Lioness and kitties and OurDDO, oh my!

Lioness and tressym

It took me about seven or eight months from the time I first started playing DDO until I went VIP. I’ve never regretted making the move to a paid subscription, but Monday night may have been the happiest of my VIP days, because…


Isn’t she gorgeous? And she looks so cool hanging out with my tressym!

I named her Zazzy (the lioness, not the tressym – can’t remember if the tressym in the pic is Fern or Charlotte; real-life Fern and Charlotte are sisters who look a LOT alike). “Big Bang Theory” fans may get the reference.

Charlotte and Fern

That’s Charlotte in the foreground and Fern hiding behind her the day I brought them home from the SPCA. Normally Fern’s a bit more adventurous while Charlotte’s calmer but not as daring. I’m listening to them hold their 3 am chariot races up and down the stairs as I write this! 😀

*drum roll*

OurDDO is back! You can now find it here!

The lovely and talented grimorde was kind enough to take a look at the new scripts and figure out why adding any Blogspot blogs caused the whole thing to be blank, so that’s fixed! Thank you, Grim – it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – I still have a LOT of work to do on it. Most of it’s cosmetic stuff – font colors and sizes and such – although there’s a bit of layout tweaking I’d like to do as well. The URL sucks, but after dealing with a lot of vet bills and Christmas, I really can’t justify spending any real-life money on this right now.

A friend suggested adding a PayPal donation button, but… I dunno. OurDDO is something I *choose* to do. If I expected anyone else to foot the bill, it’d be better for me to just not do it. I’d rather have it as is, in all its flawed “glory,” than ask others for money to fund it. Plus, I don’t feel as guilty about sometimes letting it slide a bit when real life crops up!


3 thoughts on “Lioness and kitties and OurDDO, oh my!

  1. House of Grouse

    As I bought both expansions as well as being VIP I now have a lovely collection of fighters. Handy when I am running my casters or healer but becomes overkill when I run a melee. Panther and Lioness make a cute couple and an Owlbear just doesn’t look right but very handy doing Devi’s Assault. If I got it right got a nice shot of the two big cats during Devil’s. Will pop it on my next blog.

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