A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – oh wait, wrong story.

A year or so ago, on MyDDO, I got a message from this guy named Shin saying that he’d decided to start a guild on Cannith server for the various MyDDO people who’d been blogging and commenting on blogs. Once a week, completely casual, fun only, no pressure. Hey, that’s right up my alley, so I headed to Cannith and rolled up a dwarf ranger arcane archer because at the time I didn’t have any dwarven toons, nor any rangers. I never expected Shin’s little experiment to go beyond a few friends running stuff together on Friday nights.

I still have Azida, my dorf ranger, although she decided she’d rather be a tempest than an arcane archer. But my main on Cannith now is – surprise – my monk, Tirae. I originally rolled her up because I wanted to try a dark monk, but she had other ideas and insisted on going over to the light side.

She reached level 20 Friday night as the four original members of our little group finished flagging for Shroud. Slvr and Shin also hit 20 (we ran IQ tonight to get Comic to 20). It was late and we probably should have followed Shin’s sensible example and gone to bed, but Slvr, Comic and I decided to run Beyond the Rift so we could get into Eveningstar. And once into Eveningstar, I decided to “just step into King’s Forest for a few minutes.” That stretched into at least an hour, 100+ slayers, quite a few of Elminster’s messages and a goodly number of encounters for some nice XP for Slvr and I.


Tonight I signed Tirae on “just to check mail” when it occurred to me that she could now do epics. Shin was online but afk; no one else from our little group was around. What the heck, I thought, I’ll solo something. Being the glutton for punishment I am, I went for epic Devil Assault. (And when I say “solo” with Tirae, I mean “solo with a FvS hire and a panther,” ’cause hey, she only JUST turned 20.)

Those orthons and devils and tiefling casters kept her pretty busy, and the panther died near the end because Albus the hire ran out of mana about 30 seconds before the boss dropped. But she made it, and besides getting her very first epic tokens, she also pulled Demon’s Blood and a Shard of Power.

Then I checked the social panel and saw a Shroud LFM up. A really nice juicy one, on hard, good balanced party. I tried to resist – honest, I did. But it was no use; I clicked the LFM and found myself in a fun group, including a guy who’s a guildie of Finch’s and also knows Micki (I know this because he sent me a tell asking if I knew Micki since our Cannith toons are in the same guild, LOL). It was a good smooth run, no deaths, I even got to pull the fire ele to the southeast in Phase 2, after getting a little confused in Phase 1 because the portals on Cannith don’t spawn in even CLOSE to the same order as on Thelanis. Her ing bag now has a smattering of green steel ingredients, and she added a Shard of Supreme Power as well. And in case you were wondering, yes, she did take off her robe and dance nekkid on the altar.

By that time Shin was back and Comic had signed on so we headed for IQ, which gave Tirae four ranks in Grandmaster of Flowers and was a lot of fun… even though she did have to kill halflings in I Dream of Jeets (after she pointed out the “Tidy lasses” to Shin and Comic). I thought I’d never have a “serious” toon on Cannith, and it’s kind of neat to see Tirae doing all the big-girl stuff her sisters on Thelanis do.


Even’s added a few accomplishments as well. She’s up to level 22, and I’ve finally gotten her HP over 1K and her AC over 100 unbuffed. Jall ran Shroud a few nights ago – the first Shroud Baz ran on his halfling monk – and ALMOST made it through without drinking a pot; in fact, if some numbskull hadn’t killed Kasquik before Jall had half her mana back, she’d’ve been fine, even still being somewhat of a nervous overhealer. She’s also ALMOST flagged for ToD, just needs New Invasion.

Chalei hit 11 tonight while she was lagged out during a Shadow Crypt farming run – was kind of funny actually, my screen had been stuttering along around 3 fps for a while and finally froze. I sat there for a while hoping it would pass until finally I DCed… and when I was able to get back on, I was still in party and had leveled. (Two reboots later, I FINALLY got my frame rate consistently into double digits… stupid Comcrap.) Meren and Yttsie are up to level 8, and Zak – after a fun 3BC run with Baz – is just a bit shy of leveling to 8 as well.

Speaking of Zak, he was hard-pressed not to pike during that 3BC run because Baz was slaughtering everything in sight – which was great, because Zak, being a lvl 7 wizzy, is more than a bit squishy. But he was feeling a bit self-conscious over not having any kills during one quest… until he fired off a spell and killed an ogre:

(Say) Ogre says, “Grutuk! Moch tezaang nu!”

I’m pretty sure that’s ogre-speak for, “Oh, the shame! To be killed by the gimpy wizard instead of the TR barb!”


Acanthia has now run every quest in the game and has four ranks into her first level of Legendary Dreadnought, although when she’ll get more is anyone’s guess since I switch her back to GMoF for anything meaningful – it feels gimped to go into raids and such now without her ranged ki attacks and EiN. And last but not least, I’ve now managed to grind at least +2 tomes in everything for each one of my 10 Thelanis toons. Time to start working on more +3s and +4s!


7 thoughts on “Git-r-done

  1. Micki

    πŸ™‚ Seems like u met Jussi. I’ve never ran with him, so I don’t know what he’s like to run with. He’s just been really generous to Keronna, and we’ve chatted some.


  2. redcastle73a

    Congrats. My Keavaa on Cannith will get to 20 sometime this decade. She’s a gimpy, under fed and starving elf monk. Feel free to throw any wraps you don’t need her way. I’m level 11 and still using level 4 wraps. But they work sooo goood.


  3. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    I would guess my guildie was on Steelrender/Cement/Bowlhead. He’s awesome and from Finland, which would be why he asked about Micki. πŸ™‚ He’s very zerg, but I think he’s hugely positive, helpful and fun in groups even if he’s one of those evil zergers!


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