From flagging to firsties


Our efforts to get all the Flower Sniffers flagged for all the things continued with this past weekend’s livestream, when Citi, Rayne, and Even (who was already flagged, but likes the area) headed out to Thunderholme to get flagged for Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm.

Naturally, I got lost and ended up leading them to Sarva first when we’d intended to start with Dagan. Along the way, there was much laughter, a  sprinkling of DPS, and far more bad 80’s songs than one usually finds during late-night groups. And we ran, we ran so far away, we just ran, we ran all night and day-ay-ay… couldn’t get away from the Song That Never Ends, yes it went on and on my friends, one night we started singing it even knowing what it was…

You get the idea.  LOL

Also this past weekend, I was Patrick‘s guest on DDOCast #439, New Player Tips, along with the lovely BonnieBew and Propane. There was some really excellent advice for new-ish players handed out – it’s well worth a listen!

And it got me to thinking. As excellent as the advice was, a lot of it would have been completely over my head when I first started. So I started pondering the idea of doing a second livestream each week, with accompanying blog, aimed at the really, truly new and inexperienced player. Talked it over with Keava, who was totally supportive, and then, purely by coincidence, Citi made a great post about rolling up your first character.

Probably should figure out what else I need to do to get on the official stream list first – already had to bump my start time an hour later to accomodate another stream that IS on the list and wants to bump its time forward an hour, which would lead to an overlap with the start time I’ve been using for the past few months – but what the heck, I’m gonna be streaming whether I’m on the list or not.

So, plan is, pick a night – probably somewhere between Monday and Thursday – and a time – probably midnight – roll up a brand-spankin’-new 28-point free-to-play (something). Probably a rogue, ’cause Citi’s making a paladin, and despite his assurances that his paladin will be fully capable of finding traps via face, it’d be nice to be able to disarm them. No twink  gear, no loans from other toons – 100% newbie compatible. Start with the character creation screen and go from there. Should be fun!

In other news, you might have noticed that OurDDO has been UPDATED! Tried to streamline it a bit, and the blogroll should be pretty current. Removed a couple of blogs that no longer exist or violated the rules. AFAIK, other than blogs in violation, it now has every DDO blog in existence.

Streamin’ with Even is live every Sunday night at 11 pm  MIDNIGHT Eastern time. I’m usually on Thelanis, usually on Evennote, and usually have room, so feel free to send me a tell if you’d like to join! I’m also definitely open to suggestions on what to run next. You can send ingame mail to Evennote on Thelanis, or email me at evennote (at) gmail dot com. Thanks for reading and/or watching!  🙂

Real-life lagging


I’m really not lazy.

Well, OK, maybe I kinda am in some ways. But the lack of recent blog posts and the backlog of new blogs to be added to OurDDO have nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with a bum shoulder.

So I’ve been months in pain with no doctor (I don’t do doctors – until this happened, the last time I had a regular doctor was in 2005, and that was only because I’d been in a car accident).

I’m OK with typing for short periods of time (or typing left-handed). Clicking a mouse button once is uncomfortable, twice is painful, more than that is excruciating. I thought this was odd considering the problem is in my shoulder (actually, my new doctor thinks the shoulder problems are because of neck problems from that 2005 car accident – how about a rousing round of “The knee bone’s connected to the hip bone?”)… anyway, among other things that include a bone spur, rotator cuff tenditis, and an unusual amount of arthritis, there is apparently a nerve impinged somewhere between my fingers and my shoulder/neck area. So when I move my fingers, my shoulder hurts. When I use my shoulder muscles to move my upper arm, my fingers hurt. And my entire arm, from the fingers to the elbow up over the neck and down to the shoulder blade, is swollen (and so far no one seems quite sure just where all the swelling is coming from, or why it won’t go away).

This makes it hard to play DDO. I’ve barely played Even and about 3/4 of my other characters at all; the few I’m playing on a semi-regular basis are the ones who can be at least somewhat effective with little or no mouse clicking. As I’ve tried to explain to a couple of friends who’ve been all, “Just don’t click!” when I tell them I can’t run something with them, it’s not that easy. There’s the small matter of feeling pike-y if I’m not contributing up to par, and the (for me) much larger matter of clicking without thinking and ending up in serious pain. So I mostly solo or run with the guild, or run toons who can go on auto-attack and not need to do much more than tab around for targets. Or, I just hang out on the guild ship and take screenies of my bank bard in her mushroom cap.

