Peeps, parties and Pit


I’ve been wanting to group with the European contingent of our little Cannith guild for ages, but the time difference was always an issue. They’re usually on Wednesdays and/or Fridays in what’s afternoon in my time zone. Days are always crapshoots for me anyway what with w*rk, family and errands. Not to mention my lack of air conditioning – it’s been a really hot summer here and this room is often still around 90 degrees at 10 pm; it’s downright unbearable during daylight hours even with the blinds drawn to keep the sun out.

But when I saw that the high temperature for today here was going to be a relatively chilly 70 degrees, I resolved to get my butt onto Cannith if at all possible. And while they’d already been on for a while by the time I got there, I had the pleasure of running Partycrashers with Micki, Domfig and Stokrotka1. It was possibly the lowest combined jump score of any party in history (my WF arti Yttriemme, aka Yttsie [pronounced “Itsy,” which I think is a cool nickname for a big ol’ warforged] led the way, or trailed depending on your point of view, with her minus-3 jump skill – good thing we weren’t doing the Pit!).

We fought, we died, we rezzed, we looted (mostly junk) and oh, how we laughed! Domfig is hysterical; there was something about handling a drow’s manhood under a mushroom that’s probably best not pursued further.

In the picture above, from left, Arraetrikos the spider (Micki’s), Keronna/Micki, Humphrey the cube (mine), Minni the iron defender (mine), Yttsie/me, Noob/Domfig, Nessana/Stok, and Laerathor the hireling.

Thursday was a great time as well. Vic managed to finally get all of Elminster’s messages in King’s Forest (YAY for a cleared map!) after joining a PUG to do Impossible Demands and The Lost Thread. Lots and LOTS of traps – she was very happy. While she was trying to kill Drow whilst not getting killed by the Drow she was trying to kill, she got a tell from the Queen of DDO basically saying, “HEY! Let’s do something!” ’cause Mizz wanted to get leveled up to 8 and use a stone on Thelanis.

So Vic called it a night and Meren logged in. We badgered bullied talked Slvr into joining us (he didn’t make it to our Cannith party – I think by that time he was sick of me and decided to skip it Β :P), and Mizz wanted to know where the good XP was. Well, anyone who knows me already knows MY answer to that question, so off to the Pit we went! ‘Twas a great run and very nice XP indeed; even Meren, who’s run it several times so no first-time bonus, got something like 15K. AND she pulled a Muck’s Doom, which she passed to Mizz ’cause Mizz didn’t have an ooze weapon. I’m not sure if Mizz has run Pit before; I’m pretty sure she hasn’t run it more than a few times if at all, but you shoulda seen her making the tough jumps in the furnace rooms… and on a big clunky warforged!

And DAMMIT, there is something about running with Mizz that makes me forget to take screenshots until after it’s all over. But one of these days I’m going to run with her and take incriminating pics and post them Β here ’cause she kept killing my cube Humphrey!


10 thoughts on “Peeps, parties and Pit

  1. ComicRelief

    Oh yes, she has run “The Pit” before – ‘cuz I recall scoffing at her (and you, I think) for running it on CASUAL. *scoff*


  2. Evennote

    Oh DUH, Mizz did run Pit with me once, forgot about that, Mr. Scoffy McScofferson. πŸ˜›

    Yeah, I Just noticed that with the links. I THINK they should work now. Not sure why, but it was inserting the link to MY page before the links I’d put in. Had to break them all and redo them. Silly MyDDO glitches.

    *glares at non-existent pages for Acanthia and Vic, Meren’s completely wrong page, and broken MyDDO mailbox*


  3. LrdSlvrhnd

    Less sick of you, more at-the-movies-watching-superheroes-from-both-big-companies-with-his-sister. Wanted to be there, but I woke up and the tickets were already purchased online, so I couldn’t say “Gee, how ’bout we do it tomorrow…”


  4. krissonofpark

    Glad to hear your keeping the Queen of DDO busy and out of trouble πŸ™‚ and I’m sorry to hear about Humphrey, hope he gets better. 😦


  5. Domfig

    I feel I need to defend myself and put things into context..I was not just randomly talking about manhoods. We ran Small Problem before Even logged on and Ness at one point ran off to a mushroom then got all overexcited saying they had got their hands on a Fragrant Drow’s Manhood…. At least that’s what I think they said…. πŸ˜‰


  6. Mizzaroo

    Yes, Thatnk you for the Mucksdoom πŸ™‚ That was a fun Pit run indeed. Im as surprised as anyone that I made ANY of those jumps. Haha. I have no idea what my jump is. Next time I play(whenever that is), Ill be sure to check.


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