Is there a dragon version of Just for Men?

Something's off with Micahrastir...

You know those “What’s wrong with this picture?” things you see around the Internet from time to time?

Here’s a DDO one for you. Can you spot what’s wrong with the above image?

I’ll give you a pretty humongous hint: Read the DM text carefully. Then take a good long look at the dragon.


When did Micahrastir go grey? C’mon, it says, “The great RED dragon, Micahrastir!” He’s always been red! At least, every time I’ve visited him, which is a fair number of times ’cause a) I love Underdark, and b) I once spent a lot of time farming his chests to see if I could get a red scale. (Never did, don’t know of anyone who ever has, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.)

I sifted through some old screenshots and found this one from when Reera made her first trip to Underdark, back in November of last year:

Something's off with Micahrastir...

Yep, he’s pretty darn red, and that was less than eight months ago. One must wonder just what’s happened in that short time to turn a fiery red dragon into a boring lump of blah.

Causes I considered before rejecting:

  • He got too frustrated trying to find a definition for “covfefe”
  • He’s stuck on level 59 of Crunch Time, the new Simon’s Cat game (that one took me about three dozen tries)
  • He accidentally turned his saturation all the way down

And then it occurred to me that there’s something in particular that’s got a lot of DDO players worried right now, AND up until now, we haven’t known what class Micahrastir plays…

Dude. It’s OK. The upcoming warlock nerf is a little scary, but c’mon, it shouldn’t be enough to turn you grey overnight. Buck up there.

5 thoughts on “Is there a dragon version of Just for Men?

  1. Keavaa

    WHAT warlock nerf? is it bad? do I just delete my warlock now and be done with? sigh Can’t I have just one toon that I can go pew pew with.


    1. Sure – it’s called a “ranger” or “artificer” (hehehe). If you believe some of the forumites, then the nerf is the end of the world. But it’s not. From what I’ve read (and not having a warlock, I cannot really attest to just how ‘bad’ it may [or may not] be), they are reducing the number of damage dice to eldritch blast (I think) in heroic, but then boosting it in epic (though the lamentations would indicate the late epic boosts aren’t enough). Among other things. You should read the forum thread and judge for yourself.

      On the bright side, artificer is getting a ‘revamp’, so there is that.


    2. lrdslvrhnd

      Basically, they’re slowing the rate that Warlocks get a bonus Eldritch Blast Die so that three are being taken from the heroic journey (going from 9d6 to 6d6 at L20). But they’re boosting Epic Eldritch Blast (which you can get at 21) and Epic Arcane Eldritch Blast (not until 26) from 2d6 each to 3d6 & 4d6, respectively. But people are crying foul because 1) that forces you to take the feats, which apparently not all warlocks who extensively use the EBs do; and 2) that’s gasp THREE WHOLE DICE LESS AT 20! AND TWO WHOLE DICE LESS FROM 21 TO 26!

      Also, they’re reducing Spiritual Retribution from 1d6/2d6/3d6, to 1d4/2d4/3d4. And losing 3 points of damage (modified by light spellpower, so maybe TWENTY ONE WHOLE POINTS if your light spellpower is maxed!) is the end of the world.

      And they’re seriously nerfing Eldritch Burst and Spirit Blast from 3d6/10d6 to 1d6/4d6.

      …And I may or may not be laughing because it doesn’t affect my warlock in the slightest (he’s capped with both feats so the EB will be the same. And doesn’t have Spiritual Retribution because for some reason that’s STILL tied to the aura line even though it isn’t an aura ability, unlike Brilliance which is and yet is freely available… but I digress). And almost never remembers to use the Burst against mobs instead of boxes. So, yeah. He’ll lose, effectively, 50ish points from the burst once in a GREAT while.

      (My monklock, on the other hand, uses the burst a fair amount, and will be using (but doesn’t currently have) Spiritual Retribution, so she’s gonna lose out. But not really enough to cry over…)


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