This also makes it all but impossible to update OurDDO, because adding a new blog involves copy/pasting the blog address in several places, as well as making an icon and pasting THAT address. Clicking a mouse is difficult. Click-dragging, as one must do to copy/paste, is near torture.

For now I’m in physical therapy for the next few months and get to wear an oh-so-fashionable compression sleeve from wrist to shoulder all the time (I’m allowed to take it off to sleep and shower). I have two more doctor’s appointments (regular and orthopedic) in the next two weeks, and will likely be getting referred to a neurologist as well.

I’m debating E-mailing the OurDDO files to a suitably trustworthy person along with a list of blogs to add, then having them mail the updated files back so I can upload them, but that’s a lot to ask. We’ll see.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the new blogs – and I do have a fairly long list – will be added… hopefully someday soon!

Quick OurDDO update

Even, Mizz, Comic

With the Mimic Hunt over and a fresh set of completed sagas under my belt, I dragged myself out of DDO a bit early (for me) tonight and did some much-overdue updating of OurDDO.

Mostly I added some links I was missing and updated a few that had changed  (one of these days I should probably take some time to check all the links and make sure they all still exist). It was tedious and time-consuming, but not particularly difficult.

Finished all the editing, did the icons for the blogs that were added, and uploaded all the shiny new files… and now my RSS aggregator script – the handy little thing that goes out and gets all the blog posts and puts them on the page – is dropping posts like crazy. Again.

As far as I can tell, it’s only picking up the most recent post from each author. So if you posted a blog yesterday and then post a new one today, only the new one will show up.

I’ve changed nothing in that script (I wouldn’t even know how). Hopefully, as last time, it will resolve itself over the next few days.

The 411 on OurDDO

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not sure where the hosting on the original OurDDO site stands. To bore you with the personal details, I was using a domain and server space I’d bought from my brother, who’s owned a small web design company for several years. He’s since taken another job and didn’t have time to run his company, so  he sold it almost a year ago.


As of this writing, my domain and hosting are still intact, but most of his former customers have had to move their sites elsewhere. I have no idea if my site is sticking around or if it’ll be gone in the next five minutes, so I’m in the process of changing all of my links to the backup site I set up a while back (which, thanks to the lovely grimorde, is now displaying everything properly).


If you don’t already have it, you can reach the backup site – which is now the main site – here.


Meanwhile the issue with the feed script dropping posts seems to s-l-o-w-l-y be resolving itself. As feed aggregator scripts are notoriously unreliable, I think that’s the best I’m going to be able to do with it for now.


After talking to a number of people, I’ve set up a forum on the new OurDDO site. It’s blank so far, gotta get some basic stuff set up, but I did change the boring default bluish-grey theme to green because, y’know, priorities.  LOL


I actually had set up a forum probably a year ago or more on what’s now the old OurDDO site and had a couple people help me get stuff set up, so I’ll probably copy a lot of stuff over from that and then recruit some beta testers before opening it up to the public. The new forum is mostly aimed to augment Players Helping Players.


As always, feedback is appreciated!  🙂

Players Helping Players launches

Players Helping Players

As promised, Players Helping Players is now up and running! It’s still in its infancy, but I have big plans for it.

Friday night I happened to be on Thelanis at the same time as Dean from DDO University. He’d seen my earlier post about getting Players Helping Players started and very kindly offered any help I needed, including the use of his content. He also has guilds and teaching characters on every server.

As part of Players Helping Players, I’ve been debating adding a forum to OurDDO – not to compete in any way with the official DDO forum, but to provide an alternative source to get help. Unlike Turbine, I don’t have to deal with the issue of offending paying customers, because I don’t have any. So I’ll have much more freedom to edit or delete posts that troll, grief, or bully, and to sanction users who make such posts.

If I add the forum, it will undoubtedly be a much, MUCH smaller community than the official DDO boards, so the pool of knowledge will also be smaller. But I’m hoping that the smaller population will also mean a more friendly and welcoming experience for players who want help with DDO basics.

I’d really love some feedback on this. Do you like the idea of adding a forum to OurDDO? Why or why not? If implemented, what features would you like to see? What features do you think should NOT be included? Would you use the forum, and if so, for what?

