Wishin’ and hopin’


DDO, I love you. Truly, I do. And I have no intentions of leaving you for another game just because you’re not perfect.

That said, my DDO wish list has been growing lately. No matter how great a relationship may be, there’s always room to grow. Here’s what I’d like to see from you as we continue to evolve together.

  • Acanthia and Vic would really like to exist on MyDDO again.
  • Merenwynne hopes for MyDDO to recognize and accept the fact that there is only one of her, a lvl 7 pure FvS, and forget about the lvl 2 monk/lvl 3 FvS who was deleted ages ago.
  • I wish my MyDDO mailbox would work again (and STAY working this time).
  • You can leave the toilet seat up and forget to put the cap back on the toothpaste. I can live with those. But for the love of Khyber, whatever you’re doing that makes you crash when I’m zoning needs to stop. LYK NAO.
  • I have a hard time pulling myself away from King’s Forest and Underdark, but please, please fix the glitches with the rare encounters. So many of them have NPCs that refuse to interact, and then there’s Uxyndar’s locked, un-knockable chest.
  • Since I love to take lots and lots of screenshots, please make the focus orb disappear when I press Ctrl-Z, ’cause it doesn’t look nice in my pictures.
  • When I find glitches, I’d like to be able to tell you about them. So please make the help screen load all the way instead of just sitting there, an empty black space, because I want to be able to submit a ticket when I come across a bug.
  • Little things DO mean a lot. Watch your typos – “Impossible Demands” takes place in MiDLer Farmhouse, but the last name that appears on the NPCs is MiLDer.
  • Make yourself accessible. Look into the monopolies going on with things like mana pots and green steel ings, and try to come up with a solution so that the greed of a few doesn’t prevent the rest of us from being able to pull up the AH and buy the things we need.

And one more thing… could you duct tape the snout of that dragon in Underdark so I can fight him without being whooshed over the side? (OK, that one’s kind of in jest… kind of.)


8 thoughts on “Wishin’ and hopin’

  1. legendkilleroll

    I cant stand the zoning crash, used to only be sands, then it started happening in GH, vale and kings forest πŸ˜€

    Had some encounter glitches too

    Luckily my mailbox works, only had 1 mail and that was to see if it did, bet its frustrating not being able to read mail


  2. XavierElanor

    I don’t think the crash on transition dealio is turbine-side. I used to crash in sands and the like but that stopped with my new computer. Try reinstalling the client, might help, might not.

    Also GS ing prices have been dropping like mad on Thelanis AH, I’ve been selling stuff at prices I would have instantly bought up a year ago. If you need anything let me know.


  3. BOgre

    I’m happy my myDDO is editable now. It was a year coming, so being able to blog, though i don’t do it often enough, is great. My friends list is bugged though, and as annoying as that was, now I’m having a new issue: my main’s character page is a black screen! First it wasn’t updating at all, now it’s just black. grrr. So trust me, I feel your frustration.

    As for a wish list, I have one request right now: server wide /trade channel. OR the ability to type /trade-market xxxx, /trade-harbor xxxx, /trade housej xxxx, etc. from anywhere in the game.


  4. Emmeliine

    Haha, I was just thinking about posting my game-improvement wishlist while I was on lunch. Came back just to see you had done it before. Of course most of my stuff is different from your wishes, yet if I did it now, it’d look like a copy of yours πŸ˜€


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