Ice ice, roids roids, baby

Yeah. THIS happened. 😀

I’m sure many others have done it earlier and better, but Abbot roids have always been a particular thorn in my side because I. Freaking. HATE. Mouselook. So I really didn’t think I’d ever be able to get through roids solo, considering I can barely get through them with a decent group.

But hey, persistence pays off! Pally Even easily solos ice and has, by sheer dumb luck, successfully blind-run tiles. If I can manage to string both of those together with roids, that elusive solo Abbot may be added to my collection someday “soon*.

And because someone asked me this the other day – NO, I will NOT use alt accounts to “solo” anything. Even if I had any alt account toons who were flagged, which I don’t. To me, “solo a quest” means “solo a quest.” If I use alts, hirelings, re-entries, rez cakes, etc., I’ve “run a quest,” not “soloed a quest.”

So. One video of soloing ice and roids in Abbot!

Potentially interesting note: If you use up the stack of boulders in your hand during roids, even if you have another stack in your inventory, you may find yourself suddenly wielding bottled tornadoes, bottled heals, or pumpkin grenades (I’m guessing skull grenades would be the same; possibly also sun flasks) should you possess such things. It would be totally worth failing Abbot to pitch a pumpkin grenade at an asteroid and have the roid turn into a pumpkin.


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