Think pink?


I have these pretty detailed ideas floating around my head about what my toons are like, personality-wise; not just their base stats and hit points and spellpower, but what they’d be like if they were real (WHAT?! They’re not real?) and were people I actually knew.

I’ve always imagined Zak, my pale master, as kind of a more masculine version of a metrosexual. He’s dignified, he takes some pains with his appearance, and he comes across as very British and aristocratic. He has very deep emotions but rarely expresses them, and is usually uncomfortable when he does.

Zak has definite ideas of what suits him, and he’s rather opinionated on what a pale master should be. When he’s not in form, he still has a certain “undertaker” air about him; he wears a lot of black with the occasional touch of “blood” colors (red, maroon, etc.). No bright colors, no light colors except for white and gray (which he spells “grey”), absolutely nothing fluorescent.

Well, Zak is peeved right now. Being the dignified, refined sort he is, “peeved” is about as mad as he gets. But he’s really, REALLY peeved, because the other night while in wraith form he happened to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and what he saw was decidedly un-Zak…


PINK EYES? Seriously? Whose idea was this? WHY did they think it was a GOOD idea? This is SO not Zak… and even his icons, except for the one for his death aura, have gotten the pink treatment as well.

Now personally, I have nothing against pink. I kinda like it. I mean, hey, I’m a girl. When I was born, the hospital wrapped me in a pink blanket and put a pink bracelet on my wrist. But most guys I know aren’t as crazy about pink, especially glowing, fluorescent pink.

I can’t help but notice that Zak’s eyes are now the same color as that “wonderful” lag-inducing, video-card-burning hell that pervades Wheloon Prison… or as Baz calls it, “Lagmo Bismol.” Is this the new trend in DDO’s appearance? Are we doomed to live in a virtual world that looks like a radioactive Crayola box exploded?

I hope not. I don’t want my pale master to start crying pink tears.


10 thoughts on “Think pink?

  1. Keavaa

    Lol. Radioactive crayola, too funny. I spell grey as grey, but then again im aussie and we spell stuff our way. Thanks for happy post, i needed a smile about now.


  2. I guess sometimes it pays to be colored blind 🙂 And here I thought the eyes were blue. I did like the red eyes (at least I thought they were red) before the update, but hated the trail they left when you moved.


  3. This is just as bad as the +5 Ugly Stick of Good Taste Bane applied to almost any permutations of Half Elves you generate.

    And I love your personalization of your toons. Been doing that through a few older MyDDO blog posts, partially to tune my nascent creative writing skill (still a -20 penalty there) and partially to give life to each toon. If I can’t “see” a personality in them after a time, I do eventually delete them.

    You’ve given me an idea to write up, to imagine a quest where I’d have several of my key character quest together, arguing like hell through the whole thing because their playstyles clash like, well, like radioactive pink. Never mind most of them are Monks and should just get along. 🙂


  4. @Legend: LEGEND!!!!! Hahaha, breast cancer awareness, didn’t think of that! Nice!

    @Keava!! Glad the post made you smile… 🙂 Being American, I usually spell it “gray,” but Zak to me is much more British, or maybe Aussie. So it’s “grey” for him.

    @Myrddinman: I dunno, I kinda liked the trails… but that’s because it made it easy for me to follow Shin’s PM when I got lost. LOL

    @Spence: Now that I’m done laughing at “+5 Ugly Stick of Good Taste Bane” – although I do think Chalei is cute – you should TOTALLY do that write-up! I’ve thought of doing something along the same lines, although with my alt-itis, that’d be one looooong post. I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing a series on what my various toons do when they’re not adventuring, complete with artwork. *g*

    @Mizz: They did! *points to pic of Zak with radioactive Crayola eyes*

    @Geoff: LOL, maybe! Where can I get some ointment for that? ‘Cause Zak is NOT happy and keeps bugging me to have Even buy him some goggles.

    @Adiurd: It is! Maybe we should start a petition to get Turbine to change the eyes back the way they were.


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