Hjeal meh nao!


Abs has a line in his profile that says something like, “Evennote was healed by you for 11,525 points.” Can’t remember the exact number, but that’s pretty close. So I was really proud of Jall when she hit her own not-very-heal-amped self for more than 15K a few weeks back. That’s with Unyielding Sovereignty, not a “normal” heal, just to be clear.

Tonight she was running EE Gianthold with Vey and Ray, and noticed that her aura was hitting Vey for close to 400. That’s some pretty nice heal amp, so when we were done, I decided to see what Jall could hit him for. The picture above is worth a thousand words… or 46,449 hit points.

I don’t get bragging rights with Abs, though, because he hit Sady for more than 50K the other night. But it’s a start… and now I want to try again in Exalted Angel, because Jall has a lot more positive spellpower there than in Unyielding Sentinel.

And as long as I’m talking about Jall… Vey asked me last night if I’d ever finished my March Madness series of posts. That was the first I realized that no, I never did, although I did have the results worked out… and at the time, Jall ended up as the overall winner. My toons have changed a lot over the past six to eight months, though; if I were to do a similar tournament now, I think Even might end up as champion.


9 thoughts on “Hjeal meh nao!

  1. Luedwig

    Pale Master Luedwig will be sure to bone up on his Rock & Pillar Diving Enhancement line in preperation of Turbine’s imaginary: Update27 Epic PvP! Set in the Demon Wastes out west.


    1. Keavaa

      oh thats funny. Melees and offensive casters are always quoting and putting in there bio’s how much they hit something for, or what they killed. From a purely bragging perspective melees have that down pat. Healers are always around and its often a thankless job. IMO it takes in part a selfless person to be a good healer and watch out for everyone else. Having a little down time and just heal tagging for fun is a nice way to let there hair down. So if you don’t get the point of the article, don’t comment. Just leave it be and move on.


    2. Carl B.

      She talked about how much her friend healed for & what she got on her first try then what she got up to, she even said her friend still healed for more, that’s not braging, its like the story of her healing journey but I guess haters gona hate, she can heal me anytime.


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