Phat lewtz and all that


For once in her life, Acanthia’s been on the back burner lately while I work on Even, Jall, Vic and Tirae, who’ve leveled up to 24, 22, 23 and 24 respectively over the past week-ish. In the process, they’ve occasionally pulled some nice gear… but mostly they’ve had a LOT of fun.


Jall finished flagging for CitW last night with some help from Baz. She’d already soloed Reclaiming the Rift, but Trial by Fury proved a bit much – not for her, but for me. Too many paths to choose from led to me getting Jall lost. A LOT, even by MY low standards. And when she fell through the same hole for the THIRD TIME and got punted back to the start of the quest, I ragequit (is it really a ragequit if you’re soloing?) and headed to Cannith to get Tirae her polar bear.


After cooling off with some skating runs on Cannith – and some polar bear cuddles for Tirae – I decided I was ready for another shot at Trial by Fury and headed back to Thelanis. By this time Baz was on, and sent me a tell saying he was at the end of Detour and asking if Jall wanted to come for some XP and loot. I hadn’t had her out to High Road yet (well, she only just turned 22 and it’s a lvl 24 area), but I like XP. And I like loot. And Detour’s not very far into the wilderness. So off she went, grabbed a journal or two, killed a necromancer and his summoned minions, and picked up around 27K XP in Detour for doing… absolutely nothing. LOL


We went from there to Demonweb, where we (FINALLY!) got Jall all the way through Trial by Fury AND Baz netted the Hide of the Goristro he’d been wanting for a long, long, LONG time. We also ran Deal and the Demon (“Ah,” Ymris says. “You have come to honor our bargain. Good.”) after farming the “easy” and soon-to-be-gone chest several times; Baz got THREE Spider-spun Caparisons, Jall got rocks (but Baz passed her a caparison to AH).


Somewhere along the way, Baz also pulled a Planar Focus of Subterfuge, which he very graciously passed to Jall to pass along to Vic. (Hey, Baz, I passed you a thing or two, didn’t I? I’m feeling greedy all of a sudden!) And Jall got a BTC Planar Focus of Prowess in her chain end rewards; it has +8 Con, which will be a VERY nice replacement for her current HP trinket. A few nights ago she also pulled a Seal of House Dun’Robar with +7 Str and Exceptional Combat Mastery; I’m debating what to do with that. Acanthia and possibly Even would love the ECM, but both already have +7 Str items and I’m not sure I want to replace the rings either is wearing. We’ll see… if only I had a way to send it to Tirae over on Cannith, since she has no ToD rings!


Tirae is flagged for CitW and now just needs to actually run the raid. She’s sporting epic-level Ivy Wraps courtesy of Shin and, somewhat to her surprise, finding that she likes them quite as much as she loves her Grave Wrappings (also procured by Shin). I really need to save up some TP and get her a sixth inventory slot for all this cool gear – she’s my only epic-level toon with only five slots.


Squishy gimpy trapmonkey Vic didn’t pull anything to write home about whilst getting herself CitW-flagged, but finding out that she’s perfectly capable of soloing King’s Forest, Underdark, Sschindylryn and Demonweb was reward enough for me.


She’s racked up enough commendations to start her Druid commendations set, but mostly… she’s not really impressed with it. Oh, they’re nice items, but aside from the set bonus, most of the effects are stuff she already has. She’ll probably end up getting the set, but using it only situationally at best.


And last, but never least… Even.

Even’s been a busy girl. She tanked Horoth on elite for her 19th ToD and it was a cakewalk. Then she joined a bunch of her former Monty’s guildies (she’s former, they’re current) for a hard run as her 20th and cruised through tanking him again. Sadly, she’s STILL waiting for a Band of Siberys.


Then it was off to SubT with mostly the same group to get Baz his first-ever Hound run. Even had NEVER tanked Xy’zzy before; her 65-ish unbuffed intim is a bit low. But she’s got a solid fog clickie and we needed a tank, plus we had several first-timers so were doing a normal learning run, and I decided to give it a try. Other than Mama Dog bowling her over before she could get her first intim off, the run went VERY well; she got intim back quickly and kept it.

Way back when, Even used to be an intimitank. When I GRed her, I was thinking about all the times she lost aggro to hate tanks. So I went the incite route; her intim is a bit low as a result, but she holds aggro MUCH better, and her intim isn’t TERRIBLE. And now her incite will be even better – when we opened up the chests at the end of HoX, she pulled Levik’s Defender, and then won the roll on the bracers! While she loves her Bastion, the Levik’s set is going to be VERY nice for tanking. Kinda made up for no Band of Siberys and for losing a roll on a Sword of Shadows during eVon a few nights back. *beam*


8 thoughts on “Phat lewtz and all that

  1. legendkilleroll

    Yay a very good week, grats on the loot

    I comfortable with trial now but was very confusing at first

    also you gotta start tweeting πŸ˜›


  2. patang01

    I have the same feelings about grave wraps over Ivy wraps, something about wraps that neg level critters. So much so I’m making collars out of a spare I have to give to one of my Arti’s pets.


  3. Shindurza

    As always a great read and visual. Glad you liked the loot. Now, if I could just get Baz that epic level Wall of Wood without using the AH πŸ™‚


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