Just the way you are


Back when I joined DDO as the ultimate noob, the very first toon I rolled up was an elven rogue – elven ’cause I liked the ears, rogue because I used to love them way, WAY back when I played a bit of PnP Dungeons & Dragons.

For various reasons, I rolled up Even a few days later and she quickly took over as my main, leaving my poor rogue to languish mostly unplayed for months. I went VIP and GRed Even to a 32-point build; I rolled up Acanthia and watched her take my playing time by storm. My rogue sat patiently at the bottom of my login screen with her 28-point “standard path” build (I THINK I followed the Thief Acrobat path, can’t even remember now, that’s how little I played her).

And then one day a friend of a friend of a guildie or something like that was looking for help with questing. I had just one toon in the right level range – you guessed it, Victaurya the Amazing Gimp-O-Rogue, who was around level 8-ish at the time.

I’d been so caught up in beating the living snot out of stuff with Acanthia and Even that I’d forgotten how fun it is to be a rogue, even a gimpy one. Even with the occasional trap blowing up in Vic’s face, there was something, well, special about playing a specialist and being able to do something that no one else in the party could. I was telling a friend about this a few days later and he suggested resetting her enhancements to make her a trapmonkey, since that was the part of rogueishness I liked best.

For months I’ve thought of Vic as my most-gimped-by-far toon (and that’s saying something). That 28-point build was eating away at me, and I kept hoping I’d win a greater heart in the MyDDO lottery so I could at least bump her up to 32 points. The lottery didn’t come through for me, but one night someone in the trade channel advertised a greater heart of wood for sale – “PST with offer.” Whichever toon I was on with at the time had something like 92K plat, so mostly as a joke I sent a tell – “I’d love to buy that but if I give you 90K, I’ll be just about broke.”


So I was all excited and practically drooling in my eagerness to rush Vic right off to Kruz’s haunts in House J, except I hadn’t planned out her new 32-point build yet. So I waited. Every night, I’d get busy with something or other and never quite get around to booting up the character planner to map out 32-point Vic.


Next thing I knew, Vic was capped and still 28 points. I kept telling myself I was going to GR her just as soon as I got around to planning out her new build. Fortunately, as it turned out, before I ever did that, a couple of guildies needed a rogue for epic Phiarlan Carnival quests one night.

I tried to talk them out of taking Vic – “C’mon, she’s squishy, she’s only 28 points, you KNOW you want a better rogue!” But no rogues were hitting the LFM. So I logged on Vic while giving them dire warnings about winding up as soulstones.

Except… they didn’t. Epic traps? Epicly no problem, even after ship buffs wore out, and without ONCE using her rogue skill boost.

Not long after that, I was running something totally unrelated on another toon when for no apparent reason it hit me – out of all my toons, and that includes Acanthia, Vic is probably my LEAST gimped despite that 28-point build. She does EXACTLY what she’s been built to do and does it well. Her 449 hit points are solid for a first-life elven trapmonkey, and she can help out on DPS with her repeater when there are no traps to disable or locks to pick. She can even pick up a wand and do a bit of emergency spot healing or casting if necessary. There’s always ROOM for improvement, but when I think of my various toons and what I’d like to see them doing, she’s the one who has no NEED for improvement.

I was planning on making Vic the next toon to TR once Dissy caps, but now I’m leaning toward TRing Even instead. Even definitely has a few areas that NEED to improve, and besides, without saying anything that would violate the NDA, Vic has seen the new content in MotU and she likes it. She likes it A LOT. So I expect that when it goes live, she’s going to get a lot more playing time.

As for the greater heart, I passed that on to a friend in gratitude for the many awesome things he’s done for me. Ā šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Just the way you are

  1. Mizzaroo

    When I started my first character was an Elven Rogue too. Elven cause Elves are my favorite fantasy race and Rogue cause I wanted to be of some use that didnt involve complex healing ability. I put her on the Assassin path but now looking back, I too want my Rogue to be more of a kill the trap kinda Rogue. Plus that, for the Prestige Enhancement line, shell get to use repeaters.


  2. Micki

    šŸ™‚ Very nice story.

    A side question, how do u take pictures of ur toon having them face the camera? (without having them sit?)


  3. RaspberryX

    @Micki – if you hit 4 on your number pad it should spin you around in the view finder. That is if you haven’t fiddled with your hotkeys too much šŸ˜›

    Also: One of my first characters after Rasp was an elven fighter rogue named Snahtch. I loved her until level 8, then she got deleted because I honestly didn’t enjoy playing rogue so I stuck with healing.


  4. Sgt_Hart

    Middle mouse button down will usually let you turn it. If you lack that, you might want to try tinkering with the options under “Mouse Emulation” in keybindings Micki.


  5. MasterLow

    I find it intresting that the things that we think are worthless, generaly end up having more “value” than things that we perceive as having grea value.


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