Have you hugged a paladin today?


Dear Turbine,
I would like to suggest that the first week in October be hereafter
officially designated as “Paladin Appreciation Week.”
Love, Even ❤


Sometimes Even’s total lack of DPS makes me forget about all the amazing things she CAN do. Luckily for her, a pair of posts by Geoff Hanna and Adiurd reminded me that a paladin tank can be incredibly fun to play.


It’s easy to forget all the great things about paladins when you see a monk or barb doing quadruple-digit damage, or when you see all the paladin hate in forum posts and the advice channel. Want to get flamed? Just ask for advice on a paladin build – it’s a guaranteed 5000% troll bonus to threat.


Even's BoB XP report
XP report – click for full size.

Seeing two people whose opinions I respect and admire speaking up publicly via blog in favor of paladins made me kinda proud of Even… so proud that I decided to try something I haven’t quite managed with Acanthia yet. I wanted to solo an epic elite. REALLY solo – no hirelings, no summons – and REALLY epic elite. Not doing Impossible Demands or Rusted Blades the “easy” way on EE. Even squishy rogue Vic can do that. One fight isn’t EE in my book. So nothing that involved invis-ing and running to the end for one fight either. I didn’t want to solo an EE so I could say to other people, “Look, I soloed an EE.” I wanted to solo an EE so I could say to MYSELF, “Hey, I soloed an EE!”


Acanthia’s come very, VERY close. In fact, a few hours before Even’s attempt, Acanthia made it all the way to just outside the end fight in Bargain of Blood before she got neg leveled to death (note to self: next time keep an eye on her buff bar so you know when to drink another DW pot). I chose BoB for Even as well; Snitch seemed an obvious choice, but I found out the hard way that the seer in the first fight heals herself faster than Even can damage her, and also is annoyingly good at hitting Even with Greater Command.


Was it pretty? Oh HELL no! It seemed to take Even forever to beat down each mob. On the plus side, they didn’t seem to be able to do much damage to HER either. Throughout the entire quest, I think she dropped below 600 HP – my “Uh-oh, it’s Lay on Hands time” danger signal – maybe half a dozen times. Rejuvenation Cocoon was mostly enough to keep her red bar at a healthy level, although she did go through all seven of her seven greater mnemonic pots and two majors that she really just carries to reimburse healers. It’s amazing how fast that 10 SP from Cocoon adds up when you’re using it as your main source of heals – and when you have less than 450 SP to start with. Of course, she also had to refresh her buffs a few times, and – since I forgot to twist in something more useful before I got into the quest – she used Energy Sheath from Draconic Incarnation quite a bit when there were casters around.




Still, I don’t think I really believed she was going to do it until I realized that she had the General Manager down to about 10%. His red bar dropped incredibly slowly; for a good two or three minutes, when she had him at about 75%, I was starting to wonder if he was managing to heal himself somehow, because his health didn’t seem to budge at ALL.  Once he was finally down, the Manager was a much easier fight. It took a while to get him pinned in a corner so he wasn’t jumping all over, but after that it was pretty much auto-attack, sit back, and hit Cocoon every so often.


So hug a paladin today! They’re amazingly fun, and don’t forget to thank them for keeping the aggro off YOU.


13 thoughts on “Have you hugged a paladin today?

  1. ddolegend


    Yay, /hug 😛

    My paladin isnt a tank anymore but i still like him and yes they do get alot of hate, not just the aggro of mobs but the insults on forums lol

    Congrats to you though for the solo EE 🙂


  2. I never truly understood the angst against the paladin. My main character was a paladin, and will be again once he goes through all of his TR lives, I really enjoyed playing him during that first life. Did he do the most dps? No, of course not. But his survivability and reliability were tremendous and I really enjoyed that aspect of him.

    Congratulations on your runs and accomplishment. The Paladin is a fun class to play!! 🙂


  3. ComicRelief

    From what Shin tells me, he used to run Paladins exclusively – until he tried wizard. From what I recall, he did more of a DPS Paladin build – not tanking – and could solo most (if not all) content. Of course, this was before EN, EH, and EE…wonder how he’d do as one today?…


  4. Lords almighty! That took you awhile. But you lived as well, which is more than I can say for any toons in my dojo as yet.

    I might do a “taste test” and try my tanker Monk at that one, trying to pull individuals to minimize the punishment. One-on-one, I might have a shot. Gratz to you, love to all paladins.

    (Except Heathcliff from “Sword Art Online.” He was a cheating bastard.)


    1. @Legend: LEGEND!!! ❤ Thank you! 🙂

      @Erdrique: Thanks! No matter how much I play Acanthia, I'm always going to think of Even as at least my co-main. I ran her protegé earlier tonight, kind of continuing the legacy – my new bladeforged pally. We did the Spinner chain on hard, and her DPS was kind of a mix – seemed like typical nonexistent pally DPS in Lords of Dust, was actually pretty good in Servants (hate to say it, but seeing triple-digit crits means she's probably doing as much DPS as Even, and she's only lvl 15, LOL), and couldn't really get a feel in Spinner, as she stayed in the center to tank. LOVE having another pally who's also going to be a tank, but with a completely different build than Even. 🙂

      @Comic: Heh, I don't doubt that Shin knows a LOT about DPS pally builds, but I actually WANT to play Even as a tank rather than DPS. I'm sure there are things I could switch around to get her DPS up a bit, but for the way I want to play her, a little more DPS isn't worth giving up HP, AC, threat, damage reduction, etc.

      @Spence: It felt like it took about four times longer! LOL Actually, she finished in about half the time it took her the very first time she ever soloed the Pit (which was also the first time she'd ever run Pit from start to finish, as the only other time she'd been in there was a BRUTAL wipe, but that's a whole 'nuther blog post). I did try to pull one or two mobs at a time as much as possible, although since she really doesn't range, it was tough sometimes… not to mention the stuff that hid from her lousy Spot skill and didn't appear until she'd intim'ed the other stuff. Worst fight was having the First Mate, a sorc, a couple of Drow, and assorted minotaur/orc types all ganged up on her. I think I used three LoH in that battle alone.


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