Going a little Haywire

Last stream before Gen Con! Boo-yah!

We’d been kind of intending to run some more Crystal Cove for this week’s stream, but over the past few nights we’ve managed to get five of us through the first three quests in the Vault of Night chain. That left us with only Haywire Foundry to be flagged for the raids. And since we’ve run, like, A LOT of Cove over the past week or so, we decided to finish up VoN flagging instead.

Meren the gimpy Favored Soul was glad for a chance to use the Mace of Smiting she’s been toting around. It’s just been sitting there taking up inventory space but not getting much use – that changed what with all the various mechanical beings scattered throughout the Foundry. This helped her stay ahead of Arkyn the hire, the two arti dogs, and the inimitable Misadventure in the kill count, although the actual live people outkilled her by a wide margin.

The main problem she had in VoN 4 was at the end, with all the jumping when the countdown first starts. Meren’s jump skill is all of 5 (and that’s WITH a +2 jump tome). Slvr passed her a jump pot, which got her up to 22, but she still needed a couple of tries to get up the pipes and over the broken staircase.

On the ship, we had to put our Stone of Change next to some crates down in the cargo hold, because she can’t make the jump up to the Stone without hopping on the crates first. Why would you want to jump up on the Stone, you ask? Because it’s our dnace floor! Yes, we have an Otto’s Irresistible Dance Hall on the fourth lower deck, but back in the old days of airships, we started using the Stone for our dance parties. Besides, we have to share the Otto’s Hall with all the critters who wander over from the Wild Grove across the way.

Anyway, Meren did eventually make it up, by which time the other Sniffers had cleared out most of the iron defenders along the way. Thanks, guys! 😀

We finished not quite in time to get into Crystal Cove before the doors closed, so Gom suggested either Black & Blue or… the other quest from that update (too lazy to look it up). Black & Blue has a dragon, so that seemed like a pretty clear choice.

I think Meren only died once all night. Arkyn the hireling was another story. Once she rezzed him only to have him die again instantly when he ran right back into the lightning trap. Hirelings. Gotta love ’em. Not.

So yeah, I’m crazy excited for Gen Con. 😀

We’re leaving here Tuesday night, will drive until we’re tired and then get a room for the night. That’ll be at least a couple of hours, because finding a hotel anywhere near Williamsport now that the Little League World Series is starting will be nigh impossible. We should get to Indianapolis sometime Wednesday, and Gen Con starts in earnest Thursday. *bounce*

It’ll be quite the break from DDO – I doubt I’ll have time to get on tomorrow (Monday) night. We’re leaving Indy on Sunday, Aug. 20, but only driving until we’re tired and getting a room; I probably will get home sometime Monday the 21st. The Flower Sniffers are well into level 148 and have strict orders to NOT level to 150 until I get back, because I want to get our guild fame announcement on video and then go into Chrono and have a wonder pot party. And yes, that will TOTALLY be streamed on my personal Twitch channel. 😀

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