A big THANK YOU to everyone who’s been supportive of OurDDO and Players Helping Players – I could never undertake either without the help and support I’ve gotten!

Feed me – or maybe not


Just a short(-ish? maybe?) update on some stuff, and then some other stuff. Wow, I sound like Mizz!

As you may have noticed if you’re getting here from OurDDO, the site’s been “misplacing” posts. I mean, a LOT of posts. (Geoff Hanna recently blogged about having the same problem.)

I’ve done a fair amount of looking into this, and it seems that it’s a common problem with feed aggregators (the nifty little scripts that pull in assorted blog feeds and display them in one place). I didn’t write the script that OurDDO uses; it’s a Google script. Unfortunately it shares the problem that apparently pretty much all aggregator scripts do: Because it’s pinging sites, in this case blogs, on a fairly regular basis, it tends to get flagged as being potentially malicious. At least that’s what several people on various help forums have told me.

I’m not sure why it’ll pull some posts from a particular blog but not others from the same blog, or why it’s not finding some blogs at all, or why it does seem to find nearly everything from others. It may be an issue with the cron job. Sadly, while I know what cron jobs are, I don’t know much about setting them up. If I can find a solution – and yes, I’m looking for one – I’ll implement it ASAP. Meanwhile, at least SOME of the recent posts are getting pulled, and there are links to EVERY blog both in the blogroll and, courtesy of the lovely grimorde, also in the slider across the top.

But now for new and exciting stuff! I’ve long felt that DDO can be confusing when you’re new and don’t know what you’re doing, and that it’s hard to know where to get help when there’s something you just can’t figure out. So pretty “SOON* ™ (read: when I finish making everything look nice and all), I’ll be adding a new blog kindasorta linked to this one, but standalone, tentatively called “DDO Players Helping Players.”

The idea is not to tell people what to do, but rather to help them figure out the basics and show them how to find answers on their own. From time to time, I’ll be holding question-and-answer sessions ingame; I’ll be hitting all servers eventually, and will vary the days and times as much as possible. The schedule will be posted on the new blog, which will also have a section called “Ask Even,” where anyone can send in their DDO-related questions (anonymously, if desired) to be answered here. And sometime down the road, I’m hoping to also include how-to modules on everything from learning to read the map to using the AH to quest guides.

I’m also considering adding a forum… we’ll see, as that would be a considerable amount of work to maintain and moderate. Please note that none of this is intended to replace the official DDO forums or DDO Wiki, but rather to complement them.

I’d love any and all constructive feedback on this. I do have a pretty detailed plan, but I’m always open to suggestions!


And a quick(-ish? maybe?) toon update… on Thelanis, Even’s getting ready to stow away her handwraps and pick up a shield as she prepares to TR back to paladin for her first life as a legend build. I haven’t worked out the details of her build yet; considering going PDK and splashing two levels of fighter.

Winnie, now that she’s reached epic levels and can play with destinies, is turning out to be much more fun to play. She’s caught up to Meren at level 24, so she’s feeling kinda proud considering she used to be my “backup” FvS who never felt quite right. She also finally sheathed her Whirlwind in favor of a Thunderforged greatsword, which along with ED stuff has turned her from a mediocre healer/buffer to a lean, mean, DPS machine.

Tirae ran the extended version of Haunted Halls tonight with Slvr, Shin, and Comic, and got rewarded for successfully tanking Miior by finding a Necklace of Mystic Eidolons in the chest! Alas, that was the only named loot that dropped for anyone in the quest. My Thelanis toons are jealous – while they have assorted Radiant Rings and Manuals of Stealthy Pilfering, not one of ’em has ever pulled the necklace.

And I have a new toon on Argo, a druid named Fedelma (or “Del”). She’s an alternate alternate (yep, two alternates, not a typo) for the Summer Fling group that livestreams every Wednesday at 1:30 pm Eastern time. With Fling members Grim and Rach off to GenCon along with Samius and Lessah of DDO Cocktail Hour, last week’s run was shaping up to be just Bonnie and Cordovan, so Slvr and I got a chance to join in and run the Pit with them. Definitely a subject for a future blogpost; in the meantime, you can see our Pit run from Cordovan’s stream here, and from Bonnie’s stream here. Or if you’re pressed for time, you can see a “highlight” here!

