Show me the way

Lost again, Even?


I knew it was going to happen eventually.

When DDO introduced Bigby’s Guiding Hands, I rejoiced. An aid for people who get lost! That’s me! Also, the Hands are based on one of my old blog posts that suggested something like a bag of bread crumbs for those of us who are navigationally challenged.

But I also cringed, just a little, because my friends and guildies (and sometimes even myself) are fond of saying that I get lost in Market Barracks. Which isn’t quite true, although it’s one of the very few places in DDO where I haven’t gotten lost… yet. But I knew that eventually I was going to step into Devil Assault and be greeted by a Bigby’s or two.

Tonight, it happened. Devil Assault, a break somewhere around the third or fourth wave. I turned around, and voila – there was the Bigby’s, pointing the way to the exit door so I’d be able to find my way out when we were done.

Well played, sir, well played. LMAO

5 thoughts on “Show me the way

  1. chris

    Wait a sec. So all those years ago when I jokingly suggested the bread crumb idea, someone actually did something along those lines. O.o. amazing.


    1. Cordovan has actually confirmed that EvenNote’s blog post suggesting the bread crumbs was the crux that caused Turbine execs to greenlight the Bigby’s Hand 😛

      Go Even!


  2. For the record… she wouldn’t be able to see through the tower shield. So she might get lost.. I mean, just look at the picture. She’s staring straight into an inch thick of steel.


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