You’ve come a long way, baby


Once upon a time, there was a little elf rogue running around Harbor in Thelanis, blowing up trapboxes, swinging a rapier, getting left in the dust by parties who only wanted Ingenious Debilitation bonuses, and generally just trying not to get killed.

That little elf rogue is Victaurya, my very first toon, who was born on Dec. 8, 2010. Saturday night, then-level-27 Vic ran her first-ever Fire on Thunder Peaks (she died once because she got stuck crowd-surfing and once when one of the dragons hit her for 1100 damage, but did respectably in the kill count and tossed some scroll healing around), after which I realized she was getting really, really close to level cap, so Vey and I ran – wow, memory fail, I can’t remember what we ran, LOL. But it was enough to get Vic the XP she needed to reach level 28 and be capped.

It’s always cool to level up, especially when it’s a “benchmark” level like 20 or 28. On Vic, it was especially sweet.


Vic’s gone through a lot since that fateful Wednesday night back in the winter of 2010. As I was completely new to DDO, I went with one of the path builds – think it was Thief-Acrobat – and stayed on that path until around level 8 or 9, when my friend Ethan explained feats, enhancements, stats, and career paths to me. Up until then, she just followed her path, and the now-thankfully-ex-boyfriend told her what to spend her action points on.

Luckily Ethan knew a lot more about that stuff than the ex did, and also wanted to help me play a toon I actually liked to play. He asked what my favorite part of playing Vic was, and I told him I really liked being able to pick locks and disarm traps – two things that Even couldn’t do.

And speaking of Even, I rolled her up two days after I created Vic, because the ex had decided to reroll his fighter into a wizard and wanted a tanky type around to protect him. Unfortunately for Vic, this meant that her playing time took a serious nosedive for quite a while.

Anyway, Ethan suggested that Vic try being a mechanic instead of a thief-acrobat, and talked me through resetting her enhancements. And suddenly my poor neglected rogue was fun to play again.

She’s never quite gotten back to being my main, as evidenced by how long it took me to cap her. My intention with her was always to make her more of a support toon; she’s not as solo-able as Even or Acanthia or Jall or even Dissy, since her self-healing consists mostly of Healing Spring and heal scrolls.

But I’m proud of her. She’s never done any kind of reincarnation, so she’s still a 28-point build. But she can get her Search up to 102 just with self-buffing, and her other rogue skills can mostly hit the high 90s. And with decent party buffs in Shiradi, she can top 800 HP. Her UMD allows her to spot heal and rez, and her DPS, with a Needle and Quiver of Poison, is respectable.


I’ve been asked when I’m going to reincarnate her. It’s not something I really can answer. I don’t have any plans to TR her in the near future; as she is now, she does everything I really want her to do, and that’s all I care about.

There’s always room for improvement, and six more build points would certainly not go to waste. But Vic’s not even close to being done with this life yet. I can’t wait to see how far she can go.

7 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way, baby

  1. I know this feeling well with my Acrobat Rogue, still stuck at 18 for years because I’m too impatient to get out and play something else rather than waiting for a party to accept her. I haven’t explored what the new Acrobat can do so my excuse is a bit pitiful.


  2. saekee

    I remember my first toon. She was also a mechanic. I eventually deleted all of my alts (including her) and just play the one I have now. Your post made me remember fondly my original rogue mechanic, now gone. Can’t even remember her name 😦


  3. @Keava! So nice to see you! I totally owe you an E-mail or 10! Saw you signed in recently – we’re still running Friday nights starting around 10-11 pm U.S. Eastern time if you can ever get on. 🙂

    @Spence: Hey, my toons decide how fast they want to level. By my speed-leveling standards, Even pretty much blew through 1-28 after she did an eTR/TR combo. Vic’s content to drift along – I mean, she’s a rogue, so she has no problem with being invisible sometimes. LOL

    @Saekee: It’s not an easy class to level up, that’s for sure! But mechanics can be surprisingly versatile. What class is your current toon?

    @Geoff: Absolutely! I have nothing against multiple lives, but I think there will always be a place in DDO for well-built, well-played toons regardless of class, past lives, etc. BTW, you and Mrs. Gamer Girl are also always welcome to come die – I mean, run with – our Friday group. 😉


  4. Congrats Even!! My first character was actually a rogue as well, Hamllin, and he was built to satisfy the needs for my friends at the time but he was never my main character as Erdrique took that role :). However, with that said, Hamllin would be considered my “second” main. I never rush through levels and completely agree that having a character on a “first-life” is perfectly fine and fun!! The main thing to remember when playing DDO is to have fun and not to kept caught up into the “strongest” builds. The only characters I have that have any past lives are Erdrique and Hamllin, the rest of my “clan” are still single lifers…and I don’t have a capped character either…not need to rush :).


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