Nightmare on Main Street

I wasn’t going to blog tonight. Particularly at 4:30 am. And especially a post that has nothing to do with DDO on a blog that’s got everything to do with it.

But when the world feels like it’s ending…

The scary part is that “the world feels like it’s ending” isn’t a metaphor or hyperbole. Somehow, the United States has just elected as its leader a man who is so racist, so sexist, so narcissistic, so xenophobic, and so utterly incompetent, one wonders how he ever managed to get into the election at all… and now, we can’t help but wonder just what he’s going to do with his new power.

I’m deeply ashamed that my country has chosen this bigot to be its next Commander in Chief. I’ve been reading my friends’ social media. I have friends who have spent the night in tears. This is a man who mocks people with disabilities, wants to ban all Muslims from the country, encourages violence at his rallies, thinks he can do anything he wants to women with impunity because he’s famous, and was supposed to go on trial next month for the rape of a then-13-year-old girl… who has suddenly dropped her suit against him, citing threats on her life.

Little wonder that the Canadian immigration site crashed tonight, or that New Zealand has received more immigration applications from Americans over the past seven days than it usually sees in a month.

This election was bitter and divisive. I saw friends split with other friends over their political views. I heard more and more stories of hate toward blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, LGBT, trans, women, the disabled… pretty much anyone who isn’t a blond, blue-eyed, white male candidate for the Aryan brotherhood.

Tough times are coming. Our economy is already crashing. Calls to suicide hotlines are skyrocketing.

I’m scared. REALLY scared. Most of the people I know are scared. But now, more than ever, we need to prove that, regardless of the election results, hate will NOT win.

Let’s stick together, be there for each other, and fight for change when we can. Stand up to bigots when it’s safe to do so; walk away when it’s not. Our new “leader” seeks to divide us and turn us against each other. Don’t let that happen. If you believe in peace, love, and equality for all, I’ve got your back. Please have mine.

United we stand. Divided we fall.


6 thoughts on “Nightmare on Main Street

  1. saekee

    it is a bad day for the planet too. He is goong to rollback the already meager environmental protections and will succees with his Congress majority. Total insanity.

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  2. RD

    “The scary part is that “the world feels like it’s ending” isn’t a metaphor or hyperbole.” Yes it is. That is the dictionary definition of hyperbole.

    If you listen to anything mainstream media says without several pounds of salt. . . You’re not even making uninformed decisions, you’re letting people tell you how to think.

    You don’t hate Trump because of who Trump is, you hate him because the Hillary propaganda machine told you to. Did you ever talk to a single non Hillary drone and ask why they support Trump? Probably not.


    1. I was not a fan of Trump since LONG before this election. For the record, I’m really not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, either. (If it matters, my candidate of choice was Bernie Sanders.) As for mainstream media, I don’t watch a lot of TV news. I do read a lot of websites, the good and the bad, whether or not I agree with them. I even skim Right Wing News every so often even though its views are polar opposite of mine.

      There are two avid Trump supporters who live in my house, so yes, I’d say I’ve talked to “non Hillary drones.” I know a few other – very few – people who voted for Trump. The ONLY reasons I’ve heard any of them give on why they voted for him were “because he speaks his mind,” “because he’s not a politician,” or “because he’ll change things.”

      Those are pretty crappy reasons as far as I’m concerned. Speaks his mind? No. He says whatever he thinks will get him the most attention. Not a politician? There are plenty of other people who aren’t politicians. If you’re going to hold arguably the most powerful position in the world, personally I think at least SOME political experience is a good thing. He’ll change things? I’m sure he will… but if you’re going to vote for change, you’d better be damn sure that the change will be for the better.

      Here’s a link for you, as long as we’re sharing info sources…

      BTW, nice on the Breitbart link. Yeah, that’s a real unbiased publication right there. Pure coincidence that Trump just named Breitbart executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon as his senior counselor and chief strategist. No coincidence that Breitbart has a reputation for racism, sexism, and xenophobia. (Yes, that’s another one I check out sometimes even though I strongly disagree with 99% of it.)

      We might agree on a lot of things, Vey, but politics ain’t one of them. I’m sure you have reasons for your opinions. I have reasons for mine as well, and I’m just as entitled to mine as you are to yours. Please don’t insult my intelligence by accusing me of letting the media make up my mind.

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    2. lrdslvrhnd

      I know several people who voted for Trump. Their reasons were all a variation of “he says what he means” (except all those times when all his supporters insist that ‘he didn’t really mean that’, or he says the exact opposite thing the next day, of course); staunch Republicans who don’t care who’s running as long as there’s an “(R)” after the name; and “anybody but Killary”. Only one of them would I actually consider racist, and I’ve been disappointed in him and his views (and his wife’s similar views, I just don’t know who she voted for, but I’m thinking third party if anybody) long before Trump showed up (Obama’s election really brought it to the surface, but he’d been giving indications for years… but the first time he referred to “the First Nigger”, the only reason I didn’t walk out of his house was because I wasn’t the one driving.)

      So, yeah. I wouldn’t say that anybody I know who support Trump did so for reasons any different from what you just accused Even of in the opposite direction.

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