DDO March Madness: Preliminaries


I like sports, but I’ve never gotten particularly into basketball. So when March Madness comes along every year, I think the name is appropriate – it’s in March and it makes me mad because they’re always taking off the shows I want to watch and putting on basketball instead. Nothing against basketball, I’d just really rather watch “Once Upon a Time.” Plus I’ve never understood why it takes half an hour to play the last two minutes of the game because both coaches keep calling time-outs no matter how lopsided the score is.

Meanwhile, I somehow got to wondering the other day about which of my toons could kick which of my other toons’ butts in a (reasonably) fair fight. And I thought, hey, I could do my own Eberron version of March Madness. Plus it gave me an excuse to use a picture of a Dretch looking like he’s about to dunk the ball.

So I put together my own version of the Sweet Sixteen (because even I don’t have enough toons to fill out a bracket of 64; I could probably do 32, but way too many of them would be level 2 favor farmers). I used my 10 Thelanis toons, my top Cannith toons (Tirae, Yttsie, Azida), two of my highest-level favor farmers (Nekah and Rhennie), and Ironica just ’cause she was my very first toon outside Thelanis and I like her. I seeded them based mostly on their levels and a bit on their class. And then I drew up a handy-dandy bracket.


The players:

1. Acanthia, level 25 monk
2. Evennote, level 25 paladin
3. Tirae, level 24-banking-25 monk
4. Jalliria, level 24 cleric
5. Victaurya, level 23 rogue
6. Discordette, level 18 bard
7. Chartreusia, level 17 ranger
8. Chalei, level 13 sorceror
9. Merenwynne, level 12 Favored Soul
10. Winnabette, level 12 Favored Soul
11. Zak, level 11 wizard
12. Yttriemme, level 8 artificer
13. Azida, level 7 ranger
14. Rhennie, level 7 monk
15. Nekah, level 7 paladin
16. Ironica, level 5 fighter/barbarian

The bracket is a pretty standard 16-team deal. The little blue numbers represent each competitor’s seed, while the red numbers preceded by a parenthesis designate the game number. If you’re sharp, you may have picked up that some of those numbers seem to be missing – unlike the NCAA, I believe in second chances, so my March Madness is a double elimination tournament. What that means, if you’re not familiar with stuff like that, is that even if you lose your first-round match, you’re still in the tourney; you drop down to the loser’s bracket and start anew. I’d post the graphic that includes both brackets, but… uh, it’s memory-intensive. Yeah, that’s it. It’s not because I haven’t finished it yet. 😉

I’ve already worked out the entire bracket on paper, and I know who wins it all. (It’s not who you might think… but then again, maybe it is.) It was really a LOT of fun imagining my toons going up against each other and how each one’s strengths and weaknesses would come into play. If you’re bored enough to want to fill out a bracket and see how your guesses compare with my results, I’d love to see it. 😀


11 thoughts on “DDO March Madness: Preliminaries

  1. Silken-Akira

    nice about reading blogs: sometimes you stumble on something that completly slipped through your fingers that actually was something you would dig.
    In this case “Once upon a time”. In belgium I never heard or saw it before. and seeing how I love the comic Fables with which it has a lot of similarities it seems I guess i would love it so going to look it up and delve into it. Thanks


  2. legendkilleroll

    Your blogs are always so awesome, makes me wonder why i bother writing any 😛

    I love sports, not basekball either, big follower of NHL and NFL, if you know what they are 🙂


  3. Shindurza

    TO borrow a quote from a local basketball broadcaster after your dretchs’ dunk gets rejected: “Get that weak stuff outta here!” Otherwise, a fine blog indeed 🙂


  4. Mizzaroo

    I know who wins! Whacksmack whampow swoops in from the sidelines and steals the show whacking and smacking everyone in sight until she’s the last one standing! OH YEAH!!!


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  6. Evennote

    @Silken: OUaT ROCKS. Even though it gets confusing at times. 😀

    @Legend: Aw, your blogs are awesome! And yeah, I used to be a sports writer, covered the Flyers for a while, in fact, so I do have an inkling what the NHL and NFL are. 😉

    @Art, @Slvr: I’m not tellin’.

    @Geoff, @Shin: I think I’m gonna use the original screenshot of that Dretch at some point. The orig has another Dretch in almost the same position behind that one.

    @Xav: Darn right you will!

    @Mizz: Uh. No.


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