Sleepless in Thelanis

Sere vs. Cenodoxus


Ah, another sleepless night. Good time for a blog!

Even was midway through yet another EE Two-Toed Tobias run when newest Flower Sniffer Citi signed on tonight. We completed that in short order and, after a bit of debate, decided to start flagging for Tower of Despair.

Even’s flagged, of course – heck, she’s been soloing it on elite for months now – but assassin rogue Sere is not. So I logged her in and set off for Amrath with Citi on his cleric.

We had trouble getting the quests to open at first, but at last, while we were, like, MILES away killing random stuff in the wilderness, the dialogue box FINALLY popped up. (What’s going on with that? It’s been happening a lot lately.) We tore through Genesis Point first, nice easy run, and then tackled Sins of Attrition, also pretty easy except for “someone” forgetting that there were undisableable (YES, that’s a word if I say it is) air jet traps and getting blown up into the spikes and killed.  *g*

And I got a pretty nice screenie of Sere fighting Cenodoxus, which sorta makes up for not playing her in so long that when she got to the Twelve, she got a message that she’d completed the Midwinter Festival.




A few nights before that, I’d dropped a Sands guest pass on Amie the free-to-play alt. Citi brought his 13 paladin, and we dashed through the desert side quests. The biggest problem we had there was that Amie had a hard time telling Citi apart from his hireling. Look at that screenie – they’re practically twins! It’s bad enough that I sometimes find myself following a blue dot that turns out to be a hireling. It’s even worse when I can’t tell who’s the real player and who’s the hireling when they’re standing right in front of me!

Amie had enough time left on her guest pass to finish a slayer/rare/explorer run the next night. Citi showed up about the time she’d cleared out the undead area, and I surprised both of us by knowing the way to most of the explorer points. Had to check wiki for the Crow’s Nest – for some reason I can NEVER find that one on my own. Gotta do the flagging quests next, but she’ll need a fresh pass – or I could just move her on to Gianthold, since I bought that for her when it was on sale a while back.


Even and Stormreaver


Even is still Cursed-Blade-of-Jack-Jibbers-less. I’m convinced now that Jack is sekritly a kobold wraith who remembers what Even did to him in Waterworks a little too well.

Meanwhile someone was asking me about soloing EEs and raids earlier tonight, and wanted to know which ones Even had completed. I’d made a New Year’s resolution in 2015 to try to solo more raids, EEs, and generally tougher content. Her list of EEs is at 60-some quests now, so I’m not going to list all those (I’m lazeh like that). Raids, though – she does Fall of Truth on EN on a regular basis, mostly to farm wraiths (about five more runs until she gets the pet), and has done it on EH a few times. Besides wraiths, she also gets to admire the Stormreaver’s pretty hair!

She’s also successfully soloed EE Chrono and Demon Queen, EN Lord of Blades and Master Artificer, and elite Tower of Despair, Vision of Destruction, and Reaver’s Fate. Most of the others I haven’t tried yet. She has issues with the portal masters in Phase 1 of Shroud (which Vic has soloed successfully on heroic normal) – she can’t FIND them. A couple of stabs at Caught in the Web have ended with her getting knocked off by the legs.

And a few nights ago, she made her second try at legendary normal Tempest’s Spine – her first attempt was thwarted because her Int wasn’t high enough to get the runes. So I bought her some +14 Int goggles to swap in, grabbed some Yugo pots and the House D pots that stack with almost everything, and tried again. Went much better this time; she even did the drow optional (although I was cursing a lot in guild chat about those damned drow). She got all the way to the dropdown point right before the end fight, where there’s a big mean beholder you have to get past to get to Sor’jek’s portal – she was running around trying to stay behind the beholder and somehow got stuck on the ladder. Tried to jump off and kept ending up right back on it, to the tune of nine negative levels, one disintegrate, and a very disheartening ding.

As she keeps telling Jack Jibbers, maybe next time!


