thoughts on “The unfolding drama…

  1. Oh, you read the title of this blog and were hoping for more drama than a somewhat overlong ToD run? Well, you’re probably disappointed. But I did want to make a point or two…

    At least several people have been told by the dramamonger in question that the issue started because Mizzaroo came to me with some drama about a guild she’d had on Sarlona.

    This is 100% completely untrue. It is a blatant lie. Mizzaroo has never – NEVER – said ANYTHING to me about that situation. NOTHING AT ALL. The current drama has ZERO to do with her. She is not to blame. AT ALL.

    Why would someone make up a story like this? Beats the hell out of me… unless said person started a bunch of drama and wanted to pin the blame on someone else so they could play victim, again.

    Say whatever you want about me. Everyone whose opinion matters to me knows that I don’t cheat. Everyone who watched or listened to DDOCast #424 knows that I’ve discussed the “exploit” in question with a Turbine employee, who has told me that I am NOT exploiting. I really don’t give a rat’s arse about what anyone else believes. What other people think of me is none of my business.

    And most importantly, *I* know I don’t cheat.

    Enjoy. 😀


  2. lrdslvrhnd

    Yeah, that “Oh CRAP!” moment halfway through the shadows kind of sucked lol And “acceptable” DPS my wolf’s white hiney, Even was kicking my wolf’s white hiney in the kill count right up until the last 5 minutes when I’d spent all that time playing with respawn Orthons lol


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