Goin’ green


One of the cool things about being in a guild of two people is that you don’t really have to worry much about everybody agreeing when you want to do something. So when the airship started looking a little bland, the convo went something like:

“Hey, we should paint the airship.”

“OK. What color?”

“Well, we both like green.”

“Sounds good. I’ll get the hull stain and interior paint, you get the windsail and elemental ring.”

So now we have a lovely verdant ship (OK, we haven’t gotten the elemental ring yet, but that’s kind of greenish anyway). It even has buffs again. Life is good. (Although it’d be nice if you could dye the flags as well, but looks like they’re destined to stay dark blue.)


As long as we’re talking green, Acanthia realized she’d never run Invaders on elite, so she decided to get that out of the way tonight. After the first few jaded beholders died before she could get a screenshot, she finally found this Gene Simmons lookalike, jaded it, and got the pic before she killed it.

In case you were wondering, yes, this post so soon after my last one is a blatant attempt to try to get my MyDDO page to show up properly again. Most of it was replaced with blank space after I posted the last entry; I’m hoping this one might reverse the process. Otherwise even though this post is about green, I’m gonna be sad and blue (and maybe angry and red, too).

ETA: If you’re reading this, obviously my blog is back. Unfortunately it’s not back as of the time of this posting.


5 thoughts on “Goin’ green

  1. legendkilleroll

    Green is good 😀

    I tried sending u mail to say it wasnt up but your mailbox doesnt work most likely, your wall was also down, wasnt sure you was aware 🙂


  2. Spencerian

    There is nothing that soothes me in the game more than a jaded Beholder.

    Unless he’s also Stunned.

    And Stoned.

    And then Voided out of existence.

    Gratz on the elite Invaders run! It’s a quest I challenge all Monks to run solo to test their abilities to destroy, stun and recover.


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