It’s not you, it’s me… isn’t it?


When I was getting seriously ready to TR Jall, I asked my friend Purp for help with her next build – well, OK, it was really more like me pleading, “Purp, HELP! I don’t want her to suck this bad in her next life! Make a build for me!”

Which he did, and it’s been SOOOO much better than her first life. But I digress. Besides the build, he also posted a guide to playing a healer. There were five steps; I can’t remember all of them but I know Jall came in somewhere between Step 1 and Step 2. And Step 5 was the Zerging Cleric – “Follow me if you want to live!”

At the time I couldn’t imagine EVER feeling that way when playing a healer. Jall’s first life was all healbot, all the time. When someone died, I automatically assumed it was because I screwed up. I almost never thought about things like barbarians with low AC and paladins with no healing amp and the extra mana it took to heal people who didn’t stay close to the party.

Jall just ran her second Shroud of this life, and sometime during the run, I realized that there were a couple of people dying and… I didn’t care. She was keeping up the main party just fine; the ones who were dying were straying away from the main party or taking tremendous amounts of damage in a single hit (hey, GeoffHanna, how’s this for a MMOtivational idea – “Fortification: It’s not twink gear”).

Oh, I still TRIED to keep them up, to the tune of four or five major pots. That happened in her first life too, but back then I got mad at myself for having to use pots because I was a bad healer. During that Shroud, I got annoyed at the couple of people who were costing me pots because – well, because they were costing me pots.

It was a weird feeling – kind of a good one, but mostly weird. I tend to be my own worst critic, ingame and out of it, and I never expected to have people die on my watch and not go through a guilt trip over it. If the dying party members had been in my circle of friends rather than random PuGgers, I wouldn’t have cared about the pots (and probably would have cared a lot more about the deaths). But none of the problem children in the party were people I knew, so there came a point when I saw HP dropping on someone who was way off from the rest of the party, and I thought, “Eh, I can’t be arsed, I’ll rez them after Harry goes down.” I wasn’t mad at them, I didn’t think they were terrible players; I just didn’t feel responsible this time.

Jall’s still a charter member of Mnemonoholics Anonymous, but things have changed. Now she tends to use pots because she likes throwing out blade barriers and Destruction and cool offensive spells like that. Outside of that Shroud, most of the time she’s not even using cures and heals because her aura and bursts have been enough… and THAT feeling is ALL good.


The feeling that’s NOT so good is this “little glitch” that’s been going on with radiant aura. Baz first noticed it running his cleric on Cannith Night; his aura would suddenly be hitting one person for way, WAY less than before. As far as we could tell, it was completely random, and after a while it went away on its own.

So the next time I signed Jall in, I paid close attention to the green numbers from her aura and sure enough, the same thing happened. Running elite Genesis Point (which she solo healed at lvl 17 with only one death, and that was the guy who stayed up top to pull the levers while the rest of us were down below, so GO JALL!), her aura was hitting the other party members for 25-48, much more on crits, with the difference being how much heal amp each person had.

And then all of a sudden she’d be hitting one or two people for single-digit healing. I tried swapping her gear in and out; the affected party members did the same. Nothing helped. It’d go like that for a while and then randomly go back to normal for no apparent reason. The above screenshot was taken during one of the glitchy times; as shown, Jall’s aura was hitting the guy on the left for 12 points and the guy on the right for 9. Pre- and post-glitch, she was hitting them for 48 and 30 respectively, IIRC.

Jall is never going to be an über cleric because, for one thing, I leave überness for the egolitists, and for another, playing a healer just doesn’t come as naturally to me as playing a melee or even a caster. But it’s kind of nice to finally feel like maybe she’s doing OK.

13 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me… isn’t it?

  1. Cheretep

    Last time I checked this bug was easy enough to produce: Go to bank/tavern where ppl stand still, swap to spell power item, hit aura, note how it ticks, swap out of spell power item, note tick, swap into it again.. working somewhat like it was broken on first days it was released.

    Solution: don’t swap gear.

    Didn’t bother to test if toggling metamagics bugs the aura because it’s always on anyway.


  2. Evennote

    Thing is, I HADN’T swapped gear when it happened. I tried that stuff afterwards to see if switching to another weapon and then back would work (her healing lore and devotion are on her weapon).

