Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus


Brownie points for knowing what the blog title means (WITHOUT using Google Translate or any other such means), and double chocolate chip cookie points for knowing the institution that uses these words as its motto.

Now that Turbine has put a lot more emphasis on the “Dragons” part of “Dungeons & Dragons,” I just thought I’d share some of my favorite screenies since U17 went live. Above, Vic takes aim as Barrenon launches a dragon-style aerial assault. Unfortunately, he ended up Shock-And-Awe-ing her back just far enough that he left the encounter area when he followed her; as she’d already completed the encounter by looting his chest, he disappeared. He was probably scared of her squishy gimpy rogue-ishness… not.


I THINK this shot was also a “While Dragons Dream” encounter; I kinda remember our little static group on Cannith getting that one and having to fight the dragon because we woke her up whilst trying to loot. Or it may be Zoarinnia, or both, as I’ve heard that you might get any of several dragons in this encounter. Whichever dragon this is, he or she thinks Shin, Baz and Tirae look really tasty.


Aren’t they cute when they’re asleep? Vic’s just emptied Barrenon’s chest of all its shinies and is now contemplating whether it would be wise for her squishy gimpy rogue self to wake him up for a nice rousing fight.


Vic must have quite the affinity for dragons… or maybe she just really DOES taste good with ketchup. Whilst chatting with her old buddies Nate and Thum Grim from A Small Problem, she was rather surprised when Skanaal the white dragon swooped down and tried to have all of them for lunch. Her panther apparently chickened out – he spent nearly the whole fight in that position, or maybe he was just protecting Louie the golem. Vic and the Grims hung tough, though, and managed to defeat Skanaal. Nate and Thum were so grateful, they told her to take whatever she wanted from their chests.


A bit further on, Vic was ranging a mean-looking Gold Concord Cleric when she noticed a pile of dead giants. “Hmmm,” she thought to herself, “these Gold Concord dudes are nasty, but they’re no match for giants. I wonder what could…”

Just then a loud whoosh cut off her musings, and a very large green dragon named Arkelon soared down and, as dragons are wont to do, attempted to make himself a nice rogue flambé. He nearly succeeded, because I was so busy trying to get screenshots that I forgot to watch Vic’s hit points. Luckily I noticed the lack of red pigment in her health bar in time to quaff a few pots and have her throw herself a scroll heal or two, and the only thing that got flambé’d was the dragon.


I don’t know if the silver dragon in Marketplace has a name, but he sure looks cool even though he’s knocked me flat on my pixel butt a few times. I’m kind of hoping he finds Nelle Gann and eats her.


Dragons aren’t ordinary monsters, so your interactions with them shouldn’t be ordinary either. This may well be the best NPC dialogue in the game. If the silver dragon can eat Nelle Gann, Zoarinnia should be able to eat Cellimas, right?


12 thoughts on “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

  1. Spencerian

    That red dragon in epic Gianthold was the first one I encountered. The dialog choices told me one thing right off: I was NOM NOM NOMS to the dragon and it didn’t matter what I said.

    I was right. My party and I gave it eternal heartburn.


  2. Shindurza

    It would appear that judging from my positioning two feet directly in front of the dragon in that Cannith picture I was none too concerned about the outcome of that battle 🙂


  3. BlueSilence

    I’m pretty sure this will be a great post but I don’t want to read something that could spoil eGH for me T_T!!!

    I’m rusty but I think the title means “Never bother sleeping dragons” or “It is often better to let sleeping dragons lie”.


  4. redcastle73a

    Love the post and absolutely amazing screen shots. I think the marketplace dragon has been cropped, if perhaps you still have the uncropped version do you think it could find its way to me via the internet tubes? 🙂

    And when dragons do sleep, conk em on the head and run run run….and then die ;P


    1. Evennote

      I should note that Slvr and Comic are SOMEWHERE in the shot with Shin and Baz and I. I just can’t find them.

      “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” means “Never tickle a sleeping dragon,” and it’s the motto of Harry Potter’s alma mater, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (which reminds me – my Hogwarts letter is several years overdue).

      @Keava: Yeah, I crop all my shots to 500 pixels wide since that’s the standard width of the main column in WordPress (which CAN be changed, I’m just too lazy to do it). Check yer E-mail for the original shot. 😉


  5. LrdSlvrhnd

    Dangit, you gave the answer before I could… and I totally knew that. I want chocochip brownies!

    Also, great pics. Oti was probably nowhere near the dragon, pewpewpewing it from afar. That way, if the dragon decides that roast halfling sounds like a great breakfast, he’ll already be halfway gone…


  6. Wagon_Manager423

    Yes, it is better to be careful when messing with Dragons. For, to them, we are all crunchy and go good with ketchup.


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