Life gets real

Jaded kobold

Been kind of a while since I blogged, huh?

Real life has an annoying habit of interfering with DDO. Various surgeries for both parents, trying to get established as a serious freelance writer, dealing with some medical issues my kitty has… it all takes a toll. I *need* my playing time to decompress; unfortunately that means my time for blogging and working on OurDDO gets cut.

Months n’ months n’ months ago, the lovely and talented grimorde coded a rather brilliant carousel for OurDDO, much like the “Featured Blogs” section on the old MyDDO. I uploaded her test file to the site, admired it… and kinda left it there, because there was still the drudgery of updating a ton of links and finding/making icons for 40+ blogs.

Anyway, I finally buckled down, spent several nights updating links and such, and then blew off NWO with Shin and Comic tonight (sorry, guys :/) to do all the icons and port everything over to a new site, because I’m having some issues with the hosting on the current site and want to make sure I have a backup plan. The new site’s got a small display issue I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s functional. I’m going to keep both sites going for the time being.

Sadly, I’m *not* going to continue updating the feed at present. I’ve had too many issues trying to find a site to handle it – small limits on the number of feeds you can add; serious unreliability; not being able to add/edit feeds; etc. I had high hopes for Yahoo! Pipes, but 1) it’s no longer actively supported by Yahoo!, from what I’m told, and 2) it kept “dropping” feeds because apparently the way it pings sites looking for new posts tends to get it flagged as malware. The current feed is operational, but doesn’t contain recent additions to the blogroll. I’m hoping to eventually have the time and ambition to come up with another solution, since I know a number of people like to use feed readers.


And now for some really awesome news – I’ve been participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the past several years, and I’m a member of a NaNo group that meets a few times a month. My friend and fellow NaNo-er Carrie submitted her novel, “Seashell, Stork and Apple Tree,” for’s Breakthrough Novel Award this year.

“Officially,” there were 10,000 entries for the award. So we were excited when she was named a quarterfinalist (top 100 in each of five categories). And we were REALLY excited when she made it to the semifinals (top five per category).

And now… SHE’S A FINALIST! She won first place overall in the Young Adult category, which guarantees her a $15,000 advance and a publishing contract with Now she’s facing the winners in the other four categories for first place overall!

While made the selections from the start of the contest through the five finalists, now it’s up to a public vote. You can download and/or read free excerpts from all five finalists and cast your vote here.

I’m lucky enough to have read Carrie’s whole novel, because she E-mailed it around to our group for critique before she sent it off. But I’m not giving any spoiler alerts! If you have time, please do check out the finalists and vote… and if you happen to vote for Carrie’s entry, consider yourself gifted with virtual cookies from me! 😀

RSS = Ridiculously Stupid Stuff


Back when MyDDO was dismantled and I got the idea to try to create a replacement, I had to do a lot of Googling, asking questions, and looking stuff up before the original OurDDO RSS feed came into being. It had some mostly minor issues right from the start, which led to the birth of the main OurDDO site.

I still kept the original feed up, because some people prefer to get the latest blogs via their feed readers. But a few days ago, Erdrique sent me an E-mail to let me know that the old feed hadn’t updated since Nov. 3.

What with all the pesky real-life stuff I have going on, and since the original feed was actually on a third-party site that I have no control over, I didn’t really get a chance to look into it until tonight (see, downtime can be good!). So I pulled up the site, tried to log in, and got a “502 Bad Gateway.” I could still get to the “support” (and I use that term loosely) section without logging in, and there I found that many people are having the same problem, and that the site has not answered any of them.

So, went hunting for a new way to make an aggregate feed. To try to shorten a long story, I found one and set up a new aggregate feed, which can be found here. The upsides are that it’s free and doesn’t limit how many feeds I can add to it. The downside is that if I need to add any additional feeds now that it’s set up, the URL will change.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, if you were using the old RSS feed, please change to the new site. Many thanks to Erdrique for letting me know the old feed was down!


(Oh… and in case you were wondering, RSS in this context actually stands for Really Simple Syndication. But I think mine’s more appropriate.)

Fun for ALL III: Reality check



I’m not sure anyone will really want to read this post. I’m not sure I even want to write it. Not that anyone wants to read any of my posts; I’m not nearly conceited enough to think anyone will be overcome with despair if I don’t post at regular intervals and fill them in on every last piddling detail of everything that every one of my toons has been doing. But I digress.


