Forget the cheezburger. MOAR TOONA!


OHAI. Ur probally thinkin dis post iz abowt DDO, but dis iz not mah mommy. Dis iz ME, Victoria, teh mostest awsumest kitteh EVAH. Ai iz haijakt teh kompyooter becawz itz mah birfday. Ai iz 10 today! So pleeze forgib teh typoz becawz itz hard 2 tipe wif pawz. So instedz uv riting stuffz Ai iz puttin up pritty pikshers OF ME. Dis way dere iz not az menny typoz an Ai getz to go eatz mah birfday TOONA.






Allwaze rememember dat KITTEHS > DDO. An dat KITTEHS NEED TOONAZ. Ai doan getz enuf toona. Pleeze send sum toona to mah mommy an tellz her to gibz it to me. Fankz.


(Translation by teh kitteh mommy: Today is Victoria’s 10th birthday. Despite getting lots of tuna and attention, she still felt that her birthday wouldn’t be complete unless she commandeered the computer… at least until naptime. Happy birthday, Victoria!)

8 thoughts on “Forget the cheezburger. MOAR TOONA!

  1. Silken-Akira

    happy birthday and indeed cats rule over ddo.
    there are two things that can always garantee to make me happy:
    1. food (and that indeed includes Tuna, raw please)
    2. cats, just looking at them makes me feel good.( they do deserve their 9 lives)


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