OurDDO, again

Apparently there are a few issues with the new OurDDO site – namely, some people can load the site and some can’t. I think I’ve identified the problem, but it’s beyond my “technical expertise” (and oh, how loosely I use that term!), so it may be a few days before I figure out how to resolve it.

With that in mind, I’m going to continue to maintain the original OurDDO feed as well. Besides being viewable by everyone as far as I know, it also allows people to use an RSS reader if they prefer to keep up with our blogs that way.

Both sites have their drawbacks. The new site is not available to everyone at this time, although everything else seems to be working properly. The original feed uses an outside program that I have no control over; it has some lag and occasionally drops feeds randomly but always seems to pick them back up again.

So, two sites, bit more work but hopefully that will provide the most access across the board.

Also, I AM looking into adding some of the features Baz suggested – forums, chat room, inhouse mail. Please don’t hold your breath on that, though. I’ve already put a rather significant amount of time into getting the blog feed set up, and really don’t want to start messing around with adding more stuff until the kinks are completely worked out.

*sigh* Sorry about all this.


9 thoughts on “OurDDO, again

    1. Funny thing is, ever since the site I used to put the original feed together has come back up after spending a good bit of the weekend being down, the feed seems to be more reliable – I haven’t noticed blogs randomly dropping off and later reappearing the way they’d been doing before. Imagine that – a site has glitches, it goes down, it comes back up, and the glitches are fixed… it DOES happen! I know a few companies who’d be smart to take note of that… *g*


  1. The new feed format looks great…and it’s non-feed friendly, too, for those who want to lurk and just read the blogs in it. I like the darker format that makes the feed list readable and distinct. Nice work and thanks!


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