OurDDO has moved!

I’m glad I was already working on a new home for OurDDO, because earlier tonight the feed stitching site I use decided to crash.

The new site is functional but still VERY much a work in progress. Luckily the work it needs is pretty much all cosmetic, but there’s quite a bit of it to be done. Please bear this in mind; I’ll get it looking nicer as time permits, and will also be adding a few fun things for better functionality.

Also, I’ve E-mailed every OurDDOer who uses their own domain name rather than something.wordpress.com, etc., because I need the correct RSS addresses for them before they’ll show up. They’re all still listed in the links; their new posts just won’t appear on the feed until I have the right RSS addresses for them.

So without further ado…

OurDDO’s new home

Constructive feedback is always appreciated!


10 thoughts on “OurDDO has moved!

  1. Keavaa

    Thankyou so much for doing this Even. You’ve done an outstanding job and I highly commend you for your work and passion in doing this.


  2. basilvino

    You’ve taken on and accomplished a great thing Even. Thank you and congratulations. On a personal note, my own new posts are still not showing up on either your new site or in any aggregate reader I use (Feedly and Slick). No idea why.


    1. *blush* Aw, thanks, guys. πŸ™‚

      @Legend: The colors are probably going to change somewhat (but chartreuse will always be in the mix somewhere!).

      @Baz: I’ve noticed on both the original site and this one that some blogs will drop off for no apparent reason and then reappear. I THINK it’s the extension I had; I changed yours and it’s showing up now for me, at least on the new one. πŸ™‚


  3. basilvino

    I see it on your new page, but not in a standard RSS reader. Not asking for a bunch of time invested, just kinda bummed that ppl clicking in from the OurDDO feed won’t see it. 😦


    1. Yeah, I know… and as far as I can tell that’s all on the feed stitcher, which unfortunately I can’t do much about. I’ve tried re-adding you a couple of times today since that worked with another blog that wasn’t displaying. Or it MAY have worked; I’ve noticed several times that the feed stitcher will suddenly not display posts from one or two people when I haven’t done ANYTHING, and then later they’ll reappear. This is why I ported the whole thing over to my site and am trying to get the word out to use that one. I’m just tired of messing with the stitcher; the site for that has been down several times this weekend, it’s got its share of glitches, and I’d rather have OurDDO somewhere I can DO something when stuff happens. I’ve posted here, MyDDO, and the forums to please use the new site. I even put in a rare Twitter appearance! I’ve changed the address in all my links and asked Cordovan to change the link in my forum title (which actually isn’t a big deal, as it’s currently going to the info page on my blog rather than the old feed).

      Not sure what else I can do. :/


  4. basilvino

    Like I said, I’m not wanting you to lose any sleep over it. My latest does appear on the RSS reader side now, so whatever you did it worked. But yeah, looks like the best way to keep up to date is on your site, which is actually pretty good news anyways. On your site we’ll likely be able to a lot more cool things, like have a chat window, in-house mail (yes yes??), maybe even events and a build library like on Montys? Just some thoughts. Anyhoooo, I’m super thankful for all you’ve done so far, and let me know if I can help in any way. πŸ™‚


    1. LOL, the funny thing is I didn’t do ANYTHING to the original RSS site – that’s what I mean when I say it randomly drops and adds feeds. I wonder if it’s because of how many feeds I have going into it – most of the free aggregators I checked had a 3-5 feed limit; the site I use is supposed to be unlimited, but maybe they don’t expect people to glomp together 20+ feeds and aren’t equipped to handle that much.

      And, um… wow. Theoretically we could have all that, BUT I’m gonna have to think about it. That will represent a serious time investment, not to mention storage and bandwidth and all that. It’s something to consider, though, especially with the changes coming to the regular DDO forums. I DO have the capability to add forums via phpBB or SMF (I’ve run a fairly complex SMF board in the past, but it’s been a while). But again… time/bandwidth/storage. So we’ll see.

      I have heard from one person that they can’t bring up the new site at all. I know it’s not a browser issue, so hoping it’s something on their end and not mine. Either way, will try to get it resolved; waiting to hear back from them with more details.


      1. basilvino

        You know, I was thinking a Guildportal site mite also work. They have RSS capability, chat, mail, all that cool nonsense… and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth. But again, a bunch of time invested and such… Maybe I’ll do a tester using my old BloodRaven account… Just thinking out loud, ignore me πŸ™‚


        1. Yeah… all I was really looking to do was make something where all the DDO blogs would be listed in one place again. Not that I wouldn’t consider adding more, but dang, already put a lot of time into this and still have some things I want to do with it before I even start thinking of anything else.


  5. basilvino

    Well that’s just not good enough gosh darnit!!!! Get back to work you lazy lazy girl! Never mind playing, no no, we need a website! We need chat and email! And fix the bugs! And fix the RSS feed lag! QAULITY OF LIFE for pete’s sake!!!!!!
    hehe, /nerdrage. πŸ˜‰


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