And I might digress a lot during this post, because there’s a LOT going on in this empty shell I call my head. I’m relieved. I’m hurt. I’m frustrated. I’m nervous. I’m confused. I’m anxious. I’m overwhelmed. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m dealing with so much stuff right now, in and out of DDO.


See, stuff happens. It happens in DDO; it happens in real life. Most of what I’m going through right now is real life, and I’m freaking sick and tired of people who just cannot get it through their thick arrogant heads that NO. Some of us DO NOT freaking spend EVERY damn minute of EVERY damn day focused on DDO and how to rub in everyone’s faces how very über we are. I know there are people who put DDO ahead of “real life” things. I don’t have a problem with that; it’s a matter of personal preference. But don’t be all arrogant and condescending to me because I don’t make DDO my top priority.


I tend to be a pretty private person online except with people I know well and like. Even has a Gmail for DDO-related stuff. I try to check that every day in case someone has questions or concerns about OurDDO. The people I talk to on a regular basis outside of DDO have my “real” E-mail, Facebook and/or AIM. I don’t have time to spend checking messages in multiple places, so if someone sends me a message anywhere that’s not Even’s Gmail, my “real” E-mail, Facebook, or AIM, chances are I’m not going to see it. I have been called “rude and ignorant” on my OWN DAMN BLOG for this. Personally, I think “rude and ignorant” is expecting me to take time away from the non-DDO things I prioritize to cater to someone else’s whims as far as which messages I should be checking and when I should be checking them. When I didn’t cave to the bullying and become a minion, I got more crap… but I’m not going to apologize for that.


Anyway. I digress again. Being a mostly pretty private person, I don’t tend to share all the little details of my personal life online. Sharing the little stuff makes no sense to me – does anyone really need to know if my nose is stuffy or I stubbed my toe or that I had chicken for dinner? And most of the time, I prefer to keep the big stuff to myself. But. Today my emotions are getting the better of me. I should be pouring all this into my NaNoWriMo novel, but that’s going in a totally different direction. So, to all you egolitists out there…


I have a REAL LIFE. Like it or not – and I know you don’t, and I don’t give a flying fig that you don’t – I value my real life more than I value you. If you want to insult me and spread crap about me because I won’t bow down to your überness – screw you. Go bully someone else.


My father is in the hospital right now recovering from surgery. Yesterday he lost a half a rib, a goodly chunk of lung and a  number of lymph nodes in what will hopefully turn out to be a successful attempt to remove his lung cancer. Doctors found the tumor back at the beginning of May while treating him for a mild heart attack. He’s spent the past NEARLY SIX MONTHS being shuffled from doctor to doctor, being tested for all kinds of things and given all kinds of conflicting diagnoses, but until yesterday nothing had been done to actually TREAT him. In those months, the tumor grew from the size of a walnut to the size of a golf ball.


So far he seems to be doing well. I’m realistic; he’s 73 years old, is severely diabetic and requires an insulin pump, has had several heart attacks, and has already survived colon cancer. But I’m also trying to be optimistic.


So how does this rant relate to DDO?


DDO is my escape. It’s where I go to NOT think about the stressful things in my real life. Most of the time I think I’m a competent player.


But even though I’m often in DDO to “forget” real life, reality still creeps in. Sometimes this means I’m playing DDO, but I’m not completely focused on DDO. Late nights when things quiet down and I’m getting tired is usually when it’s worst. Vey has probably seen that the most; sometimes it seems like I’m always apologizing to him for being brain-dead. But thank heaven for friends like Vey, Baz, Ninja, Abs – I’m going to stop there because I’m not running on all cylinders right now, and I don’t want to leave anyone out – for them and the others who still invite me to run with them, or even INSIST that I run with them, and never give me a hard time when I’m not “all there.” In fact, they make a point of telling me the things I’m doing RIGHT. And that means that when I need to escape real life for a little while, I know I can head for DDO and lose myself there.


It’s certainly been eye-opening for me, seeing who really has my back, who’s just a good questing buddy, who doesn’t give a crap about me as long as I bring in some renown and lead a raid when they want me to. I have a lot to think over right now and figure out what I want to do and where I want to go.