    Haven’t tried turning Empower and Maximize off and back on for her aura, but definitely something I’ll see about next time I log her in.


  3. XavierElanor

    (Gah! Sorry Even, this kinda exploded into a huge post!) I remember the “stages of clerics” post and it is accurate. Sounds like you’re taking the first steps towards becoming a fully realized divine caster. If someone cannot survive between heals it is not the healers fault. As its long been said, a healer has no cure for stupidity. We don’t have a cure for squishiness either. It amazes me when someone 20+ joins a group and they have 250 hps. Many healers will babysit this player and burn a ton of resources keeping them alive at cost to the entire party or themselves personally in pots. This player will have no clue how they’re being coddled and will think everything’s just dandy. “Oh look at me! I survived xxxx raid on elite! I’m awesome!” When they should be left for dead and told the truth that they’re not worth risking the raid or other party members over.

    Playing with stronger groups really lets you explore the offensive aspects of the divine classes. Lets face it, healboting a group of mana sponges is not fun. Its annoying and thankless work when we’re supposed to be having fun playing a game. Playing a healbot with a competent group that doesn’t need much healing isn’t fun either as its 90% piking and 10% waiting on the DoT timer.

    If you feel more comfortable in a caster or melee role play your divine that way. Monk splashes work great with DC specced cleric and FvSs giving you melee capabilities and a brutal Stunning Fist while you bring divine pain. (Think DoT + Stun + FvS light vulnerability vs orange named mobs)

    And don’t think of it as being uber or some elitist tool. Confidence in ones self is never a bad thing and confidence is what makes the healer. Its the difference between “Oh! I’m so sorry I let you die Mr 1200 hp barbarian!” and “Dude, get some freaking heal amp and stop wasting my sp/scrolls!” Some melee players may think its all about them, but as a strong divine you’ll come to understand that they’re a dime a dozen and that while they need you, you don’t need them.


  4. Maatogaeoth

    It’s not just the aura. At least for me. I have issues, seems like ALL THE TIME, where my Heal spell only hits for 1/2 what it “normally” does.

    Always when you least want it to, of course. Happened again in EH Chrono last night.

    I never swap gear and it fixes itself eventually. Would be nice to at least know how to force a fix/reset until they can figure this thing out.


  5. Ratso33

    I noticed this on sunday while standing in the pub on the other side of the rift
    my aura was hitting for 7 instead of around 23 ( when not crit’ing )
    but went into mission and it was ok
    i was swapping between a healing item and a weapon but don’t know if thats what cured it


  6. MarDeRoam

    I’ve read in a forum post that ppl drinking pots (rage, haste, cure, etc) will cause the low heal go off. Have to dig the forums to find it, but it’s not the caster, it’s the receiver.


  7. redcastle73a

    Welcome to the divine/arcane bug. There IS one. Everyone I know who is a caster of either type and I see it on my cleric and arti all the time. I call it the Sine Bug. There is nothing you can do except ride out the storm until turbine fix it.

    Regarding healers, my FvS towards the end was the come with me if you want to live variety. I wanted a FvS cause wings were cool and exclusive. Now anyone who grinds EDs can have wings. Bad turbine. Although, I did LR her into an Arti and thats way more fun. Artis get into epic elites very easily.


  8. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    The thing about being a serious healbot is it can take a lot of resources to feel like you’ve been successful – pots, wands and scrolls cost you plat or TP. If you wind up using 5 pots each raid, that’s a pretty expensive price to pay for being an attentive healer. It’s not that often that the non-casters getting healed offer up a pot to offset the cost of playing the healer role to the level that healer bot can often demand.

    So the way I see it, it’s not elitist to put limits on who you will and will not be responsible for healing and when. Unless you spend money on infinite mana, you have a limited resource of SP. You have the right to choose to not spend money, or waste resources on players engaging in wasteful behavior.

    You’re an uber-healer in my book if the raid/quest completes successfully, you’re comfortable with the resources you spent, and you had fun doing it. The death count is not the crucial factor.


  9. BOgre

    don’t forget to try a weapon swing. even at thin air. this will usually fix it.

    Also, 2nd Shroud??? How did I let menla fall so far behind our partnership? I have been SLACKING! Still need dangin’ RunningW/Devils for pete’s sake. Ok, that tears it, Menla’s getting done flagging tonite!


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