DDO March Madness: Round 2 results


After another night of grueling competition, the original 16 competitors have been whittled down to eight of Eberron’s best and brightest… well, OK, they might not be the best and some of them definitely aren’t the brightest, but they’re all I’ve got.

Second-round winner’s bracket matches got the evening started. To no one’s surprise, the two monks – level 25 Acanthia and level 24 (but banking 25) Tirae won handily over Meren (12 FvS) and Dissy (18 bard) respectively. Besides the level difference, there was no way that either of the two lower-level competitors stood a chance against Drifting Lotus. It didn’t help that Dissy kept playing mostly useless songs just because she liked the way they sounded.

Jalliria had a bit of an easier time against Vic. The level 24 cleric had a few tense moments when Vic, a rogue who’d leveled to 24 just two hours before the match, used her Slaver’s Hand crossbow to make Jall fall asleep. Rumors that a Slaver’s Hand was used on spectators during the previous night’s matches were unsubstantiated; experts attributed the snoozefest to the total lack of DPS in many of the first-round matches. Jall’s aura kept her health up while she caught her 40 winks, and once woken and refreshed, Jall made quick work of Vic by casting Avenging Light and then kiting her through a blade barrier.

Char came close to scoring an upset in the last winner’s bracket match of the night. Though the arcane archer was giving up eight levels and a buttload of HP to level 25 Even, Char’s quickness and superior DPS kept Even on her stubby paladin toes. Using a combination of Manyshot and paired Envenomed Blades, the elven ranger chipped away at Even’s 133 AC and had her at less than 50% health at several points. Even, meanwhile, being a DoS pally, intim’ed Char like crazy but hit about as hard as – well, Dissy. However, that extra 800-ish HP cushion Even had on Char paid off in the end.


All four competitors who lost their second-round matches earned redemption – no, they didn’t win dates with Lars Heyton; they redeemed themselves – by winning their consolation matches. Vic easily romped over Zak, as her evasion kept her safe from his firewalls and her ranged ability, besides doing plenty of DPS, kept her far away from his negative aura. Char’s evasion also came in handy as she downed Chalei, who was slowed toward the end of their match when she became bloated from drinking too many mana pots too fast.

Azida got some nice shots in on Squishy – er, Dissy – but couldn’t stop herself from dancing once that big disco ball went up. Dissy took advantage by firing off Greater Shout and Soundburst while flailing away ineffectively with her scepter.

In possibly the most even match of the tournament so far (and Even wasn’t even in it), Meren faced Winnie in a battle of level 12 Favored Souls in the last consi match of the night. While Winnie will probably be able to kick Meren’s butt once they reach epic levels, at this stage in their careers it was all Meren. The little elf with the ever-changing hair color had better DPS, better self-healing and better offensive casting, giving her the edge as she advanced to the next round of consolations.

Spreadsheet rather than humongous bracket graphic is still in the works. Ai iz lazeh.


4 thoughts on “DDO March Madness: Round 2 results

  1. legendkilleroll

    Very nice round 2, think im rooting for Even 🙂

    Hope there isnt any match fixing going on, would be temping to throw a match for some better loot or more play time 😛


    1. Evennote

      @Legend: Still not telling who wins it all. 😉

      But NOOOO! No match throwing! My girls (and guys) don’t play that way. They go out and do their best and are proud of it, even if they get their butts handed to them. I actually put a lot of thought into the results – whose DPS would be able to overcome whose self-healing, stuff like that, plus a bit of their personalities (like Dissy playing songs just because she liked them even if they weren’t effective). And of course the levels had a lot to do with it, ’cause a level 25 toon is more than likely going to totally spank a heroic toon.


  2. legendkilleroll

    Hehe, yeh your doing it well, i would just have my fav toon win, nice too see you put more effort into it, although i only have 3 toons so no tournemant for my guys just a triple threat match 🙂


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    OK, what the hell was Vic doing allowing herself to be kited? She shoulda simply held her ground and let Jall waste her SP on blade barriers, and then laughed as she shot through ’em!

    I bet Dizzy was playing the Song of Freedom on random bystanders, wasn’t she?


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