You gotta have hearts


Maybe it was how well Even’s recent TR turned out that I decided to go on a bit of a reincarnation spree the past two days.

First it was Meren, who’s been wandering through epic levels kind of aimlessly, not sure if she wants to be a healer or a caster or even a melee. I have a friend who’s starting a new toon and wanted a rogue along; I asked Meren (yes, I do talk to my toons) and she reckoned traps were something she could deal with.


I didn’t want to make a carbon copy of either Vic or Sere, since they’re all individuals in their own right; instead, Meren is going to focus primarily on trap skills and secondarily on DPS and assassinate DCs. We also have a monk, so Meren’s melee damage won’t be crucial.

Next it was Zak’s turn. I considered just swapping out a couple of feats and resetting his enhancements, but since he had something like five lesser hearts in his bank (thanks, MyDDO lottery! I knew you’d come in handy!), I decided to just give him a makeover. It nearly backfired on me when I forgot to put him back into lich form afterwards and got somewhat panicky that his HP and intelligence were a bit lower than before – in form, though, he’s right where he should be.


And then Riva decided that her charisma was really a bit low for someone who wants to be an undead specialist, so she headed out to Reincarnation Grove as well. She was originally going to be a divine caster, but being the strong-willed Morninglord she is, felt that her talents would be better suited to blasting the un-living crap out of undead.

Now her charisma is maxed, her wisdom is almost maxed, and the rest of her build points went mostly to Con with a few in Str and Int (for skill points). I haven’t taken her out for a spin yet (hey, it’s tiring doing all that reincarnating and leveling up and spending action points and re-populating hotbars), but I did check out her hjeals, and they’re looking pretty good – she hit herself for 966 on a cure light crit.


Meanwhile, Even is still having an awesome time tearing through stuff and laughing at anything that attempts to damage her. At level 15, still in mostly the PDK starter gear, she’s got PRR of 120 and MRR of 86, and her base damage with the standard-issue PDK longsword is in triple digits. Heck, on her paladin life, I was stunned if she could crit in triple digits! (LOL, well, not really; she was mostly using Celestia at the time, and that worked fairly well for her. But still.)

I’m also happy to report that she’s back to her usual acid green hair color. Somehow, Even just isn’t Even until her hair is chartreuse. I need to find her some armor that’s more green-ish. Nothing against the PDK armor (oddly enough, while she got all the other PDK starter gear, she didn’t get the armor cosmetic, just the armor itself – good thing she’s not overly partial to it!), it’s just not really Even’s style. She’d really like to have the Deneith armor, the one the guy on the House D splash screen is wearing, but I’m not sure that’s actually available ingame anywhere.

If you count Even’s epic, heroic, and lesser reincarnations, plus Zak and Meren and Riva, that’s six reincarnations in the past few days, which probably close to doubles my total reincarnations, like, EVER. I’m really surprised at how painless it was. I might have to do this more often!

10 thoughts on “You gotta have hearts

  1. Cordovan mentioned a while back that you only get the cosmetic armour for an iconic the one time. If you trash it then TR into the same iconic class, you don’t get another. I’m assuming that is per character, so I’m not sure if that explains it for Even – though I guess it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it anyway 😛


  2. @Legend!!! Zak for some reason always had luck with hearts on the MyDDO lottery, LOL. And oooh, that armor’s definitely got the green… not sure how Even feels about those giant pauldrons though. Green dragonscale is something else I’ve been considering for her. But there’s this one armor, and I can’t remember the name of it… it’s this gorgeous chartreuse color. ARGH! I want it, and I can’t remember what it is or where it drops… might have to comb the Wiki for it.

    @Grim!!! Yeah, this is Even’s first time being a PDK or an iconic at all, guess the cosmetic got lost in the ether. But purple’s not really her color anyway. I have a couple other toons who’d love it, though. 🙂


  3. That is Chelena’s favorite set too. She still wears hers, epic level 20 version, even though she’s capped just because of how awesome it looks.

    You can get Deneith Heavy Chain from running the level 5 quests and then use the Mirror of Glamering on it. Or, I think one of the Spiral sets looks like that too. I think?


  4. lrdslvrhnd

    @Geoff: I think she means the armor that Felicia d’Deneith is wearing in the cargo hold, not the Deneith Heavy Chain – they look entirely different.

    I’m really hoping for a Mirror of NPC Glamering in which you can steal looks from any NPC in the game. There are quite a few outfits that just aren’t available anywhere else.


  5. Weird, I KNOW I replied to Geoff’s comment… but I was on the tablet, which tends to get wonky sometimes. Anyway… yeah, the Deneith Heavy Chain isn’t overly green. Felicia d’Deneith (ship buff NPC) has lovely green armor, as does the guy on the House D splash screen.

    After digging through Wiki last night, the chartreuse armor Even wants is either the Marilith Chain or the Demon Scale Armor. I wish at least one was more symmetrical, but can’t argue with the color!

    And yeah, Jall would LOVE to have the robes the House J healer NPC (legacy buff) is wearing.


  6. That definitely is a lot of reincarnations. I know what you mean about the hot bars. Getting those things straight always takes me a while, lol. Congrats on all of the reincarnations !!


    1. Thanks, Erdrique! 🙂

      I know I can save my UI to make the hotbars a little easier, but honestly, remembering where I have the file stored, finding it, loading it… I’d just as soon start from scratch. To me it’s a pain either way.

      My other very bad habit with hotbars is just throwing stuff on them wherever it fits as I get it. This leads to things like my wizard trying to Knock enemies and cast Haste on locked doors…


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