Over our heads, but it sure feels nice

It takes more than a few deaths to rattle me. So even though Meren, my somewhat-to-totally gimped level 8 Favored Soul, had struggled a bit last week in the first part of the Sorrowdusk Isle arc, I was ready to take her right back there this week.

Logically things would’ve gotten real ugly real fast for Meren, as the quests were now several levels higher than she and guildie Gom are. And to be fair, we did run the last few on hard – but c’mon, that STILL made them level 11 quests, and we’re 7 and 8.

Most illogically, the whole thing went really well, with only one or two deaths apiece… including the part where Gom and I were both soulstones and had to rely on our hirelings getting us back to the shrine.

But hey, Meren proved last week in Tear of Dhakaan that she’s dumber than a hireling, so it was all good, LOL. Plus we got a ton of XP! Maybe I should run that chain more often!

We managed to exceed Gom’s bedtime by a good half hour, but I still had plenty of stream time left. And I was actually feeling kinda confident in Meren since she’d performed far better than I’d expected in quests she was way under level for.

Oh, and since I’d run right by a certain House Deneith landmark on the way to and from Sorrowdusk…


Upon hearing this, Slvr announced in Twitch chat that he was coming as well. His level 5 hireling was surprisingly competent, all things considered, although his arti dog went a bit brain-dead. I mostly left my hire parked at the start, “just in case.”

The Pit is always a good time as far as I’m concerned, no matter how badly you do. And we could’ve done a lot worse. Meren died twice, once by failing a save against Slay Living shortly after blithely assuring Slvr that we wouldn’t need Death Ward (oops!). And the second time was from a massive spike of electrical damage during the end fight, courtesy of a trog caster with a big ol’ crown on his head.

Slvr and I had both run Pit on these toons already, so no first-time bonus, and the couple of deaths meant no flawless victory bonus either. Still, Meren collected more than 30K XP for the run… that’ll come in handy, as she’s on her third life!

Cookie to the first person who knows where I got the title of this post. šŸ˜‰

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