Let’s get bagged


I get lost. A lot.

I once spent something like three or four hours looking for the entrance to Chains of Flame before giving up. Running the VoN 3 pre-quest with Baz the other night, I managed to get turned around during a lag spike and then had no idea where I was. I get lost in public areas. Vey and Abs and Sadie all know that if I’m in their DQ group, they better make sure someone waits at the entrance to Sands to lead me to the quest, because no matter how many times I’ve done it, I still can’t find it the next time.

Heck, I’ve put up LFMs that go something like, “IP, most stuff dead, hopelessly lost.” Once a friend of mine who was already running VoN 5 saw one of those; he dropped group, led me to the end, and then rejoined his VoN party. If the Maps page on DDO wiki had a phone number, I’d have it on speed dial. I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

My friends are well aware of this – well, run more than a quest or two with me and it’s kinda hard to miss. I should have a macro: “Wait, where did you guys go?”

So I had this idea. Actually it wasn’t my idea; I’m pretty sure it was Keava’s. But it’s so perfect for me I’ve decided to appropriate it…

I want a bag of bread crumbs.

You know, like in “Hansel and Gretel.” The siblings leave a trail of bread crumbs so they can find their way home.


I’m thinking a little bag of crumbs that equips to the trinket spot. There could be different sizes – maybe a hundred or so crumbs for people who basically know their way around and are just checking out a small area, right on up to the Bottomless Bag of Badass Bread for hopeless cases like me. Spice things up by making them available in different colors (Even wants green to match her hair, of course; Dissy’s partial to pink; Chalei has her heart set on ice blue). Put them in the DDO store and watch them fly off the shelves – I’d be happy to drop quite a lot of TP on something like that. *Especially* if it’s BtA instead of BtC, because spending my hard-earned points on stuff I can only use on one toon kinda sucks.

Just make sure the bags aren’t so big I could fall in, because you know… I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

9 thoughts on “Let’s get bagged

  1. We have an ongoing joke in our guild. My partner gets lost, she follows guildie Aldrac, HE gets lost as well and they usually end up running around in circles (literally – running around the same pillar in some cases!)

    For some reason I am designated map reader….


  2. Keavaa

    Awww its not that bad. Getting lost does have certain advantages, like turning up to a boss fight to do the final hit and claim the kill. You killed it šŸ™‚ and there are times when everyone else is dead and you can save the day; now only if I knew where to go; left then right, not my right your right etc.
    I really do think the bread crumbs is an awesome idea *pats self on back*, but some people shouldnt be allowed to get one. Do you realy want to follow around someone who doesnt know where to go? Heck yeah, cause it’ll be an awesome adventure.
    And apologies for not be on of late, things went screwy on this end; and you owe me that pit run too. I will make time for it.
    Cheers, keava


  3. ComicRelief

    Um, you do realize that in the story, the bread crumbs (eventually) were eaten by birds (crows?) and they ended up being lost in the woods after all, right?

    Just sayin’ maybe a bag of ‘pebbles’ might be better than crumbs (or anything else edible).



  4. Short of your famous crafted Shard of Improved GPS, this is an excellent idea! It can be a rechargeable or one-time item that leaves sparkles for you and a party, disappearing when all in the party leave an instance, and works in wilderness and quests. Like a hireling, however, if the effect is going on with one party member, others that use theirs would have a different color or something. You should send to the suggestion board.


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