9 thoughts on “Sleepless in Thelanis

    1. I have fibromyalgia, which among other things completely screws up one’s sleep schedule. It’s unusual for me not to wake up at least every 3-4 hours, with varying rates of success as to getting back to sleep. The upside is, if I’m gonna be awake anyway, I can blog or play DDO! 😀


      1. saekee

        Can I PM you some thoughts about this to your turbine forums account? If so, I do not have it so please PM at Saekee.
        I am in the tail end of a rough three months and had considered at one point Fibromyalgia as my issue.


  1. Horst

    Even I think you need to stop putting yourself on a pedestal above everyone else, you are always bragging about your toon being able to solo raids and ee, I’m sorry but you just are not as great as you think. It has already been said that you are cheating by using Eternal Defender, you must be very selfish and arrogant to build for an exploit. I don’t wish to start drama but anyone with a brain can see you are not a great player, u can’t even solo Shroud with ur so called unkillable paladin and u are relying on a bug to stay alive.
    You should stop bragging about being able to solo raids, it is obvious to most ppl that you are cheating since you are the one who posted a public video using an exploit in a raid. If you are stupid enough to continue posting about how you cheat, you should not be surprised when someone reports you. Just go away, stop trolling and bullying ppl and bragging how great you are.


    1. lrdslvrhnd

      If you’re stupid enough to think that ONE video where a bug was going off that was PREVENTING her from doing what she wanted to do (ie, die), then I suspect you’re probably stupid enough to… actually, the things I suspect you’re stupid enough to do, I probably shouldn’t say here. Although I will say this: I suspect you’re actually somebody else (whose name I won’t deign to utter) in disguise, and if so… go back to your own blog. .

      I have said it before, I’ll say it again now, and I’ll say it every time some dipshit like you brings it up: EVEN DOES NOT EXPLOIT. Having an ability does not constitute an exploit. Using an ability as it’s designed does not constitute an exploit. Relying on an ability *beyond* that design would… but Even doesn’t do that. Why? Because she doesn’t get incapacitated often enough to use up all her Turn Undeads with Eternal Defender. Except in that *one, single solitary video* where she was *intentionally trying to die and being unable to*. THAT IS NOT AN EXPLOIT, THAT IS A BUG. Let me repeat in an undoubtedly vain attempt to get it through your skull: SHE DOES NOT NOW, NOR HAS SHE EVER, RELIED ON THIS BUG IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE. She stays alive through use of Cocoon and Light the Dark, with an occasional Undying Vanguard when the fit really hits the shan. She did not build around this exploit, she built for survivability – aka AC, PRR, MRR, HP, self-healing, etc. She does not rely on this bug for the plain and simple fact that, except THE ONE FREAKIN’ TIME SHE WAS ACTIVELY TRYING TO DIE, she doesn’t get incapacitated often enough for this to go into “exploit” territory.

      She has never once to my knowledge claimed to be a great player (others have claimed it, both to and about her, but she hasn’t). She built Even for one thing: To tank. Great defense doesn’t necessarily equal great offense, so the fact that she can’t solo Shroud which has an auto-fail mechanic if you take too long, doesn’t mean a freakin’ thing… other than she doesn’t have great offense. She needs time to whittle stuff down, time which the Shroud doesn’t give her. She needs time to whittle down the portals, which she has to stop doing in order to go after the portal keepers. She needs time to whittle down the portal keepers, during which others spawn. And during which the timer inexorably continues to count down until it hits zero and auto-fail.

      She’s not bragging about soloing raids. Somebody asked her, and she answered.

      And as for being “selfish and arrogant enough to build for an exploit” – well, tell it to all the people who built for tree form when it was bugged. Tell it to all the people who built druids for the TWF exploit. Tell it to all the people who built for ranged when AA was bugged and letting you activate every stance simultaneously. But don’t tell it to Even, because she has not done this. And if you don’t like what she writes… don’t read her blog. It’s as simple as that.


      1. Normally I don’t respond to this crap. When someone fuels their own fire so much with no input from me, why help? But I’ll say this…

        “Horst” sure has an, er, “interesting” IP address.


  2. DDOVtroll

    Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. She’s the same way over on the Vault. It’s pathetic but it’s good entertainment. Horst is also Stroh backwards. It might have nothing to do with anything but it is a spiced rum available in Europe, and very popular.


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