Why cry when you can laugh?


There’s so much angst on the forums and blogs any more. “Boo-hoo, there are too many glitches!” “Boo-hoo, we lag wiped!” “Boo-hoo, the people in my PUG were dumb and gimped ’cause I’m just way more smart and uber than everybody!”

Oh, I have my fair share of gripes  – egolitists and i2049 high on the list. But sometimes, when the world turns upside down, putting a good spin on things makes for an awesome experience.

Slvr and I ran The Riddle last night. We got swarmed with animated armors and vine horrors during the end fight; one of the hires died and both of them blew through all but a small fraction of their mana. We were OK with that, but even though Slvr’s combat log clearly showed we’d killed Frelga (OK, his panther did – point is, she was dead), the quest-completing objective – defeating her – still wasn’t checked, and the quest wouldn’t complete.

So I filled out a ticket. In a surprisingly very short time (hey, Turbine, my last few ticket response times have actually been quite prompt – keep up the good work!), I had a GM. While things didn’t QUITE start off smoothly, they sure got better. (AFAIK, Turbine has a policy against identifying GMs so I won’t use this guy’s name, but he was AWESOME.)

GM: Greetings, Evennote! I am a Game Master for Online Support and will be with you momentarily. You can reply to my messages by typing /r and entering the message.

Me: Thanks, that was pretty quick! 🙂

GM: One moment, please, while I investigate this issue.

GM: I am going to attempt to reset Frelga. Be ready to fight.

Me: *gulp* OK, but can you make her less mean? LOL

Frelga respawns, but is completely unresponsive. She just stands there staring around with a blank look on her face.

GM: Sure. In fact, I seem to have made it so she’s completely brain dead.

Me: You turned her into a hireling! :O

GM: Apparently so! I will advance this quest for you. Who are the members of your party?

Me: Can you make her stand there and bleat, “It would be prudent to heal me now?” LOL

Me: Just me and [Slvr’s ranger]. Other three are hires.

GM: You should have completion now. Check to see if you can open that chest.

Me: Thank you! Gotta say, from time of ticket to problem solved was faster than I usually get a response. 😀

Me: And yep, we’re picking up our boxes of rockses.

GM: Excellent! Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Me: Nope, that did it! And wasn’t being snarky, when you said “brain dead” I just automatically thought “hireling.” 🙂

GM: Haha, no worries. I was half-expecting her to do that. These guys can be trivial sometimes.

Me: Could be worse – you could’ve turned her into Coyle. *shudder*

GM: You’re right! Thankfully (or unfortunately, however you look at it) my powers don’t let me transform anything 🙂 I must head off, though. Enjoy your night, and good luck on your future adventures!

Maybe you had to be there, but that just made my night. So it took a little longer to finish the quest – the laughs I got out of that exchange were TOTALLY worth it.

Sometimes I wonder why so many people who play this game don’t seem to enjoy actually PLAYING this game. It’s like a race to see who can get to the end the fastest… but for me, DDO is a journey, and I want to enjoy the ride.


13 thoughts on “Why cry when you can laugh?

  1. PrdPolack

    It seems too many people are worried about ‘XP per minute,’ farming for the elusive item, or looking for the ‘uber’ crapola. Yes, ,XP is nikce but it is not the reason to play, play to have fun and/or socialize.


  2. Naniel

    Very nice DM indeed, I a while ago I had a very bad experience with one, had to wait for over an hour for any response, (it was similar problem, monster died but game didnt notice and no completion),but in that quest I also had to protect a very frail NPC. When the DM finally responded, he said “ok I’ll help”, but didn’t give any explanations and just spawned the boss on top of me and the NPC I was supposed to protect.. 3 seconds later NPC died, quest failed and I just stared there blankly trying to figure out why the heck did I decide to wait 1 hour for that 🙂

    Felt pretty bad after this, but it’s just a game after all, luckily my other, later tickets had been much better and quicker too, so maybe there really is an improvement in the DM staff who’re online 🙂


  3. Micki

    🙂 Sounds excellent. Sadly the only times I’ve submitted a ticket, we didn’t get a response at all, or the response took that long that we had already recalled and restarted.


  4. patang01

    I love this game; be it solo, with group or all things in between. My rants are the escape valve but I think so many want to see doom and get perfection. My pet peeves are more about logic inconsistency and not really about people and such.

    And hirelings are dumb. Rock dumb.


  5. BlueSilence

    I had only filled one ticket and I was given a prompt and satisfactory resolution. It was a very similar experience to yours.

    The concept of fun varies from player to player according to the goals they set when playing, and goals could be anything, from being the first one to cap, the one with the most powerful equipment, to those who seek beautiful screenshots… or memories.

    Let us keep enjoying this ride our own way.


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