A change of scenery

Vale splash screen

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far – wait. Wrong realm.

It WAS a fairly long time ago when, inspired by Geoff Hanna‘s post “How To Make Your Own DDO Splashscreen“, I decided to – well, make my own DDO splash screens.

I take an alarming number of DDO screenshots, so finding material was easy. And I really liked seeing my own images when I zoned into some areas rather than the default DDO screens. You can see my first splash screens in this post.

But over the last few weeks/months, I’ve noticed that the places where my own splash screens used to show up are now showing the DDO ones again. This is bound to happen from time to time, as DDO cycles through new screens due to updates and the like.

I have nothing against the default DDO screens. Some of them are REALLY nice. But I’d rather have my own to look at when I’m zoning. Not everywhere – many areas have screens that are hard-wired, so to speak, into the DDO code and therefore can’t be changed. But there are 10 zoning screens and a logging-in splash screen that are stored on your hard drive; all you need to do is replace those with images of your choice. Geoff’s post linked above has all the technical info you need.

You’re more than welcome to use mine if you want to, of course! A small version of my login splash screen is above; the other 10 screens I’m currently using follow. Just click the image(s) you want to download their full-size versions. Enjoy! 🙂

  Storm HornsDretch

  Dragon vs. mindflayerCalico tressym

  AirshipFire eles

  Demon LordStormreaver

  Market bridgeCrystals


4 thoughts on “A change of scenery

  1. @Slvr: Even is standing there to block the things that should be blocked. 😛

    @Keava: KEAVA! Char is definitely up for doing some dying in GH! LOL

    Also, we need to get you flagged for Abbot. Totally not fair that so far only two Flower Sniffers are having all the Abbot dying fun!


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