Now what?


Acanthia’s been my main for a while now, but up until recently I still spent a lot of time playing my other toons. For the past few weeks, though, it’s been almost all Acanthia, all the time.

I’m not completely sure why. Maybe it’s because Grandmaster of Flowers is just so darn fun, what with nearly endless ki, a heal available every three minutes, ranged spell-like attacks… and of course, Everything is Nothing. Maybe it’s because she’s just so much more solo-able than my other toons, or that she’s far more raid capable than her sisters and brothers. Whatever it is, each night when I sign on, I have this mental list of what I want to get done with which toon, but almost none of it gets done because I click Acanthia on the login screen and get crackin’.

So now she’s capped at lvl 25 and has maxed out GMoF as well. The only “big” thing left for her to do is Caught in the Web; she’s done every other raid in the game (except the Restless Isles ones, but… meh), she’s been soloing epics on eNorm and got her first eHard solo (Reclaiming the Rift) last night. (OK, all you egolitists, I know you can solo everything on epic elite with one hand tied behind your back, but I’m NOT an elite player so this was a big deal for me. Now go back to your egos.)


So… now I need to figure out where to go next with her. I guess the logical thing is to start working my way through some of the other destinies; I’m just dreading it because GMoF is SO SO SO SO SO! damn cool. But there are a couple of things from other destinies I’d like to twist in, and the only way to do that is to give up GMoF for a while. Β *sniffle*

Although it means that all the XP she earns goes absolutely nowhere, I’m going to keep her as is until she gets at least a couple of Caught in the Web runs under her belt, and catches up on any high-level raids that she doesn’t have on elite yet. (I THINK that’s only Hound, and my memory is spotty enough that she might have that on elite as well). I definitely want GMoF for that stuff. Then I’ll probably head to Legendary Dreadnought and start working my way around, meanwhile cleaning up favor and stuff like that.


Someday, a long, LONG time from now, I’d like to get completionist on her. It’ll be tough, though; I have a hard time thinking of her as anything but a monk. I have a feeling that all of her future lives will have a sizable monk splash no matter what her “main” class is.

10 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Shindurza

    I hear you on the Destiny thing. Switching out of Magister to do Fatesinger made Denial take a major hit as far as abilities goes, but there are a couple of entertaining things in Fatesinger that have made it more interesting. I dread, however, my trek through Shadowdancer, GoF, Unyielding Sentinel to get to Exalted Angel. Theres some stuff in EA that I want to try out and maybe twist later. I just have to figure out where the XP is gonna come from!


  2. Micki

    I’m in love with Unyielding sentinel, and I still have 4 ap’s to collect on it, but I do want to level Exalted Angel as well. I’m dreading it a bit though, because it means Thaz is going to be so much squishier than she has been since I first picked and ED.


  3. legendkilleroll

    Its hard when you start leveling another destiny, all the goodies from the other, gone, except maybe one twist πŸ˜€

    My bard is lv4 fatesinger, not looking forward to when i hate to get through shadowdancer on my way to dreadnaught but its the only way


  4. XavierElanor

    Swapping destinies is such a pain when you get one you like. I TRed my wiz because of it. I’ve been forcing myself to take ones I don’t want but still need and not going past 3 or 4 before leveling another. Riddles will be having a kool-aid party soon (mass TR) if you want to join us, plenty of XP grinding.


  5. Domfig

    Swap to LD, level it up, when people want you to be uber for uber elite raids swap back to GoF.. then run raid, then swap back to other destiny again…..seeemples.


  6. Ovrad

    Don’t worry, Legendary Dreadnought is quite fun for monks still. Haste boost + monk speed? Delicious! Too bad quite a few of the abilities are still bugged with wraps…


  7. redcastle73a

    I can certainly understand the Grandmaster thing. I enjoy running Keava with it. I have held off capping to 25 for several weeks now since its easie to level your other destinies without switching out of Grandmaster and loosing all the cool stuff, yes, its actually possible to do that. I’m almost done on my Shadowdancer component and then I’ll look at working on Dreadnaught to get over to Shiradi. I won’t level her to 25 until I’m done I think.


  8. Spencerian

    Consider this for later lives:

    Max out all four Grandmasters.

    Add Whirlwind Attack (+4[W]) damage.

    That’s what my Quintessica does now. Add GMoF and Lotus Blossom to that and she’s a one-man crowd control-by-elimination machine.

    I can’t use Void Strike IV or Jade reliably…and this is the first Monk where it really doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚


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