I’m not going to apologize, EVER, for valuing real life above DDO. Nor will I apologize for speaking my mind and saying things that are true. I DO apologize for the rambling, disjointed nature of this post. Staying focused isn’t my strong point right now.


And speaking of points… I do have one. The next time some egolitist is about to start yelling at someone for making a mistake, or not obeying orders, or for just being a fallible human, I’d like to hope they’d stop and think, “Hey. Nobody’s perfect. That person could just be having an off day. Maybe I’ll just deal with it and move on instead of going on a rant about ‘stupid ppl’ wiping my parties.”


Yeah, well, it’s a nice thought.


So, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

Or something like that.

If you use OurDDO, you may have noticed that it’s been replaced by a page telling you that the bandwidth has been exceeded. Funny story there (and no, sadly, it’s not due to OurDDO becoming insanely popular). My main hard drive is on its last legs. I’m probably going to have to reinstall Windows (Vista – ick), but the computer came with Vista preloaded and didn’t include any installation disks. This is, IMHO, a rather glaring oversight on the part of either HP or Best Buy, but whatever. Comic was kind enough to help me figure out where to find the authentication code for my Windows license so I could just reinstall from an ISO rather than having to purchase it again, and then was kind enough to try to send me said ISO since I didn’t have that either.

Well, it was too big for E-mail, and I forget what else he tried that didn’t work out too well, so we came up with the rather brilliant (or so it seemed at the time) idea for me to set him up with an FTP account on my site and have him just upload it there.

Yeah. Oops. Don’t ask me how approximately 2.5 gigs worth of ISOs could gobble up 20 gigs of bandwidth, but that’s what happened. Supposedly my host has reset my bandwidth, but it hasn’t changed anything… and I’ve since been told it’s not even POSSIBLE to reset bandwidth.

On the bright side, my bandwidth allotment is by the month, so it should be back on July 1 (of course, if I find a way to get it back sooner, I will).

But on the dark side, this means no OurDDO for a month… well, we can’t have that. So ONLY until the bandwidth issue gets resolved, OurDDO is residing in a temporary home here. The temp site does not like the background image, hence all the shiny whiteness that I can’t be arsed to do anything about.


And sorry for the delay in getting that done; dealing with quite a bit in real life right now and – although I know I’m Big Bad Mean Even for daring to prioritize ANYTHING above DDO – what my family is going through right now comes first.


tl;dr – OurDDO will be back by July 1, but in the meantime it has a new temporary home.

OurDDO, again

Apparently there are a few issues with the new OurDDO site – namely, some people can load the site and some can’t. I think I’ve identified the problem, but it’s beyond my “technical expertise” (and oh, how loosely I use that term!), so it may be a few days before I figure out how to resolve it.

With that in mind, I’m going to continue to maintain the original OurDDO feed as well. Besides being viewable by everyone as far as I know, it also allows people to use an RSS reader if they prefer to keep up with our blogs that way.

Both sites have their drawbacks. The new site is not available to everyone at this time, although everything else seems to be working properly. The original feed uses an outside program that I have no control over; it has some lag and occasionally drops feeds randomly but always seems to pick them back up again.

So, two sites, bit more work but hopefully that will provide the most access across the board.

Also, I AM looking into adding some of the features Baz suggested – forums, chat room, inhouse mail. Please don’t hold your breath on that, though. I’ve already put a rather significant amount of time into getting the blog feed set up, and really don’t want to start messing around with adding more stuff until the kinks are completely worked out.

*sigh* Sorry about all this.

And finally…

Has it really only been 16 days since Turbine announced that MyDDO would be shut down soon?


Somehow it seems much longer… but maybe that’s just because I’ve been spending a lot of hours Googling stuff like “aggregate feed” – well, let me back up there. When I started working on OurDDO, I didn’t even know an aggregate feed was called, y’know, an aggregate feed. So first I had to do a lot of poking around just so I knew what the heck to search for. Kind of embarrassing, really.


But I poked, I Googled, I beseeched people for help (and a few of them in particular came through with flying colors), I put off sleep, I even cut into my playing time once or twice, and now OurDDO is pretty much set. There’s one more thingamabob I’m hoping to add, and I might consider adding a few tidbits here and there, but it’s up, it works, and it even bears at least a passing resemblance to a real website.


So please check out the new, hopefully improved OurDDO and let me know what you think!