No wraith for the weary (yet)


Even though my cosmetic pet count is up to 93 thanks to some serious hellhound farming, I’m not ready to quit yet. And many thanks to Geoff Hanna for his very nice tribute to my pet collection!  🙂

But oh, those last two pets I need – wraith and rust monster from the Monster Manual – are NOT gonna be easy. Or quick.

As far as I know, there’s no good place that has respawning rust monsters. I’d heard the acid part of ToEE2 did, but I spent probably an hour and a half running around in there. Know how many rustie respawns there were? Two. Yeah. I could’ve run the start of Gwylan’s or Stromvauld many, many times in that span. Or even Threnal Arena. Or Rainbow, or Ataraxia. Or even VoN 5.

The end fight of Siegebreaker does have respawning rusties… but at a rate of only about one per minute, meh. Definitely better than ToEE, but hardly efficient.

Wraiths are a bit easier. I could run part 3 of Delera’s over and over (although I should mention that running anything over and over is totally not my idea of fun… unless it’s the Pit…). I could make laps around Tomb of the Shadow King and cull out the wraiths from all the other respawning undead, which is about as efficient as Siegebreaker for rusties, which is to say not very efficient at all.

But there’s one more place where you can get a few hundred wraiths per hour, IF you have a toon who can handle it. For 18 of my 19 toons on Thelanis, that doesn’t apply.

Luckily, though, I have Even (as in Even the toon, just so you know I’m not referring to myself in the third person). And Even has set a couple of goals for herself, namely to try and solo tougher content, specifically raids and epic elites. So a while back, she made her first stab at soloing Fall of Truth. Didn’t work out – she had only a non-epic Bow of the Silver Flame for a ranged weapon and ran out of arrows looooong before the crystal was shattered. But I noticed that there are a whole, whole, WHOLE bunch of wraiths in there.

Besides, Even loves Fall of Truth, because the Stormreaver shares her chartreuse hair color. (OK, Turbine calls it “acid green.” But close enough. And YES, Slvr, chartreuse is a real color.  :P)

If you want to farm as many wraiths as possible from FoT, it’s actually pretty simple – don’t kill Bjorn the Liar and the Disciple of Lies. Because as long as they’re alive, they’ll spawn wraiths. And the Stormreaver will be nice enough to kill those wraiths for you while you fight the other stuff. I definitely recommend taking down the other two dragon/giant pairs, though – as the video from this week’s Sunday stream shows, my video card does NOT like dealing with their ice storms and dancy balls.

At a rate of 300 wraiths per hour, I think I need about 12 more hour-long farming runs to finally get my violet wraith pet. And then, rusties, look out, because Even’s gonna be coming for ya!


11 thoughts on “No wraith for the weary (yet)

  1. lrdslvrhnd

    Chartreuse is not a color. You can’t find it, as far as I can tell, in a box of Crayolas, therefore it’s not a real color.

    Also, I really need to level Maraga up so she can help you farm comms, I mean wraiths… *g*

    I think there’s a spot in Threnal with a respawning rustie… *flees*


    1. Actually, it can be found in a box of crayons. From the Crayola website:


      And from Wikipedia: “In 1972, Binney & Smith introduced eight Crayola fluorescent crayons, designed to fluoresce under black light. The following year, they were added to the 72-count box, in place of the duplicate colors.”

      So since it could be found in the 72-count box, by your standards, it was a real color from 1972-1990 (when it was renamed “laser lemon”).

      Of course, Even prefers the “green” chartreuse over the “yellow” chartreuse.



      1. Green > yellow.

        Comic has it right. Chartreuse is TOTALLY A REAL COLOR. And it fluoresces under blacklight! (Well, the Crayola version of chartreuse does, anyway… and the bestemest shades of chartreuse are so bright, they practically fluoresce all on their own.) So it’s an AWESOME color.


      2. lrdslvrhnd

        Exactly. It *was* a real color (although personally, I only grudgingly count the 64-count box as real colors *g*) but it hasn’t been since 1990!


  2. FYI the wraiths spawn when someone gets hit with the breath weapon (for each person), so if you want to speed up your farming, take in more people and park in front of the lies dragon and shield block. Booku wraiths


    1. Oooh, didn’t know that – I just knew my wraith count went WAY up when I ran FoT. I shall have to park unsuspecting guildies in front of the Disciple of Lies. *whistles innocently*


  3. Oberon

    You might try The Chamber of Raiyum (Wiz King). The Death Hex Wraiths will respawn over and over so you can rack up piles of wraith kills. Bring a good negative energy absorption item, pile on the Guard items and watch your wraith kill count increment.


    1. Alas, the Death Hex wraiths are not in the Monster Manual and therefore don’t count toward your total wraith kills. Which is really a shame, because once they start spawning, they do respawn at a very healthy rate – maybe not quite the rate per hour you’d get in FoT, but much, MUCH easier to deal with than a bunch of cheesed-off dragons.


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