Catching some breaks

I never got around to blogging last week! Oh noes! And I nearly didn’t get around to it this week either… but for the best possible reason, because this past (extended) weekend was VACATION!

I spent four-plus days (Wednesday night through Monday morning) in New England. Had a mini Flower Sniffers meetup with Seki and Slvr, went to the New England Aquarium, rode lots of commuter trains, and got to spend Quality Time With A Guy. I even cooked dinner, which turned out – by my standards – surprisingly well (tasted good, no one died). And I leveled up in Pokémon Go, found some really cool stuff during a few thrift shop/flea market runs, and got my nails done by a professional for the first time in my life. So YAY vacation!

DDO, of course, had to pick THAT WEEKEND to offer a renown boost. I really didn’t want to take time away from Fun Vacation Stuff to play a lot of DDO, but I did log in every day for my double daily dice. And I ran Acanthia through the Deneith part of the heroic Pirates saga, ’cause she’d already done the 3BC part. And I turned sagas in. All told, we gained about four levels. If only DDO had put off the bonus ONE MORE WEEK! I’d’ve had a LOT more sagas done; got a number of toons who are only three or four quests short.

So since I neither ran much DDO nor blogged last week, this week’s DDO video is from last week’s epic Storm Horns questing, when we ran A Break in the Ice and Breaking the Ranks. Hence the blog title – plus, you could definitely say that getting to go on vacation qualified as catching some breaks.

Tuna should enjoy Storm Horns, considering it has TWO quests with “break” in their names – she does love breaking stuff. Or as she calls it, “SMASHING ALL DA TINGS!” I’m hoping to run her on the stream this week; she’s about 80K shy of heroic cap, so soon she’ll be able to run with everybody’s epics. Meanwhile, Zak is up to level 5 and completed his first successful four-skull reaper solos tonight. However, three-skull Redfang was just a bit too much for him. Sadly, I’m still a very, very long way from having enough reaper XP on anyone to get the reaper pets. *sadface*

Just because I think they’re kinda cool, I’m throwing in a couple of videos from my trip to the New England Aquarium. Here are some fishies… some probably very bored fishies. I mean, I’D be bored if I did nothing but go in circles all day. But at least they look good doing it.

And… JELLYFISH. OMG. I could’ve watched these little guys for HOURS. Except other people wanted to see them too so eventually I had to get out of the way, but I did buy a really cool hoodie with a glittery jellyfish on it from the gift shop.

Streamin’ with Even is live every Sunday night at 11 pm Eastern time on the official DDOstream! The show is also hosted on my own Twitch channel, but if you’re watching live and want to chat, DDOStream is the place to be. Videos are archived on my YouTube channel and/or on DDOStream’s YouTube. I’m usually on Thelanis, usually/often/sometimes on Evennote, and usually have room, so feel free to send me a tell if you’d like to join! I’m also definitely open to suggestions on what to run next. You can send ingame mail to Evennote on Thelanis, or email me at evennote (at) gmail dot com. Thanks for reading and/or watching! 🙂


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